Verizon LTE Not Working? How to Fix 4G Mobile Data Error on Verizon?

Verizon 4G Not Working: Ways To Fix

Verizon is one of the trusted carrier providers when it comes to LTE service wirelessly. But, users have reported error with Verizon 4G network when it stops working. There might be several reasons that may cause the LTE on Verizon to stop working or responding. Poor reception, local network issues, mobile network state etc are some known errors.

This article explores all the possible reasons behind not working LTE on Verizon mobile and devices. Also, it explains all the possible ways to fix the Verizon LTE Not Working error.

If you find the Verizon LTE is not working and you are not able to use the 4G mobile data, the first action is to ensure if there is proper reception on the device and then try turning on airplane mode on/off or restart the device.


Verizon LTE Not Working Reasons and Solutions

Before we dig into the solution to the LTE network error on Verizon, let’s discuss all the possible reasons that may cause the 4G mobile data to stop working.

Here are the reasons that may cause the 4G network to stop working on your Verizon wireless mobile and how to solve them to get the LTE to work again on Verizon.

1. Problem With Local Network Tower:

If you find the Verizon LTE not working correctly, it might be caused by the local network tower your cell phone reception is connected to.

Sometimes a technical error with the radio systems on the local network tower can also cause a weak network signal and hence keep you from using LTE on the cell phone.

Verizon LTE Not Working move to another location and try connecting with LTE


Before you start blaming your mobile device for the network error, it is suggested to move to another location and try connecting with LTE.

Also moving to high altitudes like high buildings may help your device to get the proper reception to resolve the LTE data connection error.

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2. LTE Mobile Data plan Exhausted

Verizon mobile data comes with a limited data plan in case of pre-paid connection. Such plans have a limited amount of high-speed data connection(4G) quota which might get exhausted.

Once the high-speed data is exhausted the carrier automatically degrades the internet speed to lower bandwidth and hence you might experience a low mobile data speed or not at all.

Verizon LTE Not Working LTE Mobile Data plan Exhausted


Make sure your Verizon has an active 4G mobile data quota left for the day or month as per your carrier plan. You can always check your mobile data usage by dialing #3282.

This will send you a free text message with an estimate of the amount of data used and remaining. Alternatively, you can also use the My Verizon app to check if the 4G data is monthly 4G data allowance is left or not.

3. SIM card Error May Cause the LTE To Stop Working

Sometimes a loose connection between SIM card tray and SIM card chip may cause the device to stop working on LTE network.

You might get a false reception on the device but the internet simply doesn’t seem to work.


Remove the SIM card from the device and look carefully for physical damage on the SIM card slot on your mobile and SIM card chip.

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Why Does My Phone Say NO SIM? Reasons and Troubleshoots

4. Wrong Network Setting/Mode

A wrong network configuration setting may also restrict your device from using LTE mobile data on Verizon. A network selection is assigned to use either LTE/2G/VoLTE with a carrier.

Most smartphones have a dedication menu to select the network type you want to use.


Selecting the 4G network mode by going to network settings can resolve the 4G mobile data error in Verizon. Follow the steps to select 4G/LTE network mode to resolve the problem;

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Open Network Settings.
  3. Tap on the SIM number you want to change the network mode for.
  4. Select the preferred Network as 4G/LTE.
    Fix Verizon LTE Not Working Select preferred Network as 4G-LTE
  5. Restart the device and try connecting to the internet using mobile data.

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5. Wrong APN Settings

APN or Access Point Name is the default setting for the device that helps the device and SIM together to access the correct mode of Intenet. These settings are however, configured automatically on the device.

But, if you find it hard to use Verizon 4G mobile data there might be something wrong with the APN settings.

Fix Verizon LTE Not Working Change APN Settings


How to Set Up Verizon LTE APN Settings on an Android Phone?

  1. Go to the settings on phone.
  2. Access Point Names may be found under Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
  3. Choose Verizon as the network.
  4. Create a new APN and fill in the information from the below table.
  5. Save new Verizon APN settings configuration.
  6. Turn the phone off and then on again.

Verizon APN Settings For Android Phone

Verizon 5G APN Settings AndroidDetails To Enter
ProxyLeave Blank
PortLeave Blank
UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank
ServerLeave Blank
Multimedia Message ProxyLeave Blank
Multimedia Message Port80
MCCLeave Blank
MNCLeave Blank
Authentication TypeLeave Blank
APN Typedefault, supl, mms
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4

How to Set Up Verizon Internet on an iPhone/iOS?

  1. Turn off cellular data.
  2. Select Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network from the menu.
  3. In the Cellular Data & MMS area, fill in the information from the below table.
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Restart iPhone to update successfully Verizon APN settings LTE 4G.

Verizon 4G/5G LTE APN Settings For iOS

Verizon APN Settings iOSDetails to Enter
APN vzwinternet
UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank
MMS Proxy N/A
MMS Max Message Size 1048576

6. Using VPN

A free VPN app or service is used to visit an app or website restricted in your location or state. But, these VPN services tend to lower the internet step up to 60 percent and it may feel that the device is not using a 4G data connection at its full potential.


Disabling the VPN can simply enhance the speed of your internet and hence solve the LTE connection error on Verizon.

7. Cell Phone Not compatible With LTE

The LTE or 4G service is a device-intensive service and it required device support. This might sound insane but it is suggested to check if your device is LTE compatible.

Verizon LTE Not Working Cell Phone Not compatible With LTE

What If Everything Doesn’t work and Still 4G Not Working on Verizon

There is not sure-shot solution to resolve the LTE mobile data problem on the device. You need to apply all the troubleshooting explained in the article above to use LTE connection on Verizon.

In such here are some other suggestions you may try to solve the 4G connection error on Verizon.

  1. Turn off Wifi
  2. Factory Reset the Device.
  3. Call Verizon Customer Care.
  4. Check Downdetector for universal 4G/LTE availability.

It is suggested to check for physical damage on the device and SIM card chip. If doubts make sure to visit the authorized Verizon service center and get the device check for physical damages.

Verizon LTE Not Working-FAQ

What causes LTE to Stop Working on Verizon?

LTE may stop working on Verizon when there is a network error that may be due to network tower, local area coverage, incorrect network configuration or APN settings on phone.

How to Unlock Verizon APN Setting 4G/5G?

On Android phones, navigate to Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Cellular Networks > Access Point Names or Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access Point Names to change your APN settings. After that, pick the “+” sign and make the necessary changes as shown in the above tables.

Verizon cellular data is not working. What could be the problem?

First off all try restarting the device, unmount the SIM card, keep the phone idle for 30 seconds. Now put back the SIM and restart the device to see if the LTE network reception is established.

Can I reset my 4G network settings

You can reset the 4G network settings by navigating to connection settings and select the SIM. Resetting network can also fix the common 4G/5G error on the device.


Final Words:

If you ever experience the 4G network outrage on your Verizon or simply Verizon LTE is not working at all then there might be several reasons that may cause the error. In most cases, an incorrect network mode selection, wrong APN or even physical damage to the device can keep your device to connect from 4G network. In such, it is a wise decision to check the series of solutions explained in the article to resolve the 4G mobile data problem on Verizon.


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