What is ANT radio service on Samsung? Do I Need ANT Radio Service?

People often get confused by the term “Radio” in ANT Radio services on Android. But, what is ANT Radio Service and why do you need it? Do you ever need it? What is the usage of ANT Radio Service on Android? Let’s Find the Answers.


What is ANT Radio Service?

The ANT Radio Service is a component-based service on Android phones installed by mobile manufacturing companies to boost the performance of the pre-installed hardware ANT Radio functions in mobile devices.

ANT Radio services help your device to boost a wireless connection to other devices including wifi, NFC, Smartwatches, Galaxy buds etc.

It’s however, not an essential part or component of the Android device. Rather just a piece of app package which is associated with hardware components of your Android phone.

It works together with Ant HAL Services to ensure the proper establishment of connection among your Android and external gadgets using Bluetooth, wifi or NFC.

What does ANT Radio Service do?

function of ant radio services

ANT Radio service is a pre-installed setting made by the manufacturer of your device or included as a portion of an update to your Android phone by smartphone and carrier producers to enable the in-built ANT interaction hardware already available on your phone to work.

It shares similarity with the component of your device system which allows another type of wireless connection on your android phone (ie. NFC, WiFi).

It may not function or utilize your system fundamentals except you activate the application that needs the wireless connection of ANT.

What is the use of ANT+ in Samsung?

Nowadays people are crazy about health and fitness kinds of stuff. The ANT radio service helps you to connect a smartwatch or Fitbit to your Samsung android phones. ANT plus Plugin

Is Ant radio service necessary?

No, Ant radio service not a necessary component for ANdroid to run smoothly. But if you are trying to connect gadgets like Fitbit or Smartwatches it is required to have Ant Radio services enable on your Android.

In a nutshell, If you are a fan of heath gadgets and a fitness freak, you will require the Ant radio service on your Android in order to properly establish the connection from your android to such fitness gadgets.

Ant+ plugins service

ANT+ application or plug-in enables the phone to utilize services like:

Fitness gadgets: An ANT+ enabled Fitness gadget like FitBit uses the plugin to establish a connection to Android mobile and display accurate data like your workouts, steps etc.

Heartbeat rate: Wearable gadgets with ANT+ enabled uses ANT radio service to fetch and display accurate data like the heartbeat, heart rate etc.

What is ant radio app?

ANT radio app is an app kernel software integrated by a mobile manufacturer as a kernel OS on Android. However, it is not visible to users while initiated by still it plays a vital role in establishing the connection between your gadgets and Android mobile.

The protocol of ANT is similar to that of Bluetooth which is mostly utilized for fitness and sports connectivity. When it is pre-installed by your device producer, it shows up as an icon allowing ANT+ connectivity.

Ant Radio Service Meaning Definition and Explanation


ANT Radio services is a kernel OS software package on Android to establish a connection between gadgets like Fitbit and smartwatches using wifi, Bluetooth or NFC or access necessary resources like a camera on your Android. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.