What is mobile services manager? Everything You Need To Know

Mobile services manager, as the name suggests itself, it’s a service on your android device used to manage the services running on the device. This article explains all about mobile services manager on android. What is mobile services manager? What is the usage of mobile services manager on Android devices?

We shall also explore the permissions and significance of mobile services manager. Is it a virus? Is it possible to remove or disable it?  Let’s dig out the answers.

Mobile Services Manager App- An overview

what is Mobile Services Manager app android
Mobile Services Manager App

Mobile services manager is a system app on all Android devices pre-installed by the vendor that is accountable for installation and auto-update of the apps on android.

However, this is not an essential app that can be disabled easily. The Mobile services manager app is often used by manufacturers like Samsung with T-mobile vendors to promote and install unwanted apps.

The Mobile services manager keeps running in the background monitoring the apps for installation and updating.

The service app uses lots of mobile data for fetching and sync the data from the app server and android device.

What is the function of Mobile services manager?

Mobile manufacturers like AT&T, Verizon, as well as Vodafone and T-Mobile are well known for installing mobile services manager app on your Android device.

The only motto of installing the app is to promote sponsored applications which are quite annoying.

The basic function of the mobile services Manager app on your Android device is to monitor the installation and updating of the installed app on the device by syncing the app data from the app server.

There are other basic functions of mobile services Manager app which are as follows;

  1. It controls some settings without the user’s knowledge and consent
  2. It downloads and installs some apps without your knowledge
  3. In automatically updates some apps without the user’s knowledge
  4. It gains access to the Android device without the user’s knowledge

Moreover, you can consider it as bloatware that keeps running in the background eating up your mobiles data, battery, and other resources.

It may also interfere with the normal installation of your app and send your phone to optimizing App loop error.

What are the benefits of mobile services manager?

Like other several apps, mobile services manager has it’s own significance and benefits.

Imagine having a phone without the Play Store app or google play service keep stopping? You would have to install it first before installing other applications, isn’t that boring?

At least we saw the benefit of the app; we use the Play Store courtesy of the very mobile services manager. Nonetheless, after installation of the Play Store, you don’t need mobile service management, and you can delete it whenever you wish.

What are the Problems linked with Mobile Services Manager?

Android phones are well known for installing tons of apps as stock or factory apps on the device. Besides the usability, the apps also have some significant drawbacks. Like other system apps on your android pre-installed mobile services manager app too has some negative points you must be aware of.

Here are some problems with the mobile services manager app;

  • Memory consumption
  • Cellular data consumption
  • Battery draining
  • Slowing down the device

Can I Disable Mobile Services Manager?

Unlike other system apps like MCM Client and MDM Client, it is possible to disable the Mobile services manager on android without affecting the normal operation of the device.

However, it depends on the personal preferences of the user if they want to keep it enabled or disable it completely.

Disabling mobile services managers may cause minor annoyances, as well as update unwanted apps, it is best for some to remove it from the device altogether.

Is it safe to disable Mobile Services Manager app?

As long as the important apps that come with the mobile services manager are already installed, you don’t need it anymore. As such, you may choose to disable it.

Some Android devices may actually slow down or have a few issues after disabling the mobile services manager app.

How To Remove Mobile Service Manager?

Removing the Mobile Service Manager may not be allowed on your Android. As some of the vendors tend to lock it from user access. But still, you can disable it permanently to restrict it from using the mobile data, battery, and RAM.

Here are the steps to disable Mobile Service Manager on Android

  1. Go to Settings on android mobile and tablet
  2. Open app drawer or app manager.
  3. Locate Mobile Service Manager(DT IGNITE on some carriers) and tap to open.
  4. Here tap on Disable.
  5. You can also tap on uninstall if available.

This will disable or uninstall the Mobile service manager on your android as per the action selected by the users. However, Users have reported encountering a pop-up saying “basic features of your device may no longer function as intended.” while disabling it.

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In such here is the alternate method to disable the MSM.

  1. Go to Android settings
  2. Open app drawer or app manager.
  3. Tap on three vertical dots in the upper right corner to open the menu.
  4. Here select the show system apps option.
  5. Now locate “DT IGNITE”, or “Mobile Systems Manager” and tap to open.
  6. Disable or uninstall as per the available options.

Is Android Mobile Manager safe?

Yes, Android Mobile Manager is completely safe and does not contain any malware or spyware itself.

But, some vendors use it to install promoted or sponsored apps on your device without consent. Also, it keeps running in the background which may affect the battery life and mobile data on the device.

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Is it OK to disable built-in apps on Android?

All the system apps installed on android have their own usage and significance.

So, disabling or removing the built-in apps on android depends on the usability of the app.

Disabling some system apps may affect the normal operation of the android system, While removing some system apps may not cause any error.

Also. it is not possible to remove or disable all system apps on android. Here is the list of system apps you can remove without affecting the android operation.

What is SIM Toolkit on my phone?

The SIM Toolkit is a stand-alone app found on Android devices only.  The SIM Toolkit app is the control center of the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker. After applying the SIM Sticker to your SIM card and putting it back into your phone, the SIM Toolkit will be available in your Apps Menu.


Final Words:

This was a complete guide to the Mobile services manager app on android. It is a system app that is used to monitor and update apps on android. Also, the mobile manufacturer uses it to install sponsored apps on your android without consent. It is a good idea to disable or uninstall the Mobile services manager app as it keeps running in the background and using battery and mobile data continuously. Also, don’t forget to visit the About section to know more about apps and services on Android.


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