What is MCM client? Mobile Content Management Android

MCM client or mobile content management on Android is part of MDM(Mobile Management system) that ensure the secure data access to documents and media file. Android phones like Samsung on Sprint and T-mobile is well known for installing MCM client on their phone.


In this article, we shall explore all about the MCM client on Android and also learn about the functions and usage of the MCM client on Android.

What is MCM(Mobile Content Management)?

MCM client(Mobile content management) is a part of MDM on an android phone that helps you to access the documents and media files to android via a secure authentication system.

The client ensures that the corporate files stored on your android should only be accessed by authenticated users or clients only.

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It helps strike the balance between security and productivity by applying various configurations and restricting to ensure corporate data is not accessed by unauthorized users.

Features of Mobile Content Management

1. multiple file-formats support:

The MCM supports a huge range of file format ( .doc, .pdf, .txt, .mp4, .pptx, .png, .jpg etc) and allows the user to share and access securely.

2. Segregate documents:

Separation or classification of the files with MCM client is quite easy. This allows users to categorize the files in tags.

3. Centralized content update:

Admins can automatically update the content on the devices by uploading the new version on the MDM server.

Requirement of MCM Softwares

MCM software is used in every mobile-first organization where employees are required to access corporate data remotely from anywhere at any time.

To understand the requirement of mobile content management software you need to know the risk of accessing corporate data from Cloud storage without any security.

Without the right MCM software, letting your employees or clients access your corporate data is always risky as it might be accessed by unauthorized persons.

In such MCM Client or software ensures the accessibility of the through a secured and encrypted method.

MCM Client on Mobile Devices

On mobile devices, an MCM client is deployed by MCM solutions in form of MCM agent on Android devices like Samsung to allow employees to securely view and download the shared content on MCM server.

Another use of MCM client on Android devices is to deploy a protocol to prevent the spread of malware such as spyware and Ransomeware to save your device from a potential hacker attack.

Also, this reduces the requirement of downloading any third-party app to access the corporate data which is the main source of Malware attacks.

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What is MCM client on Sprint Android?

As we know, Mobile content delivery has very specific and unique constraints, including variable device capacities, screen sizes, limited wireless bandwidths, storage capacities, and different types of device processors, and as a result, the mobile content management systems are made according to a particular smart phone’s needs.

The sprint MCM is also known as a mobile content manager is a feature that is used to manage all of the mobile content after it’s activated on the device.

The MCM client is already installed and activated on your sprint mobile. Which is accountable for sending all the sprint-related data, apps, and features also further updates to the available apps.


Sprint MCM has many benefits and advantages for their users and helps them to enjoy a one-stop solution environment. With sprint MCM client users can;

  1. Enjoy OD(On-demand) videos.
  2. Access live TV through mobi-TV.
  3. Play games.
  4. Unlimited data and cloud storage.
  5. Enjoy global Premium text message service.
  6. Unlimited National and international calls.


Despite having tremendous features and security the sprint MGM has its own flaws which are as follows;

  1. Many users have complained that the mobile content manager or MCM client keeps running on its own and download unwanted apps.
  2. It is next to impossible to uninstall or Delete some apps. Users have also reported the installation of an app without any progress bar or notification.
  3. MCM can also run unannounced which keeps hitting your resources like mobile data and battery.
  4. MCM clients are also well known for installing bloatware that is hard to uninstall.
  5. The permission given to MCM client on Sprint mobile is a big threat to security which can put the phone at risk of a Malware attack.

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Do I Need MCM Client on my Android?

As we discussed, the basic function of the MCM client is to provide a secure environment to access the data remotely. Unfortunately, it is not impossible to remove the MCM client from your Android completely.

So, if you don’t need features and services associated with MCM services, you can simply contact sprint support and they will assist you further.

How to Uninstall MCM Client?

  1. On the managed mobile device, go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Security.
  3. Select Device Administrator and disable it.
  4. Under Settings, go to Applications.
  5. Select ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus and Uninstall the MDM agent.

Troubleshoot MCM client Error

Thousands of users have reported the MCM client sending continuous notifications regarding app download and app updation.

Most of the users find it annoying and also it keeps eating the resources on your device.

The most common solution is to resolve the error by either disabling it or clear the cache.

But these are the temporary solution, I am afraid to say but to get rid of MCM clients on the sprint Android like Samsung permanently, you need to visit the nearest Sprint store and ask the support if they can assist.

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Final Words:

MCM stands for mobile content management or mobile content manager is software to ensure the authorized access of remote data from mobile-based devices. The MCM client found on your sprint Android phone is used by the carrier provided to help users to install the essential apps and let you access some additional features like VOD, premium message services, unlimited Data Services, unlimited calls etc.

Users have reported that MCM client keeps running continuously in the background and sending frequent notifications to ruin user experiences.

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