Verizon No Network Connection Error | How to Fix?

why does my Verizon phone say no network connection

Verizon users might encounter network outrage on their smartphone. No matter what they do they are not able to get a network on their device. Switching off/on, resetting the SIM and searching for the network manually might not fix the error.

What causes your Verizon phone to say No network connection? How to fix the network error on Verizon device and how to diagnose if the network outrage on Verizon is local and what are the steps you should take to fix the network error? Let’s find the answers.

No Network Connection
No Network Connection- Causes and Troubleshoots

What is Verizon network connection?

It is a kind of 4G LTE(long-term evaluation) network. Verizon Network is a network connection provided by Apple iOS and Google, which comes inside all phones, whether it is a smartphone or a simple telephone.

All users get this network connection provided by the company.

Verizon has no network connection -What does it mean?

No network connection on Verizon may cause your device to lose network coverage and keep you from making calls, sending SMS, or using the internet via mobile data.

Basically, it’s a situation when you are not able to perform any cellular-related task including getting the number you have dialed is not in service error.

There are several reasons that may cause your device to lose the active cellular network.

This can either be a temporary network tower error or the device itself causing the network connection to your Verizon device.

Verizon Mobile Network Not Available- Causes

There are several reasons that might cause your Verizon phone to show a “no network connection” error. A network outage from the recipient end, corrupt SIM card, Device error, and many more.

Here is the list of possible reasons for Verizon Network outrage

Verizon No Network Connection? How to Fix?

In most cases, the problem may occur if there is any technical error with the local network tower. In such, you may try moving your device to some other location to test if you are getting the proper reception.

If the method doesn’t seem to work and you are still not getting any network on your Verizon then you may try the methods listed below to fix the error.

Turn on Airplane mode on/off

Turn on Airplane mode on and turn it off after 30 seconds. This forces the device to re-register the SIM on the network and receive the proper signal.

Also, make sure to restart the device and see if your phone is getting network.

Remove and Re-Insert SIM Card

A sudden drop of phone may also cause your Verizon device to show the no network error. This may cause the SIM on the device to lose connection with the SIM connector pins on the device.

In such, removing the SIM card from the device and re-inserting it back may resolve the network error.

  • Switch off the device.
  • Carefully remove the SIM card from the tray and Wipe the SIM pins with a soft cloth.
  • Insert The SIM back into the phone and turn on the device.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and see if the network is restored.

Select Proper Network Type

Make sure to select the correct network type for the SIM card. For example, a 4G SIM card won’t get registered if the network mode on the device is selected for 3G.

A wrong network selection can also cause a network outage on Verizon phones.

To resolve the issue make sure you have the right network mode selected on the device.

  1. Open Settings on Verizon phone
  2. Go to Connections or Network & Internet
  3. Select the SIM.
  4. Tap on the Preferred network option.
  5. Select LTE/4G/3G as the preferred network.
    Select preferred network type
  6. Restart the device and see the network reception.

It is suggested to keep the preferred network in automatic mode and let the device considers the best network type for the SIM.

Select Network Manually

  1. Open Settings on Phone.
  2. Go to Connections or Network & Internet
  3. Select the SIM.
  4. Tap on the Automatic select network option.
  5. Wait for the device to search for the available networks.
  6. Select the most appropriate network.
  7. Restart the device and see if network reception is restored.

Check For the SIM Error

Check if the SIM card is working properly and if there is no physical damage. Also, make sure to check the device by inserting any alternative SIM card to ensure if it’s the damaged SIM or if the device itself is the real culprit causing the network error.

Reset Network Settings

Reset the network settings to restore the network coverage on the device and resolve network outrage.

  • Open Settings on Phone.
  • Go to Connections or Network & Internet
  • Select the SIM.
  • Scroll down on tap on Reset Network Settings.

Restart the device and save the new network settings received on your device.

Check the Phone for Physical Damage

Check if the device is physically damaged. A sudden accidental drop or exposure to moisture can also damage the SIM connector on the device. Make sure to check the SIM card by inserting it into another phone. Also, always get your device inspected by a professional.

I am still getting No Network error

If the methods explained above don’t seem to work and you are still not getting network on your Verizon device, it is suggested to contact Verizon support to discuss the issue and check if the error is related to your ZIP code location.


Verizon Network Outrage-FAQ

What there is no network on my Verizon Phone?

A network outage can be caused by several reasons. Local network tower error, SIM card deactivation, SIM card not activated yet, wrong network type selection on the device or physical damage to SIM or device can also cause the error.

How can you restore network connection on your smartphones?

Go to phone settings > general management or system > reset > Confirm and click reset network settings.

How to Contact Verizon Support?

There is a contact number 877-596-7577 of Verizon customer service. So, You can contact the service provider by calling this number. The timing is 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. From Monday to Friday.

Final Words:

Verizon is a well-established cellular network proved with great reception across the country. However, you may face a network outrage on your Verizon phone in some cases. You can follow the methods explained above to diagnose and fix the no-network connection error on your Verizon device.



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