How To Get Game Pigeon On Android?

Can You Play Game Pigeon on Android? How to Get it?

Game pigeon is a very popular game design exclusively for iPhone users. where an iPhone user can use the iMessage app to play the game Pigeon on their phone. But you can also download and play it on Android as well. Game pigeon is a game designed for iPhones that is available for Android as well. Read the methods to get game pigeon on Android.

what is game Pigeon

What is Game Pigeon?

Game Pigeon is an app extension for iMessages on iPhones that allows users to play fun games along with chatting. 8-ball, Poker, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Tanks, Knockout, Checkers, and Four In A Row are the name of some popular games on Game Pigeon that you can enjoy playing with friends while chatting.

The app is available to download from App Store and in order to get the invitation to download the app your friend will particularly have to message you once install the app will appear in the extension bar of the iMessages keyboard.

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Sadly there is no official version of game pigeon available for Android devices. But you can still enjoy playing games with your friends using a Game Pigeon on Android phones and tablets as well.

Is Game Pigeon officially Available on Android?

So before we directly jump to the answer latest discuss some other information regarding the game pigeon app itself. The app was launched by a company named Vitalii Zlotskii in the year 2016. Initially, the app was launched for iOS as a standalone app.

Soon they rolled new updates that and the app was integrated with imessaging app on iPhones this led to the immense popularity of game pigeon. Now users could play interactive games while chatting with friends.

But the answer to the question of whether the game pigeon is available for Android officially? The simple answer is simply no. They have not yet released any official version of Game pigeon for Android.

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Can You Access Game Pigeon On Android?

Yes, Is it possible to get the Game Pigeon app to run on Android. If you want to play the game pigeon on your Android smartphone then you can have it on your device whether you are using an android smartphone Or an iOS device. Game pigeon is a multi-player game so you can play it with your friends.

How do I get the game pigeon to work on android?

Like iPhone you can also enjoy the Games pigeon games embedded in iMessage for android as well. All you need is to download and install iMessage app on your Android smartphone and add the Game pigeon extension to the messaging app.

get the game pigeon to work on android

Steps To Download Game Pigeon On Android

  1. To Get Game Pigeon on Android;
  2. Download and install the Wemessageapp app on android visiting on android.
  3. Get to the Java Development Kit 9.
  4. Now download the macOS installation file.
  5. Then go to the browser and run the command. It will allow you to download a macOS file. You have to let the SETTINGS run macros files.
  6. You also have to allow the terminal command to run.
  7. Now you can run the command.
  8. When you run the command, you will have to enter an email. That should be the same that you used in your Mac OS.
  9. Do make sure that you remember the password once you set it up.
  10. Now, your device should have successfully connected with MacOS.
  11. login into the server to connect with MacOS. You would have to log in again using the ID and password which you have used above.
  12. Now, you can go ahead and get anyone with a device from iOS to send you a text message with the game pigeon request.

If all the steps above are done accurately, you should be able to view the message along with the pigeon app request which would enable you to download the app on your android device.

What games does Game Pigeon have?

Here is a list of games you can choose to play within GamePigeon :

  • 8-Ball
  • Mini Golf
  • Basketball
  • Cup Pong
  • Archery
  • Darts
  • Tanks
  • Sea Battle
  • Anagrams
  • Mancala
  • Knockout
  • Shuffleboard
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Four in a Row
  • Gomoku
  • Reversi
  • 20 Questions
  • Dots and Boxes
  • 9-Ball
  • Word Hunt
  • Word Bites
  • Filler
  • Crazy 8!

Can you play iPhone games on Android?

There are several other methods you can use to play iPhone games on Android. One of the best methods is to use iOS emulator for Android and install all most all iPhone games on Android.

Will Android & iOS Work Together?

Unfortunately, Andriod and iPhone users cannot play Game pigeon together even after getting the iMesags for android as well. Still, there are several other multiplayer games that can be played by Android and iPhone users together.

Games Android and iPhone users can play together?

There are several other multiplayer games Android and iPhone users can play together. Here is the list of some games Android and iPhone play together;

  • Pokémon GO.
  • Spaceteam.
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Real Racing.
  • Modern Combat 6.
  • Super Stickman Golf 2.
  • Muffin Knight.
  • Draw Something.

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Is there Any Game Pigeon alternative for Android?

Like messaging apps for android, there are several other messaging apps for android that allows you to play integrated games with users while chatting.

Game Pigeon alternatives for Android

Unfortunately, there’s no such app like Game Pigeon for Android that lets users play games directly via texting. However, there are social gaming apps that allow users to play multiplayer games while interacting with each other through text or voice messages.

Below is the list of some Game pigeon alternatives for android.

1. Plato – Games and Group chat

Plato is a social game app with more than 30 multiplayer games, including popular casual games such as pool, dominoes, backgammon, battleships, basketball, Ludo, minesweeper, Reversi and Spades. The app promises more multiplayer or “group games” in the next updates.

Plato is privacy-focused. You won’t have to give your phone number or email to use this social game app. All conversations between you and others won’t be stored in their servers.

Plato - Games & Group Chats
Plato - Games & Group Chats


POKO is Another social gaming app that allows you to meet new people and play games along with voice and text chatting.  you can just invite your friends from other social networking apps, such as Facebook and play several two-player games such as Slam Dunk, Car Drifting, Marine Mining, Bingo, and UNO-like game and Good Pass (soccer) with them.

There are thousands of other multiplayer games you can enjoy on the platform using your android device.

POKO is one of the best alternatives to social media gaming app like GamePigeon for Android.


HAGO or “Have a Good One” is one of the best alternatives to Game Pigeon out in the market. It connects with people all over the world and lets you play a game with them. This also has one of the most unique features out there.

Also, you can also connect with players from your local area by just enabling your location setting, and the application will connect you with people who are close to your location, and you would be able to meet new people and make friends with people who live close to you.

Play Epic Mini Games
Play Epic Mini Games
Developer: Artoon Games
Price: Free

4. Facebook

This might surprise you but yes Facebook itself has a huge collection of multiplayer games that lets you enjoy gaming with friends while chatting. In fact, Facebook games have a huge collection of multilayer games as compared to Game pigeon itself.

So, now you can engage in conversations with your friends on Facebook while defeating them in the game at the same time. And it is always fun when you beat your friends, and then have an opportunity to brag about it to their face.

5. Telegram X

This is a messaging app that is available on both android and iOS as well. So yes, this app would enable you to connect with your apple using friends as well. You can send messages, share audio and video files on it.

You would have to download the games separately. Basically, this is the best version of game pigeon. Except, it is a different app, and it is available for both iOS and Android users.

Telegram X
Telegram X
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

I would recommend trying using any of the above-mentioned apps like Game Pigeon and you will get an awesome experience.

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What Android games can you play with friends?

There are several games available for Android that can be enjoyed with friends. Here is the list of 6 such games;

  1. Word Chums: An upgraded version of Words with Friends for Android users.
  2. Real Basketball.
  3. RE-VOLT 2.
  4. QuizUp.
  5. Spaceteam.
  6. Game Time, Fun Time.

Can Android Play iMessage games?

iMessages sent through your iPhone require that they be sent through the Apple servers. That means in order to use iMessage games you need an apple account ID. Sending messages via a Mac computer acting as a server relays them to Android devices as needed.

Can you get iMessage on an android?

The answer to the question is Yes and No both. The iMessage is the default text messaging app for iPhones. So, technically a message sent from iPhone using the iMesage app to Android users then the message will be received on the default text messaging app on Android.

However, you can get the iMessage app for android but it’s not worth it and not as productive as iMessage on iPhones. Secondly, you need to have some advanced level of skill to install the official iMessage for android.

Final Words:

It is easy to get Game Pigeon for Android. Besides, the developer team of Game Pigeon never launched the official version of Game Pigeon for android. All you need is to get the iMessage app as explained in the article and apparently installed the Game Pigeon on Android. besides, there are several other games like Game Pigeon you can install on android and enjoy playing with your friends while chatting.