How to Fix Moto E Water Damage

Modern smartphones come with water resistance capability that helps to protect from potential water damage. Most Android Smartphone manufacturers claim their phones to be water-resistant. All the major smartphone manufacturers companies as Samsung, redmi, One plus is well known for manufacturing water-resistant smartphones. Motorola is one of these smartphone manufacturer companies that claim their phone to be water resistant.

Moto E Water Damage
Moto E Water Damage

As per the official website of Motorola, MOTO E is a waterproof smartphone. But still, you can find several forums and blogs writing about Moto E water damage.

So what are the safety measures you should take while handling the phone to avoid water damage? And if still, you drop your smartphone into the toilet or spilled a drink on it. Then what are the steps you should follow to get it fixed?

Actions to take if your Motorola Moto E 4G has water damage

Moto-E Water Damage use silica bags to absorb liquid

No matter how many precautions you take while handling a Moto E and how strong the Motorola itself claims it to be a waterproof phone. Chances are you can still get your moto damaged by water if you avoided acting fast.

Here are some actions you should immediately take once you confirmed that you have water spilled on the phone.

  • Remove your Moto E from water as soon you come to know that your phone has been spilled in water.
  • Take a soft cotton cloth and make sure to wipe every drop of water thoroughly.
  • Remove any external connection from the phone including charger, headphones, and USB cable.
  • Do not touch the phone if you notice any smoke or steam coming out of the device.
  • Open the camera body and remove all the accessories including battery, sim card and memory card.
  • Take a thick dry towel and put all the accessories separated on it.
  • If you have a hand vacuum pump then try to remove the liquid from all holes like the microphone and speakers.
  • Uncooked rice at as a drying agent. You can fill a plastic bag with rice and place your Motorola Moto e phone in the bag of rice. Seal the bag and let it stand for a couple of days. The rice will absorb the water or liquid if it has entered the device.
  • Use Silica gel bags as a replacement for uncooked rice. You can find Silica gel bags with any newly purchased shoes.
  • Once you are assured that the rice or silica bag would have absorbed all the water entered in your Motorola Moto E 4G phone. Reassemble all accessories and try switching it once.
  • Do not attempt to force start the phone if it does not switch on on the first attempt. Chances are water is still there in the phone and it may damage the circuit board on the mobile.

Besides these actions, there are also some precautions you should take if your phone seems to have water damage. Avoiding these actions will protect your water-damaged Motorola Moto e phone from severe damage and make it unusable.

Avoid These Actions To Prevent Moto E Water Damage Severely.

No matter how carefully you handle your phone, accidents are there to take place. And no matter how fast you act you cannot avoid the potential damage a drop of water can do to your mobile. Also, you cannot calculate how severe the water damage is.

Whatsoever, here are a few points you must keep in your mind when you suspect your phone has water on the body. Here are few actions you should never take with a water-damaged Moto E or any other phone.

  • Do not attempt to start your Motorola Moto E 4G as this can lead to a short circuit if there is water on the inner part of your phone.
  • Do not attempt to charge the phone.
  • Do not press any button on your phone as it can push the liquid inside the phone.
  • Do not use a hairdryer, radiator or air blower as it will spread the liquid rather than dry it.
  • Do not attempt to put a smartphone in a microwave oven as the microwave can damage the circuit of your Motorola Moto E 4G.
  • Do not shake to extract the liquid from inside the smartphone as it will spread the water further making the water damage more severe.
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How to Fix the Water Damaged Moto E

The best method to fix a water-damaged Moto E is to follow the action explained in the above example. Still, you can’t calculate the amount of harm the liquid has done to your phone.

In such the best method is to keep patience and let the phone dry for a couple of days without attempting to turn it on or put the battery back.

Remember, any contact with a power source on a water damaged Moto E phone can make the device permanently dead.

Water Damage and Warranty(LDI)

All modern smartphones including the Motorola E series have a LDI(Liquid Damage Indicator) placed near the circuit board. This tiny sticker LDI turns red if the device is exposed to water, moisture or liquid.

This LDI helps the manufacturer or service person to determine the water damage level and consider the warranty.

A Water damaged Moto E is not covered under warranty. So, if the LDI on your Moto has turned to red, chances are you will have to pay the cost of the full service of the phone.

Also, prolonged exposure to a humid environment can also trigger the water indicator on the device. So, make sure to discuss with the service center about the warranty and LDI.

Prevent A Water Damage on Mobile

As we all know prevention is better than cure. As same goes with water damage and smartphone. Here are some key points you should remember while handling a smartphone to avoid water damage.

Avoid Rain: In spite of how strong the company suggests the product is water resistant, avoid using it in heavy rain, as the tiny holes like headphone jacks, microphone holes, and speaker vents are always prone to water and can easily soak the water.

It’s always a good idea to avoid using the phone in heavy rain until your phone is fully waterproof.

Always Use Cover: A mobile cover might look nasty but it can save your Moto E from potential water damage in case of any water accident.

Keep Silica Gel handy: Always keep a zip lock bag and silica gel sachet with you if the time comes and you need them. Purchasing a ziplock is truly financially savvy and is easily accessible.

Also, don’t forget to take a scheduled backup of your data either on cloud storage or on your local disk to avoid any data loss in case of water damage. You can use Keepsafe cloud for cloud backup.

Is the Moto E water resistant?

The Moto E Series isn’t water-resistant, but is water repellent, which means it won’t survive a drop in a toilet or pool, but light rain should be fine.

How to fix a water damaged Moto E?

The process of fixing a water damage Moto E depends on the severity of water damage. In some cases putting the phone in the rice bowl, and silica gel can help to soak the water from phone and make it work. But, in case of severe circuit damage, the phone can also go permanently dead.

Final Words:

It is always the best idea to prevent your phone from soaking any liquid or water to avoid water damage. As Moto E series phones are neither waterproof nor water-resistant. The chances of getting the device damages are high. Using a waterproof cover can give your phone extra protection from water damage certainly. Also, make sure to avoid the do’s and don’t as explained in the post if you suspect water damage on your Moto E series Android phone.