How To Use Siri On Android? Siri Alternatives for Android

Can I use Siri on Android? What are Alternatives to Siri for Android?

Modern smart devices are equipped with voice assistant services. Siri, Alexa, Google assistant are the name of the few popular voice assistant service you can find on smartphones. Also, different voice assistant service names are dedicated to specific devices for developers like Google assistant is well known for use in Google devices including Android.

similarly Siri voice assistant is a dedicated voice assistant service across Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and home pad etc.

Being an Android user I was always curious to know if there is any possibility to use Siri on Android? If not then what are the alternatives to Siri I can use on Android?

While doing the research I came across a bunch of apps that are quite similar to Siri. In other words, you can use it as Siri voice assistant on Android.

So without further a due let’s dig into the article and explore if it is possible to use Siri voice assistant on Android and what are the alternatives of Siri for Android.

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What is Siri?

Siri is a dedicated voice assistant service by Apple that is available across all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and home pad etc. It acts like any other voice assistant service used to perform different task like making calls, reading SMS, setting alarm, performing web search etc.

This dedicated service Siri will probably always only work on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS because Siri is a major competitive difference for Apple.

How to Use Siri on Android?

Well, there is no official app like Siri for android. As Google is bound with it’s default voice assistance service called Google assistance. You cannot find any official Siri app for android.

However, there are several other third-party apps stores on the internet clamming to provide Siri for android.

But, I personally suggest you stay out of these APK files as these files may contain malicious codes, malware, keylogger or spyware and you might and up getting your device hacked.

Still, there are several other Siri alternatives for Android you may want to try as Siri voice assistant.

11 Alternatives to Siri for Android

Alternatives to Siri for Android

As we discussed above, there is no official Siri for android is available on the Play store. Still, here is the list of some apps like Siri you can install on Android.

  1. Alexa
  2. Bixby
  3. Hound
  4. Robin
  5. Cortana
  6. Extreme
  7. Jarvis
  8. DataBot
  9. AIVC (Alice)
  10. Genie
  11. Google Assistant

1. Alexa

Alexa is the official voice assistant used in the Amazon Echo smart speaker and the Echo Dot, Echo Studio and Amazon Tap speakers developed by Amazon itself. It allows users to control an operating smart home appliance including lights and other home automatic smart systems.

Amazon Alexa is a best alternative to Siri for android

In addition, you can also use Alexa for music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time.

Alexa is available to download for Android as well as a voice assistant service for the device. It can be used like Siri for Android to perform tasks related to AI voice assistants.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free

2. Bixby

Bixby is available to download and use as a Siri alternative for android

Bixby is a dedicated voice assistant for Samsung Android phones. The service was introduced to combat the Google assistant with extra features to control your Samsung Android phone.

Bixby allows you to control your Samsung phones with an ease of making calls, Replying to messages, settings alarms, setting to-do reminders, opening apps, performing web search and all.

The app is available to download and use as a Siri alternative for android.

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3. Hound

Hound can also assist you to search for your favorite songs like reverse music search apps

Hound is a voice-activated search tool that can perform better than Siri or Google assistance itself. It is an advanced voice assistance tool that can not only help you to perform simple regular tasks. But, it an better with understanding the complex instructions as well.

The cherry on the cake, Hound can also assist you to search for your favorite songs like reverse music search apps.

This Siri alternative for android can help you do all the usual assistant tasks like setting alarms and timers, telling you the news or the weather, and calling and texting contacts.

You can download Hound from Google Play store for free and start using it as new virtual voice assistance for any android.

SoundHound Chat AI App
SoundHound Chat AI App
Developer: SoundHound Inc.
Price: Free

4. Robin

Robin can play different playlists, send texts for you, set reminders and alarms, help you get directions, and more

Robin is probably one of the best private voice assistance for android. Private, as it allegedly does not share your personal data like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant itself.

It has all the potential to become a good alternative to Siri for your android.

Robin shines when you’re driving. So if that’s when you find yourself needing a virtual assistant the most to help you out, download Robin. She can play different playlists, send texts for you, set reminders and alarms, help you get directions, and more.

Robin is can also be used as an android auto alternative as well. Think of Robin as a friend riding shotgun doing tasks for you while your hands are on the wheel.

Robin is free to download from the play store available for all major Android phones.

Robin - AI Voice Assistant
Robin - AI Voice Assistant
Developer: Audioburst
Price: Free

5. Cortana

Cortana can also be used as cross-platform voice assistance for the same reasons people use Siri

Use Cortana for its many features include the ability to call people, send SMS and email, take notes, track packages, tell jokes, add stuff to your calendar, and more.

Cortana can also be used as cross-platform voice assistance for the same reasons people use Siri. Cortana can also provide you the liberty to use it on a cross-platform devices.

when you use Cortana on both your phone and computer, you can send texts from either device. The same goes for vocal requests.

This means, Cortana is the Android assistant for you if you’re using a computer that runs Windows 10, where Microsoft’s assistant is also integrated.

Originally developed by Microsoft for its Windows Phone operating system, Cortana is now available on many platforms, including Android and iOS.

6. Extreme personal voice Assistant

Extreme personal voice Assistant has a great resemblance with Siri and it is a conventional voice assistant app for android, and it does the virtual assistant job very well.

The Extreme personal Assistant does some quick work by writing an email for you according to what you say. Imagine if you didn’t have Extreme personal Assistant helping you through this, you should have to open your mobile and your email app to do the job.

Therefore, the importance of having an Extreme personal Assistant cannot be ignored.

Extreme- Voice Assistant
Extreme- Voice Assistant

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7. Jarvis

Jarvis is another Siri-like App for Android

Jarvis is another Siri-like App for Android, which has the best stylish interface design out there. It serves the functions of a fully reliable Siri for Android app.

You can make calls, Set Alarms, Open apps, Play Music, Open Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Time and date, Quick alert, Hot word detection, Sending text, through command, and with the help of voice is a nice feature.

Jarvis personal assistant makes your life very easy when you have it on your phone. But rush now to install it and wait for the next and the best Siri for Android apps.

8. DataBot


Although DataBot is a personal assistant, it’s more of a replacement for Siri’s fun, witty side. On the more useful end, DataBot can help you customize multimedia presentations, answer specific questions through Google searches, and act as your secretary.

But where the app really takes off is all the fun ways you can interact with DataBot. You can ask DataBot for your daily horoscope, providing you give the app your birthday.

DataBot can tell jokes, give you quotes, play brain games with you, and puzzle you with riddles.

Voice Assistant DataBot AI
Voice Assistant DataBot AI

9. AIVC (Alice)


Unlike Siri (or any Siri-esque Android app that Apple might release in an alternate universe), AIVC is pretty customizable. You can define your own commands with Alice. And you can use the customization to control devices that are accessible via a web interface.

Alice is continually learning new skills (like any good Android assistant), quickly becoming capable of a variety of tasks, both fun and functional.

10. Genie

Genie is one nice digital voice assistant app on Android OS which you can use as an alternative of Siri on your Android Phone. Tasks like voice texting, calling, and dialing is made easy through Genie app. Setting the alarm has never been so much easy with voice command.

11. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is no doubt the best voice assistant for android ever. Last but not the least, this default voice assistant service for android has all the potential to end your journey for the search of Siri for Android. Enriched with the Google ecosystem Google Assistant can help you to perform several tasks like making calls, sending SMS, reading Chats, playing music, opening apps,web search, set alarm, make a to-do list and many more.

This default voice assistant for android is also compatible to use with Android auto as well.

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Beware: There Are Lots of Fake Siri Apps

A simple result on Google play store for “Siri for Android” or “Siri” returns plenty of results claiming to be the original Siri for android. But, Google has officially published an article to justify that they have removed the official Siri from play store.

Still, you can find the Siri APK on some other third-party app store. I suggest avoid installing on your android. As any app installed from an untrusted source may be a threat to your android data and privacy.

Final Words:

This was the list of Siri alternatives for android. The primary reason users use Sri on Apple is the cross-platform use of Siri. However, there is no official Siri for android but you can use any of these apps in the list to experience Siri-like voice assistant on your Android.



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