: What is it? Details and Troubleshoot

What is on my Android?

“The application (process has stopped unexpectedly” is the message you might get when you are using a non-rooted Android phone and the services or apps related to Google play store get removed, uninstalled, or corrupted accidentally.

While on a rooted android phone, the error might occur when the GoogleApps are corrupt. But, what is “”. What does it mean in android terminology and how to fix the error caused by Let’s dig out the answers.

What is

What is COM Android vending?

The COM Android vending helps Google services to identify the information related to the apps on Android downloaded from Google play store.

COM Android vending or is a system service app on Android devices that helps google play store to identify the vendors of the apps on the Google play store. It is a pre-installed app on Android devices that keeps running in the background.

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What is Used For? is the package file of the Google Play Store which is mainly used for downloading apps, games and other content on Android devices but is also required to install applications downloaded from the Play Store, check if an app is supported by the Android device, safe transactions in apps, in-app billing purchases, automatic bill purchases using the linked credit card or debit card.

When you use Google Play Store or while it is running in the background, the activity will appear inside Google My Activity as “used”

What is android vending download service?

Android vending download_service is used to download new updates from the Google Play Store when those are available. But this bug causes high usage of CPU all the time without even downloading anything/ when the new update is not offered

Why I Get “ has stopped” Error?

There are several reasons that may cause the com android vending to show up the error. Here is a list of some possible causes why the com android vending has stopped issue occurs;

1. Accidentally uninstalled the Google Play store data:

This is one of the basic reasons that may cause the occurrence of has stopped error on Android. Google Play Store requires storing some data on the phone essential to run the app. An improper routing process or corrupt internal storage can Trigger the deletion of Google Play Store data.

2. The Google Play Store server error

A Google play store server error can also keep the COM Android vending from the server and hence show the error. Follow the steps here to fix the Play store server error.

3. Corrupt Google Apps Packages

If the Google Play Store app has gone haywire and is not working properly, it can cause your phone to show the aforementioned error on your screen.

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What errors do?

The moment you get the has stopped error, you will no longer be able to download anything on your Android smartphone. The error withheld the ability to download any app from Google Play Store.

Unlike any other errors on Android phones, the error is more vital and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. As without fixing the error, you won’t be able to either download a new app or update installed app on your smartphone.

But before you hit the troubleshoot section try these steps first;

  • Make sure your device is charged up to 70 to 80%
  • Take a full backup of your data header on an external storage or cloud backup in order to avoid any data loss.
  • Force restart your smartphone several times to see if it can resolve the error.

Once you are ready with the steps above it’s time to explore the methods to fix the error caused by process

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How to fix “process has stopped unexpectedly“?

“process has stopped unexpectedly“ will show up every time you try to access Google Play Store on your phone on a non-rooted device. But in the case of a rooted device, the problem is completely related to the Gapps package which you install on your smartphone.

Follow the methods here to fix the problem and stop com android vending from not letting you access the Google Play Store without showing any error.

1. Uninstall Updates in Google Play App

  1. Open Settings on Android.
  2. Go to Apps & notifications.
  3. Open Google Play Store.
  4. Tap on the three dots at the top-right corner and choose Uninstall updates.

2. Clear Google Play App Cache and Data

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Tap on Storage and then
  3. Tap on both Clear Storage and Clear Cache one by one.

3. Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode

Cache partition on Android is used to store the temporary data from the apps. A corrupt cache data can also lead to the to show the anomalies.

You can try the recovery mode to clean the cache partition

  1. Switch off your Android
  2. Press and hold Volume up key and Power key together until you see the Android logo.
  3. Release the power button and wait for the Recovery screen.
  4. Here navigate to ‘Wipe Cache partition‘ using volume key.
  5. Press the power key to select clean Cache partition.
  6. Reboot the Android.

4. Flash the gapps .zip File Again (For Rooted Device)

Another working method to fix the error on android is to re-flash the Gapps files on your device.

  1. Download the Gapps package to your Android phone.
    Reboot device into recovery mode.
  2. Tap on install zip from sdcard and select the Gapps file to be flashed on your device.

Remember, the method works for rooted android devices only.

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Is it safe to delete is an essential service app on your Android and tends to keep running in the background. It is not possible to remove or disable it.

Also, disabling or removing the from android may break the software on Android and makes it impossible to use any app further.

It is better to forget the idea to get rid of Android vending. As it is one of the essential services on android and should be kept running in the background.

However, if the frequent pop-up “The application (process has stopped unexpectedly” motivates you to look for a method to remove it. Then it’s always the best idea to get it fixed.

How To Uninstall System Apps On Android (With and Without Root)

Can I install Google Play Store APK?

Yes, you can find the Google Play store APK file from any other third-party app store and install in on your android manually. This comes handy when there is a bug in the latest Play store version that may cause your device to behave weirdly. Follow the guide here: Download Google Play Store for PC: Install Google Play Store Apps on a PC

Final Words:

process on Android is a system process accountable to help Google play store to identify and verify the vendor of the app. Any anomaly with the process keeps the Google play store from opening and you might find it impossible to install or update any app on android. You can follow the methods explained here to fix the errors associated with Also, don’t forget to check the About section to know about android apps and processes.

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