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19 Craiglist Alternative To Post Ads For Cars, Job Dating and Personals

Sites like Craigslist or former Doublelist were penalized by the US Senate to fight the trafficking. Craigslist is a popular website designed for adults to send and receive personal messages, and video images. After the ban on the original craigslist, people were seeking the best alternative of Craigslist. Here we have listed the best free Personal sites like Craigslist.

sites like craigslist
19 personal sites like craigslist


  1. DoubleList
  2. Freeadstime.org
  3. ClassifiedAds.com
  4. Findermaster.com
  5. Personals.oodle.com
  6. Advertiseera.com
  7. Bookoo.com
  8. Wallclassifieds.com
  9. Gumtree
  10. H1ad.com
  11. Ksl classifieds
  12. Giganticlist.com
  13. Geebo
  14. Classifiedsfactor.com
  15. AmericanListed
  16. ad.ologames.com
  17. Locanto
  18. ads.shopolop.com
  19. ads.digitalmarketinghints.com

On September 4, 2010, Craigslist was accused of advertising adult content on the website. This advertisement was claimed to serve adult services including prostitution and other abusive services.

Later in 2018, Craigslist was completely banned worldwide. US senators passed a bill in the same year called “FOSTA“.

This bill was introduced to fight against trafficking. This bill led to the permanent closure of Craigslist and Craigslist personnel.

But the question is, are there any alternatives to Craigslist personals? Yes, there are still several other websites like Craigslist personal you can use for non-event posting and personal chatting.

Here is the list of sites like Craigslist personals that are free to use.


DoubleList is Probably the best Craigslist alternative. This is actually a replica of the original Craigslist.

The initial idea behind Doublelist.Com was to provide a brief answer that enabled people to have fun and join within a safe location such that the void created by most other websites in this respect could be filled.

And surprisingly, Doublelist.Com managed to garner a whole lot greater patronage than initially expected in its early days.


To put the icing on the cake, FOSTA got here forth and knocked down one of the biggest gatherings of adult-associated connections, giving an upward push to the explosion of doublelist.Com.

While lawsuits come up sometimes as regards the presence of bots in the community, doublelist.Com has deployed lots of strategies to combat fake users both proactively and retroactively.

Though, doublelist.Com serves as an efficient substitute for the craigslist personals. But the website is still struggling for survive.

At the time of writing this article, new registrations on Doublelist is restricted. However, this restriction is not global and the website might be working and open for registration in some locations.

Meanwhile, the overnight success of Doublelist raises the demand to create websites like Doublelist Personal and others.

Followed by Doublelist, the internet was flooded with plenty of websites like Craigslist personals.

These websites were similar to the original Doublelist and Craigslist as well. Some of the honorable mentions are detailed further.

2. Freeadstime.org

Freeadstimes.org is a local classifieds site quite popular in US, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania optimum for posting paid and free classified ads. Introduced in 2013 this Craigslist alternative offers you to post the ads based on your interest and requirements.

sites like craigslist-Freeadstime.org

Clear interface and easy navigation the classified service can be used to post a free classified ad with photos. Free classifieds can go under houses for rent, apartments for rent, roommates, local jobs, pets, vehicles, for sale items, and other available categories etc on site.

3. ClassifiedAds.com

Classifiedads.Com has been around for quite a while, possibly longer than the maximum of the Craigslist alternative in this list.

Classifiedads.Com has saved the personals segment game, and it’s going strong every passing day.


As compared to Craigslist, the website appears to be the next option for those who were worried about personal site services.

Classifiedads had credibility and a huge fan base as compared to other Craigslist alternative personal sites on the list.
The website was the number one alternative for a user who was worried after Craigslist.

4. Findermaster.com

As the name suggests itself, Findermaster is the website where you can find and post to register or find services for you. Unlike Craigslist, the website is full of free and personal classified ads to buy and sell services ranging from automobiles, real estate, Gardening, tech-related stuff, music instruments, rental houses, event service and many more.

sites like craigslist findermaster.com

The advanced filter on the website allows you to use filters like city, price, and service types to find the appropriate ads in seconds.

5. Personals.oodle.com

Oodle.Com is a remarkable substitute for Craigslist personals and here is why. There‘re pictures. And by images, I mean valid pix for everybody who has positioned out a personals request.

What this indicates is that you can get entry to your prospective courting partner’s physical properties earlier than even sending a message.


And there are lots of such requests in certainly all the cities of the US. While seeing Craigslist personals created a large void and for some introduced tears from their eyes, options have come tearing via the marketplace of people left hanging. Perchance, you have observed a suitable craigslist alternative.

6. Advertiseera.com

sites like craigslist advertiseera.com

AdvertiseEra has focused on enabling buyers and sellers to connect for different service requirements like Jobs, community, Real Estate, Rent & Sell and many more. The service is free to use and can help you to find and publish your ads for free. You may find some ads on the website that is ok for a free classified site. As compared to Craigslist the website doesn’t allow adult dating and hookup services.

7. Bookoo.com

Bookoo.com is another contender of Craigslist available to post ads. The website is quite similar to Craigslist but they don’t allow putting adult classifieds on the website.

Craiglist personal Alternative Bookoo

However, Bookoo has a huge section of classified ads where you can post almost all types of ads from furniture to event tickets.

This Craigslist alternative is available for all states of the United States. Sadly, the website is a complete classified ad website and not available for hookups.

8. Wallclassifieds.com

Wallclassifieds enables you to post a free ad and it ultimately, of course, enables the buyers to find your item. The service is quite new and has limited listing features like Education, Vehicles, Real Estate Rent & Sell, Services, Pets, and a few others.

sites like craigslist wallclassifieds.com

As compared to Craigslist, Wallclassifieds may be new but it has immense possibility to get legit deals. You can post a free listing for your services and products on the website. All you need is to create a free account and start posting or listing.

9. Gumtree

Gumtree is a website dedicated to UK personnel. The website is quite popular for rental and classified ads.


Gumtree is available to post the ads including jobs, rent, cars, bikes, and almost all households and other items.

This website doesn’t support hookups and adult content but still if you are a resident of UK this is the best alternative to Craigslist.

10. H1ad.com

H1Ad is classified ads website that enables you to post ads with images or simply to browse through the ads posted by others.

A very short name has been chosen for this free advertising website as it makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to remember its name. It’s not just any short name as the letters H1 is a tag that is used by programmers to usually point out the important headline and the H1Ad aim is to make every ad as important as possible.

sites like craigslist h1ad.com

While not a strictly classified site, h1ad.com has enabled many of its users to buy and sell products more quickly and with more convenience and security than Craigslist.

11. Ksl classifieds

Ksl classifieds is a dedicated classified website for Utah, Idaho and Wyoming regions in the USA. If you are not able to access classified sites like Doublelist or Craigslist, here comes the savior for you.

Moreover, the website is not quite similar to other personal sites, but it’s a good alternative to these popular personal sites.

With Ksl classifieds, you can find and post all the classifieds ranging from furniture to personal care. Also, the website has a huge listing of local service providers.

Looking for the sections, the website has a separate section for seniors where you can find all the services and for senior people of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

12. Giganticlist.com

Giganticlist.com is probably one of the best websites to find and post classified ads about Cars, pets, law services, and insurance providers are examples of categories you can expect to come across on this classified ads site.


sites like craigslist giganticlist.com

Also, this site covers almost all English-speaking countries. They have larger cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Toronto listed on the site, as well as smaller areas with even a population of thousand people, are covered here.

13. Geebo

Founded in the year 2000, Geebo is one of the oldest websites for community classification in the USA. The website is full of classified ads with a huge range and variations.

The website, however, doesn’t recommend the hooks up but still, users have reported it as the best alternative personal site like Doublelist and Craigslist.

There is huge community support for different areas in the United Sted of America from Akron to Winston Salem. Probably the best place to chat with people with the help of community and community forums.

14. Classifiedsfactor.com

Classifiedsfactor.com provides sellers with a few benefits Craigslist lacks. A Craigslist ad in most categories disappears from the site after seven days, although it typically becomes buried deep enough in the search results to become irrelevant long before that.

sites like craigslist classifiedsfactor.com


Started in 2018, the website allows you to post ads for free here! Go ahead and select whether the ad is being posted by a business or by an individual. This step is optional, and this is why you can select the other option.

15. AmericanListed

As the name suggests itself, AmericanListed is the dedicated personal site for the people of the United States of America. Another great contender to Craigslist, the website is full of classified ads featured on the homepage itself.

Free to use classified site, where you can find all the ads related to personal care and personal services as well. You can also, buy luxury cars, real estate deals, kids section products, and for adults as well.

Talking about the interface, the website has huge products and ads listed straight on the homepage itself. You can also select your local area to narrow down the result. The homepage allows you to search for the desired services by providing a dedicated search bar on the homepage itself.

Posting ads on AmericanListed is completed for free. However, it is advised to take precautionary steps before making any deal with others while hiring or buying a product or service on the website.

16. ad.ologames.com

Introduced in 2013, Ologames ads are not only for those interested in games or sports but also for individuals or businesses who wish to list local ads.

sites like craigslist ad.ologames.com

This free classified ads service is available in more than 32 countries including  US, Malaysia, Netherlands, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and other major countries.

17. Locanto

Locanto, is the true alternative to Craigslist and Doublelist, as the website is quite similar to other personal sites. Founded in 2006, Locanto is a worldwide classified network with a huge range of products and services listed.

You can also find some real companions for hookups and personal relationships on the personal section of the website. Like Craigslist the website has a huge range of areas covered including Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and other states of the USA.

Also, the website has a huge database and a network established in more than 18 countries. So, no matter where you are or where you are traveling to Locanto can always help you to meet your personal needs.

18. ads.shopolop.com

The ads section of Shoplop is the place to be if you’re in the market to sell or buy local goods or services. It is different than our online shopping site as you directly deal with sellers if you’re a buyer. As for the sellers, of course, you can directly communicate with potential buyers through the site. Go ahead and start buying or selling products and services right now!

sites like craigslist ads.shopolop.com

Shoplop has over 80 million community members across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, with over 200 million sale items. The advanced filter feature allows users to search for the desired services and products on the go by shortlisting the ads in terms of location, price and service. Also, the website is completely free to post unlimited ads.

19. ads.digitalmarketinghints.com

Digitalmarketinghints.com is the place to be if you’re in the market to buy or sell local items. It’s also a great place to be if you’re planning to promote your business. We have kept the categories and subcategories simple so that posting or finding ads can be done seamlessly. For posting an ad, select the publish and ad button from the top right corner. Select one of the categories or use the search bar to browse through the ads. Go ahead, and check it out.

What is Craigslist?

The original Craigslist website was started as an email distribution service focused on local events and happenings around.

Craigslist is a free classified advertisement website to provides a devoted service for Jobs, Sales, resumes, gigs and many more. The service was started in 1995 and later it became quite popular in America.

Later in the year 2000, it was expanded into other classified services and categories.  In March 2008 Craigslist was expanded to other non-English countries, Spanish, French Italian and other international languages.

After the expansion and the observation of the popularity of the website the funder of Craigslist decided to expand the services to other services and thus the Craigslist personal was introduced.

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Craigslist Categories

Craigslist has other several classified portals and services around the world, below is the list of all international craigslist.org online classifieds sites.

Craigslist Personal

In the earlier year of Craigslist, the founder Craig Newmark observed that people are using the portal for non-event purposes as well.

The mouth publicity and flexibility of the website made it quite popular and the Craigslist was getting subscribers faster and faster.

The non-event email posting and the demands by Craigslist subscribers to add more section with jobs was in demand.

The demand for the addition of extra categories on the website led the founder to create a separate Craigslist website for adults. Later this adult Craigslist was called Craigslist Personal.

With all this, the founder decides to make a similar website for non-event and personal email distributions. In 1996 the new domain was registered “Craigslist.org“.

Craigslist personals have a huge user base of around 2 billion. As per Alexa, the most popular website to rank the websites on the internet, Craigslist holds 11th place in the world (2016).

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Personal Sites Like Craigslist-Final Words:

This was the list of top personal sites like Craigslist. Craigslist is quite popular for classified and other advertisement services. However, Craigslist personnel have been shut down permanently. But still, you can use other alternative sites like Craigslist from the list. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android. While Craigslist, the e-commerce site is still an option, it is easy to find alternatives for anything you might want to buy or sell. And in terms of finding a job, date, or a new roommate, there are safer and easier-to-navigate online alternatives to Craigslist.


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