What is VoLTE Icon on Samsung? How to Activate VoLTE on Samsung?

Are you not getting VoLTE Icon on Samsung? But, what is VoLTE Icon? How does it facilitate Samsung mobile make HD quality video and video calls? How to enable VoLTE Icon on Samsung? Troubleshooting VoLTE error on Android. Let’s know all about it.


VoLTE- Overview

VoLTE or Voice over Long Term Evolution network is a new technology to provide a clear sound and HD video call facility to users. The majority of the carrier providers are now awaited to new VoLTE technology.

In short, VoLTE is the technology that uses your Internet Protocol to initiate voice and video calls. It also ensures the quality and speed of data sent from host to receiver and vice versa.

VoLTE Icon Samsung

VoLTE Icon Samsung

People have reported they have suddenly noticed a VoLTE icon on the notification bar of the Samsung Android phone. Well, before you go panicking let me tell you, it’s completely normal for the VoLTE icon to appear on your Samsung phone.

The VoLTE icon on Samsung signifies that the cell phone is using the 4G or LTE network and all the calls initiated on the phone will use the LTE network.  Since VoLTE itself means Voice Over LTE.

This is a device and network-dependent feature that required a 4g network and 4g supported phone as well.

List of VoLTE Supported Samsung devices

Here is the list of VoLTE-supported Samsung devices.

  • Galaxy S Series (S8 / S8+ and newer models) includes Unlocked models from Samsung.
  • Galaxy Note Series (Note 8 and newer models) includes Unlocked models from Samsung.
  • Galaxy A Series (2019 and forward models, A10, A20, A50, etc.) includes Unlocked models from Samsung.
  • Galaxy J Series (J3 Achieve and J7 Refine)
  • Galaxy Z Series (Flip, Flip 5G, Fold 2 5G) includes Unlocked models from Samsung.
  • Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Fold Unlocked
  • Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active2 and newer. Requires Cellular Activation.

Enabling VoLTE on Samsung

Follow the steps below to activate the VoLTE services on Samsung devices. The device should be VoLTE Enabled and you must have a 4g Supported network.

To Enable VoLTE on Android;

  • Open Settings on Samsung Android
  • Go to Connections or Network & Internet
  • Here tap on Voice Networks.
  • Set the VoLTE toggle to On.

Removing VoLTE icon

If your device is 4G supported and you have an LTE-enabled network, then it’s normal to have a VoLTE icon on the status bar. This symbol indicates that the phone is using an LTE network to place calls.

Removing the VoLTE icon is not possible from Samsung or any other phone device with or without root access.

Evolution of VoLTE

To understand the origin, development, uses, and limits of VoLTE, you need to know the history of the evolution of mobile networks over the periods.


There are several types of networks you might have heard of ranging from Edge, GPRS, LTE etc. But, here we shall learn a bit about LTE and VoLTE Only.

We have come to a big change from the first generation of the mobile network to 4th and proceeding to 6th generation. Every mobile network has its own limitation and was improved over the period.

Currently, most mobile devices are using LTE aka the 4th generation of mobile network where you can experience high-speed internet, voice-over LTE(Long Term Evolution), AKA VoLTE and making video calls.

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What Are the Benefits Of VoLTE?

Video Calling Over VoLTE

As the term VoLTE suggests itself, one of the primary benefits of using VoLTE is that it enables you to make and receive video calls.

This allows the users to make a video call using a cellular network to another VoLTE-enabled phone or device.

Even though the voice quality may not be as good as that offered by VoIP apps like Google Duo, Skype, Imo, etc.

High-Quality Voice Calls

With VoLTE network settings. The voice nodes are sent and received using the internet protocol instead of standard radio waves. This makes the calls crystal clear as compared to other networks.

High-Speed Internet

The VoLTE network on the device not only enhances the audio quality but also allows you to use the internet at high speed using mobile data as compared to other network modes like LTE, GPRS and EDGE.

Faster Call Setup Times

A typical 3G or LTE network takes around 7 seconds to connect a call on 3G networks. While a VoLTE network usually connects the calls within 2 seconds if called from a VoLTE enabled device to another VoLTE-enabled device.

Uses Less Battery

Unlike older technology, VoLTE does not switch 4G to 3G when making calls; it means your device will not constantly search for the network and eventually save battery.

Limitations of VoLTE Services

HD Calls Limitations

Although the VoLTE Services allow you to place a High Definition calls, but it is limited to calls made between two VoLTE enabled handsets.

If one handset is VoLTE enabled and the other is not, then the call will be of standard quality and not HD.

Requires Internet

The VoLTE requires an active internet connection on the device. It required either a data connection or a 4G signal to work. If not, you will not be able to make HD calls or use the internet.

Handset Support Needed

You need a VoLTE-compatible device to use VoLTE services. Although, all modern smartphones are compatible with VoLTE.

Many users do not have VoLTE services enabled on their smartphones. While some smartphones receive the service with an update, many old models are incompatible with VoLTE.

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Should You Keep VoLTE on or Off?

Enabling VoLTE allows you to make high-quality calls, make video calls, use the internet at high speed while on call. So, there is no loss to keeping VoLTE on, on your smartphone.

It is suggested to keep the VoLTE mode always on, on your Android phone if available.

How do I turn off VoLTE?

After knowing all the pros and cons of VoLTE on the device. It;t time to ask the core question. How do I turn off VoLTE?

The process to disable the VoLTE is quite simple and can be completed in few steps on android and ios device as well.

Disable VoLTE on Android Phone

  1. Open settings on Android.
  2. Open connections and select the Mobile networks.
  3. Now, open the LTE/3G section and disable the ‘VoLTE calls’ to turn off VoLTE on the device.
  4. Disable VoLTE on Android Phone

The settings to disable VoLTE may vary from android to Android based on the version and manufacture of the phone. Also, you may not find the options of the device is not have VoLTE feature.

Disable VoLTE on iOS Phone

The process to disable VoLTE on iOS device is quite similar but the option to reach the settings is a bit different. Here is how you do it on iOS;

  1. Open Settings on your iOS phone.
  2. Open Mobile and the open Mobile data options.
  3. In the options tap on Enable LTE.
  4. Now, when pressing the option “Data Only” LTE will be disabled.
  5. Disable VoLTE on iOS Phone

How to Check if Your Phone Has VoLTE?

In order to use VoLTE network on the phone it is essential that it has the necessary hardware installed on the device. You can easily verify from the network settings if VoLTE is available on your device.

Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks. Now check if there is an option called VoLTE calls; if yes, then your phone has VoLTE; if not, then it doesn’t.

Wrapping up:

VoLTE or Voice Over LTE connection is a mobile network technology that enables your Samsung deceives to place voice/video calls using internet protocol. It provides a better quality of voice calls even on poor networks. The VoLTE icon on the notification bar of your phone is an indication of VoLTE services. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.



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