What is MDMApp on Android? Com.samsung.android.mdm Package

MDMApp or Mobile device Management App is a pre-installed system app software on Android accountable to let administrators monitor, manage, audit, and secure corporate data on devices.

What is MDMApp on Android? How does it work? What permission do MDMApp has on your Samsung smartphone and how MDMApp is incorporated with Samsung Knox and KLM agent? Know all about MDMApp on Samsung Android phones.

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What is MDMApp on Android?

What is MDMapp in Samsung?

MDMApp or Advanced Mobile Device Management App software is a safety administration app for Samsung devices that allows you to manage, monitor, share data, and is in charge of the security levels of your devices, without taking in mind their phone carrier.

MDM works with another security architecture MCM Client(Mobile Content Management) on your Android device like Sprint which helps you to access the documents and media files to android via a secure authentication system.

Mdmapp can help and back up all other important information available on the phone. This app can sync with all of them and that is one of the things that make it very useful in the phone system it is running.

When apps are installed in the system and which need to be managed. All of these can run an MDM app that can be synced to these Android apps. It is obvious that this app is indispensable to your system.

  • Name: MDM App
  • Pacakge: com.samsung.android.mdm
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics.

What is the use of MDM App on Android?

The MDM app agent is an Advanced Mobile Device Management on Samsung device(com.samsung.android.mdm) like ELM Agent used the install the apps, keep track of installed apps, sync files, data report and access them remotely under certain management.

The basic use of MDM client on Android is to provide a secure database to let the apps and users access the files, data and device-related information.

Later an agent like MCM can access the data stored on the database via connecting the device using USB, Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, or any other way of transmitting data, then MDM will be able to take control of the device.

Here are some functionality of MDM App on Android

  • Installation of apps.
  • File Synchronisation.
  • Function lock.
  • Satellite tracking.
  • Function lock.
  • Apply passwords.
  • Data deletion remotely.

Why do they Install MDM app on Android?

The basic purpose of MDM app on Android is to allow the IT administrators to control, secure and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets and other endpoints.

Is MDM App Essential for Android?

MDM client software architect is used by corporates to access and manage and control the device across the network. The MDM architecture makes it easy for the IT department of the company to track and access the device remotely.

No, MDM is not an essential app for your Android until you are not using a corporate Android phone with a UICC locked connection with Sprint or T-mobile.

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What permission does MDM have on the device?

Talking of permission for MDM is pretty dependent on the usage and access required by the remote client. On some devices, the permission may be limited to a background process and mobile data while on the other device it may also include the phone and device access permission as well.

Here is the list of access permission MCM app has on a device.

  • Camera.
  • Contacts.
  • Location.
  • Storage.
  • Telephone (Require the IMEI, MEID, and serial number of your phone).
  • Turn on screen calling.

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How to Uninstall MDM app?

In spite of the fact, the MDM is a pre-installed app on the device with a package name com.samsung.android.mdm. But, this is a paid app installed by corporates and can be easily uninstalled by using simple methods as below.

  • Open Settings on an Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Open the vertical ellipsis menu and select “Show system Apps” at the top right corner.
  • Find MDM app and tap to open it.
  • Tap Uninstall to remove the app.
  • Go back and restart the device.

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What is MDM tool?

Unleash the potential of data, applications, and processes. Talend Master Data Management (MDM) tools unify all data—from customers to products to suppliers and beyond—into a single, actionable “version of the truth.” Turn your master data into business value with one solution.

Final Words:

This was a detailed explanation of MDMApp on Android. The MDM is basically a remote file and settings management architecture for Andriod devices that allows the corporates to access the connected devices across the network remotely.

This helps the corporates to access controls and modify the data and setting on the device remotely.

This paid app is pre-installed on Samsung(package name-com.samsung.android.mdm) devices but is not essential to run the device. Hence you can easily modify or remove the app.

For more information about the apps, services and settings on your Android smartphone make sure to browse the ABOUT section.



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