9 Best Android Auto Alternatives With Extra Features

Android auto has become one of the best companions of the modern automobile industry. It allows you to control the infotainment system in your car with the help of an advanced Android system. But, unlike the traditional Android auto app, there are several other alternatives to Android auto you can use to re-map the traditional look and features.

Using a smartphone in a car to play music, navigation, and other smart tasks is always risky as a little distraction may lead to a big accident which is dangerous.

In order to keep your eyes on the road and allow you a distraction-free driving experience, the automobile industry decides to implement the Android auto system in their cars.

Android Auto allows you to use and control all the major tasks you need to perform while driving including, making calls, listening to music, reading a message and reply to them, control the entertainment system, navigation etc.

Sadly, most of the cars have a similar Android auto OS installed on their cars. In spite of the price and value of the cars, you will find an almost identical version and GUI of Android auto, installed on these cars. In such, there is always a demand for some good alternative to Android auto.

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Here we have collected a list of 9 best android auto alternative apps with some extra features and are easy to use. You can use these alternative apps to Android auto to change the default display GUI of car and also add some extra features currently not available with the stock Android auto app.

9 Best Android Auto Alternatives

This list of top Android auto alternative apps has different features and different peculiarities. You can choose the app as per your requirements and desire. However, all the apps mentioned here have a huge user base and have the potential to replace the default Android auto app.

Still, it is advised to read all the features of the apps featured in the article and decided which Android auto app suits your driving habits.

1. AutoMate Car Dashboard

This Android auto alternative is quite similar to the default Android auto app but with some extra features and configuration options. Liberty, to choose your favorite app(music, navigation, calls manager) as per your usage habits and requirements, voice control, etc is the main highlight of this Android auto app.

Especially, the app dashboard configuration allows you to configure and arrange the apps you use frequently so that you don’t have to adapt according to the default Android app GUI.

Download AutoMate Car Dashboard

2. Drivemode: Safe Driving

As the name suggests itself, this Android auto app is quite simple with minimum settings and icons. The app claims to give you a distraction-free driving experience as compared to other Android auto apps.

This app is focused on driving requirements and not features. However, some basic features are still, available on the app GUI.

Voice Command, call management system, especially integrated music and navigation dashboard lets you enjoy the music and navigate without switch the screen.

On the top, one-touch live location sharing makes it easy for you to coordinate with your fellows and friends without even bothering about frequent calls and distractions.

Download Drivemode: Safe Driving

3. Waze- Android auto App

Waze Android auto app is basically known for its powerful and interactive navigation system. Simple yet extreme customization options with lots of additional features like speedometer, speed limit alert, fule gauge, are the main highlights of this Android auto alternative.

If you are seeking the best Android auto app for navigation assistance with advanced passes, fule indicator, navigation assistance, and other basic Android auto features, then this is the best option for you.

Talking about music, this app also allows the Spotify integration for full control with simple music controls on the dashboard.

Waze- Android auto App

Download Waze- Android auto App

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic
Developer: Waze
Price: Free

How to use Waze with the Android Auto Apps

4. Car Dashdroid

Car Dashdroid is probably the best alternative to a default Android auto. Fully customization, dashboard adaption, rea arrange frequent apps, music control, voice assistance, on touch navigation, etc are the main highlights of this Andriod auto app.

In addition, the app allows you to change the themes as well for quick custom looks. Lots of widgets and in-app custom actions increase your dependence on the gesture as most of the functions are voice-controlled.

Also, you can customize the action and gesture on the app to perform any specific task with one push.

Capable to read the notification, including messages, answer calls with voice commands. With night mode to activate dark mode screen, this Android app deserves a try.

Download Car Dashdroid

Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
Developer: nez droid
Price: Free

5. AutoZen

Another top Android auto alternative app you can install on your automobile to perform several actions and customization. A simple yet powerful car docking app has all the primary features like phone, map, music, and notifications.

But, what makes it special is some special feature that you wish your old Android auto app had.

Features like auto-reply messages while driving the cars, speed camera view on dashboard, easy notification reading, voice-controlled call management, navigation, and music dual-screen sharing etc are the main highlight of this auto android app.

The app also has some premium paid features that you can try.

Download AutoZen

AutoZen-Car Dashboard&Launcher
AutoZen-Car Dashboard&Launcher
Developer: ZenThek
Price: Free

6. HERE WeGo

A multipurpose Android auto app that is designed to ease your driving experience. With tons of customization options, this Android auto app is a navigation focused app.

Offline map download, textual direction options, voice control, speedometer, fuel gauge are the main highlights of this Android auto app.


In addition to the traditional card docking system, the app is simple and intuitive and can be used in several ways.

Download HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo: Maps & Navigation
HERE WeGo: Maps & Navigation

7. Google Assistant

Hard to believe but Google Assistant is one of the best Android auto apps. Designed and maintained by Google the app comes with tons of features supported by Google itself.

Easy navigation, multiple map modes, a voice navigation system and almost all the feature you need in a decent car docking system.

Voice-controlled call management, play pause music with voice assistance, read the notification, all other functions can be achieved by just saying ok Google, the signature command to activate the Google assistance on Android.

Google Assistant Android auto
Google Assistant Android auto


This Android auto app will really give you a distraction-free driving experience.

Download Google Assistant

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


8. Microsoft Cortana

Quite similar to Google assistance, this Android auto app for car docking system is capable to perform all the basic tasks on your dashboard. In addition, windows calendar synchronization and reminders are the main highlights of the app.

Cortana has all the primary features like voice navigation, voice-controlled music system, multi-mode maps, call management, dark mode etc. Sadly the app is not available for all countries and you need to download the APK from some other resource.

Download Microsoft Cortana

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Download Microsoft Cortana APK

9. Dashlinq – Car Dashboard Launcher

Last but not least, this app has all the features to be the best contender to the other Android auto alternative apps in the list.

The car docking app is well known and popular for design and customizations. Minimal interface yet full customization allows you to organize all your frequent app on a single page. Voice assistance allows to control the music playback, call management, read notification voice navigation etc.

The best part of this app is, it supports almost all third-party app which can be easily controlled using the app on your connected Android smartphone. You can connect a huge range of apps to the auto app including Google Play Music and Spotify. Where Google Play Music is the default music player.

Download Dashlinq

Dashlinq - Car Dashboard Launcher
Dashlinq - Car Dashboard Launcher

Android Auto App-FAQ

Why is Android Auto so bad?

Well, not all Android auto apps are bad. However, some of the default docking apps might look boring because of limited accessibility and customization options. You can use some alternative Android auto apps mentioned here to add up spice to your car driving experience.

Is Android Auto going away?

Android auto is recently introduced to the automobile industry. With time the features and controls are getting evolved. So, to be strong, in my opinion, the Android auto is the future of automobiles.

Can Android Auto be added to a car?

Yes, you can always purchase an Android auto car dashboard docking system for your car.

Can I make Android Auto Wireless?

Most of the Android auto is wireless, however, it is required to connect it to power sources like battery output or the primary power source of the car.

Conclusion :

This was the list of some best Android auto alternatives you can install on your car docking system to enhance your driving experience. All the Android auto apps featured here are free to download from the Google play store itself. Also, fixyourandroid.com doesn’t endorse any of these apps. So, the reader is advised to download and use the app as per their preferences and requirements. And finally, Drive safe!!. Also, don’t forget to check our APP section for other useful apps for Android.


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