How to Configure and Access Verizon Voicemail on a Land Line

Learn How to Access Verizon Voicemail on a Landline phone on a copper line home base phone. Verizon voice mail is available for wireless and land phones as well. But, most of the users are not familiar with this feature on landline phones. Learn to set up and access voicemail on Verizon base phone easily.

Access Verizon Voicemail on a Land Line
Access Verizon Voicemail on a Land Line

Configure and Access Verizon Voicemail on Landline

Verizon is well known for wireless and cellular carrier services. The cellular provider is however also known for providing a copper wire-based landline phone connection at your home. As we have already discussed the method to set up and access voicemail on mobile devices including Android and ios.

This article will deal with a complete setup and access process to Verizon voicemail on a base phone or landline phone connection.

Verizon provides a base phone connection to subscribers with Fios Bundle. The Voicemail is also available for Verizon land phones and comes with a pre-activated Voicemail service. Also in order to use the visual voicemail on Verizon, you are required to set up the voicemail first.

All you need is to configure the Voicemail on Verizon land phone to access it on Verizon land phone.

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How to Configure Verizon Fios Voicemail

Configuring the voicemail on Verizon Fios is a two-minute task but before we proceed further let us know a bit about Voicemail. Read here: What is Voicemail?

Now, if you are well aware of the term “Voicemail”, it’s time to configure the voicemail on Verizon Fios land phone. After proper configuration and setup, one can record a voice message and send it directly to your Verizon landline phone.

The user can later access it to retrieve and list the voice message sent to the landline phone.

Fios voicemail number: 1-888-234-6786 or (1-888-2fiosvm)

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Setting up Voicemail on Verizon

This is the universal method to set up voicemail on Verizon mobile and land phones as well. All you need is to dial different numbers to access Verizon mobile and Land phone.

In order to activate voicemail on Verizon mobile or land phone, the subscriber is required to set it up initially. This is a one-time setup and once configured it’s ready to let people access voicemail on Verizon and record a voice message.

This setup includes assigning the voicemail recorder in terms of being busy or not reachable. This means the user can easily assign Verizon to send the call to voicemail either when the phone is busy or it’s not accessible or unanswered.

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Steps to Setup Voicemail on Verizon Mobile and Land Phone

The setup process of voicemail on Verizon land phone and mobile is quite identical. All you need is a different voicemail number for mobile and land phones respectively.

To configure Verizon Fios voicemail on a landline phone, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 1-888-234-6786 from Verizon Land Phone or dial *86.
  2. You will be asked for your 10-digit mobile number followed by “#” if you are not calling from your home phone.
  3. Now enter the last four digits of your mobile number as the passcode.
  4. Follow the system voice to set up a new passcode to access the voicemail.
  5. Follow the voice guide properly to finish the configuration of voicemail.

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Conditional Call Forwarding for Voicemail

A Verizon user can create a total of 8 separate voicemails for different conditions like busy, not in service, not accessible, unanswered, and more. Users can also create a separate voicemail box for individual numbers. See the table below for details:

Verizon Voicemail Conditions

Condition Operation
BusyThe caller is send to Voicemail to record a voice message if the phone line is currently busy.
Not ReachableThe caller is send to Voicemail to record a voice message if the phone is not accessible.(for Verizon Mobiles)
Individual UserThe pre assigned individual caller will be sent to voicemail automatically.
AlwaysThe caller is send to Voicemail to record a voice message rather ringing the phone.

How to Retrieve Fios-Verizon Voicemail Messages?

This was the complete guide to setting up Voicemail on Verizon now it’s time to access the voicemail box to retrieve the voice messages sent by the caller on Verizon land phone.

Follow the steps to retrieve voicemail on Verizon

  1. Dial *86 from Verizon land phone.
  2. Enter the 10-digit mobile number followed by # if you are accessing the voicemail outside the home.
  3. Enter the Passcode of the Voicemail.
  4. Listen to the automated voice for the number of voicemails.
  5. Press ‘1′ to play the voicemail, 2 to delete it, or press 3 to save the voicemail in the mailbox.
  6. In case of an individual caller’s voicemail(if configured), press 4 to go to the main menu and follow the voice guide.

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How to Know if there is a Voice message on Voicemail box?

Well, if you are reading this then you might be thinking “How would I know if there is a voicemail on Verizon mailbox?”. So, let’s find the answer.

You’ll know you have messages when you get an interrupted dial tone on your phone, and some phones may also have a message light that flashes.

Can’t Check Voice Mail on My Verizon Phone

Comes the situations when you find it hard to access the voicemail either on mobiles or on landlines.

In such there might be several reasons that cause the error while trying to access the Verizon voicemail. For most devices, you can fix the problems easily.


The phone is dialing the wrong number, the passcode is incorrect or the dual tone modulated frequency setting is turned off. These are the three major issues users have reported while accessing the voicemail on Verizon. 

Here is a list of some major issues and how to solve them if you find it difficult to access Voicemail on Verizon after dialing the number.

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1. Dial Verizon Wireless Voicemail Number

If you are trying to access the voicemail by dialing or holding a key(#1) usually assigned via speed dial, it is advised to try accessing by dialing the full number instead.

If the voicemail box is working properly, you will hear your greeting message. Press “#” to interrupt the voicemail and enter the voicemail box passcode.

You can follow the guide here to assign a voicemail dialing number using speed dial.

2. Incorrect Access Code For Verizon Residential VoiceMail

An access number is required to access the voicemail from a landline phone. Usually, the system picks up the number from your caller ID itself. So, if you are dialing the voicemail number from another landline you are required to dial your phone number.

Once the system has processed your number, it will prompt for the passcode. In case, if you are using a Verizon FiOS line, the access number is always 888-234-6786. Alternatively, if you are using the copper-wired landline number you can always find it on the documents or view it by logging in to your account on

3. Key Presses Don’t Work

If you find it difficult to access the voicemail box or the voicemail does not seem to respond after keying in your passcode on a touch-tone phone you might need to enable the DTMF setting on the phone.

DTMF settings send the sound of the button press down the line. The voice mail system determines which key you pressed by listening for the sound.

Disabled DTMF tone restricts the phone’s system to transmit the tone that is used by the voice mail system to track the number you have dialed. Just turn on the DTMF by digging into settings.

4. Passcode Causing Problems

you can always reset the lost Verizon passcode by visiting my account section on the Verizon official website. In addition, you can also dial “*611” for Verizon Wireless numbers, from your cellular phone to reset the password.

For Verizon landline phones, the customer care number varies depending on your location. Go to and click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page, and then click “Call Us.”

To reset your passcode online, navigate to or and log in to your My Verizon account. Click Home>More Actions under the I Want To menu. Click “Change Voice Mail Password.”

This was the common issue you might encounter while trying to access VoiceMail on a Verizon phone.

For further assistance, you can always contact Verizon customer care by dialing *611 or 800-922-0204 for Verizon Wireless or call your local customer care for Verizon residential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verizon voicemail?

Verizon voicemail is a service provided by Verizon for both wireless and landline phones. It allows users to receive and store voice messages when they are unable to answer a call.

Can I access Verizon voicemail on a landline phone?

Yes, Verizon voicemail is available for landline phones as well. You can easily set up and access voicemail on your Verizon landline phone.

How can I know if there is a voicemail on my Verizon mailbox?

You will know if there is a voicemail on your Verizon mailbox when you hear an interrupted dial tone on your phone. Some phones may also have a message light that flashes.

How can I contact Verizon customer care for assistance with voicemail?

To contact Verizon customer care for assistance with voicemail, dial *611 or 800-922-0204 for Verizon Wireless. For Verizon residential, visit the Verizon website, click on “Contact Us,” and then click “Call Us” to find the appropriate customer care number for your location.

Verizon Fios Voicemail: Final Words

Verizon is known for its wireless and mobile carrier connections. But, in some areas, Verizon is also providing Fios connection via wired connections for a land phone. These land phones are equipped with voicemail services as well. All you need is to configure and set up the voice mail on the Verizon land phone properly.


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