What is companiondevicemanager? Everything You Need to Know

The CompanionDeviceManager is a service system app on Android devices that is used to run the sync service on the device. This is a factory-installed application on all Android devices that is accountable to run the sync service on mutual companion devices.

Know more about companiondevicemanager on Android. What is it? What is companiondevicemanager used for? Is it safe? Is it possible to uninstall companiondevicemanager from android? Let’s find the answers.

What is companiondevicemanager?

What is companiondevicemanager

The comaniondevicemanager is a pre-installed system app on Android phones runing on Android 8 and later. The app is installed on the device with the package name com.android.companiondevicemanager as a service app.

The Companion Device Manager is responsible for helping your Android to establish a connection via Bluetooth or wifi with the companion devices earbuds, smartwatches, PC or smart TV  to fetch and sync realtime data.

Other Info about Companion Device Manager

  • App Name: Companion Device Manager
  • Package Name: com.android.companiondevicemanager
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Version: Android 8+
  • Safe to Remove: Yes

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On devices running Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher, companion device pairing performs a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi scan of nearby devices on behalf of your app without requiring the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION or BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission. You use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity APIs to establish connections.

What is Companion Device Manager Used for?

The primary use of the companion device manager on Android is to establish a connection with other companion devices and access the settings, data, and media photos on the connected device.

The service connects your Android to another compatible device to form an Android echo system by connecting devices together.

It is quite similar to Apple devices connected together to share data mutually. Here you should not confuse it with the Android device manager.

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Used cases of Companion Device Manager

android use companion manager to connect with smartwatches

Smartwatches: The companion device manager helps you to establish a connection using Bluetooth to your smartwatch and fetch data like step counts, heartbeat monitor, incoming call notifications, music controller etc.

On Samsung Android phones the smartwatch and wearable devices are controlled by another system app com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub.

Find Lost Device: Companion Device Manager helps you to manage
any secondary devices that are connected to your device. It helps to find
the location of your phone when you lose the phone, or it gets stolen. You can delete or erase the data stored in it, by accessing remotely.

Share Files: The companion device manager also helps you to share the files and data from one device to another connected device like a Phone link on Windows and Wi-Fi Direct on Android to share data using wireless or wired methods.

Fetch data from the internet: The companion device manager also allows the connected companion device to use the internet on the device and fetch the data.

Now here comes the question what are the companion devices?

What are Companion Devices?

What are Companion Devices
What are Companion Devices?

Most of us have used Bluetooth for listening to music, podcasts, etc, You may have seen the list of connected devices and nearby devices.
Companion device performs the scanning and pairing of the devices.

For performing all these activities, it requires a parent device which is a smartphone most of the time. If your smartphone has Companin device pairing it pairs nearby devices for you without requiring permission of ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION.

It helps for a better user experience. It secures the data and protects sensitive information. Most of the time compassion device pairing is also used for sharing files, and data from one device to another.

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How to use Companion Device Manager?

How to use Companion Device Manager
How to use Companion Device Manager

You can use Companion Device Manager to connect your Android to any companion device using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB cable. Of course, the CDM app can be downloaded from Play Store.

Once you have the app installed on your Android. Connect the device using any of the methods, Bluetooth, Wifi or USB cable. Follow the steps further;

  1. Open the Companion Device Manager app on the device.
  2. Tap on ‘Add Device’ option. This will display all the available devices ready to connect.
  3. Tap on the device you wish to connect as a companion device.

Now you can use the connected device to control your Android, share files and data and etc depending on the functionality of the connected devices.

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Benefits of Companion Device Manager

Benefits of Companion Device Manager

The primary benefit of using the Companion Device Manager on Android is that it doesn’t require location permission to access the real-time location data on the device. This can be helpful on many factors like;


Privacy as we are concerned about nowadays. The companion device manager allows you to use the connected device without granting the location permission. This gives you an edge when you have lost your device.

No Restrictions:

You can use data if you want, without any restriction or need for permission. It improves the accessibility, and efficiency of the device for the user.

Easy User Experience:

With CDM it is easy to access and manage the connected device all together with a simple click or tap. This gives you control over the connected device.

No Permission Required:

The companion device manager maintains all the work like granting permissions and restricting permission which decreases the physical work by the user.

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Reasons to use Companion Device Manager

Unlock Phone Remotely:

You can use a connected companion device to control or unlock your Android remotely which allows you extra control over the device.

Transfer Data:

You can use it to transfer data from or to your Android device with the connected device using wifi or Bluetooth.

Access Internet on a connected device:

The Internet of one device can be used in another device which saves data costs for the user. If you have internet access to one device it can be shared with your permission.

Track Phone:

The devices connected using the companion device manager can be used to track the phones and devices remotely. This can be useful when you lose your phone or it’s stolen.

Erase Phone Data:

It also allows the user to remove or delete the data remotely using the connected device even if the phone is not in reach.

Retrieve Data:

It can be useful to retrieve the data in case of physical damage to the device.

Is it Safe?

Com.android.companiondevicemanager is a system app developed by Google that allows users to manage their companion devices seamlessly. The app can generally considered safe to use.

It goes through rigorous testing and security checks before being released on your device. However, like any other app or service, there may still be some potential risks.

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Can I remove Companion Device Manager?

Yes, it is easy to remove Companion Device Manager from your Android. But, removing the app may cause some functionality issues on the device especially while connecting to other devices.

Still, if you find an issue like fast battery drain or not using it with another companion device You can simply remove or uninstall it from your Android.

Disabling this service may prevent certain apps from functioning correctly. For example, if you rely on a smartwatch app that relies on a companion device for synchronization and data transfer, removing it could render the app useless.

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How to Uninstall com android companiondevicemanager?

The process of uninstalling com.android.companiondevicemanager can be completed in a few simple steps.

On Android 9 and Earlier

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Locate “System Apps” or “Applications.”
  3. Find com.android.companiondevicemanager and click on it.
  4. Scroll down and click on “Uninstall”.

On Android 11 and Later

  1. Open Settings on Android.
  2. Tap on Applications
  3. Tap on “Show All Apps”
  4. Find and tap on com.android.companiondevicemanager
  5. Here tap on Uninstall option to remove it.

Reason for Disabling Companion Device Manager

The primary reason to disable the companion device manager from your Android is privacy concerns that can be classified as different factors like;

Bluetooth Connection: The companion device manager auto-connects with the paired Bluetooth device without any prior notification. This can be a huge risk as it gives the access of your device to the connected device.

The owner of the device can control your Android without your acknowledgment.

Data Transfer: Devices connected to your Android using a companion device manager can easily access or transfer the data stored on your device. This can really be a privacy concern if your device is connected to a PC.

Device Tracking: You can easily track your Android using a companion device like Smartwatch or tags, this is helpful to track your device but can also put your privacy at risk as it can be used to track your device by an imposter as well.

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Troubleshooting common issues

Restart your Android:

Clear the Cache:

Re-install CDM:


Final Words:

The Device Companion Mamager is a service app on Android pre-installed on the device with the package name com.android.companiondevicemanager. The app is accountable for connecting your Android with another companion device to control the device and share the data across the devices using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct or USB wire.

The app is easy to uninstall but removing it may affect some functionality on the device. Also, the companion device manager can also be a risk to your data as it allows your device to be controlled using the connected device without any prior notification.



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