What is Android Cache Partition, How to Clean Cache Partition to Increase Android performance

Learn to clear Android cache Partition using recovery Settings. Wipe Android Cache to boost the memory and free up Android Internal storage. Wipe Android Cache partition to boost the Android Speed. This is a common trick that works for almost every make and version of Android including lollipop, oreo, pie.


Clearing Android Cache data or wipe cache partition is a good practice every Android user should use. Clear cache data not only boost usability and stability but it can also help your Android battery to stay longer.

There is a common myth that wiping Cache partition will also wipe all existing data from Android. But, clear Android cache doesn’t delete any user data from Android.

Rather it cleans the temporary cache data which are been created by your Android system and App in order to run smoothly.

In this article, we shall discuss Android Cache data, How to Wipe Android Cache data and what are the advantages of wiping Android Cache data.

What is Android Cache

A cache data is temporary created data that is used by your Android system to run the frequent apps and features smoothly. Let’s understand this with an example, Suppose you are running a color shop.

You have a huge storeroom where you store all your color. Now, a customer comes and asks for a box of yellow color.

To give him the yellow color you get up from your seat, go to the storeroom, find the yellow color and give it to the customer. Right! Now, let’s make it more interesting.

Imagine this, as soon you sit back on your seat, another customer comes around and he also asks for a box of yellow color.

Now, you need to follow the same procedure by getting up from the seat, going to the store, finding the Yellow color, and finally delivering it to the customer.

Now, What will you do if there another customer comes and ask for a box of yellow color?.

Assuming that yellow color is the most demanded color. The only solution is to keep some spare boxes of yellow color near your seat so, next time a customer asks for a yellow color you can directly deliver it to the customer without doing much physical activity.

Now, imagine the same with your Android app. When the Android system detects the user is opening the same app again and again, It starts to store the data on a temporary location easy to access and this temporary location is called cache Partition.

This cache partition locates on your Android internal storage. With time this cache gets full of data and as there is limited storage assigned to the Android cache partition.

Now when the cache partition is full, the Android system is unable to store new data and this makes your phone unstable while using the app.

How to Clear Android Cache Partition

There are two methods to clear Android Cache Partition.

  • clear Android Cache Data using System Setting.
  • Wipe Android Cache Partition using the recovery menu.

1. Clear Android Cache Partition using Settings

  1. This is a simple method to clear Android cache data to boost your Android performance and app. Follow the steps below to clear Android Cache data:
  2. Go to setting and tap on storage
  3. Under the storage menu, you can see the used cache size of your Android
  4. Tap on the Cache data
  5. Select ok to confirm the action to clear Android Cache partition.
clear Android Cache Partition using Settings
Clear Android Cache Partition using Settings

2. Clear Android Cache Partition using Recovery mode

This method requires you to boot Android in Recovery mode. This method is called  ‘wipe cache partition. Follow the steps below to clear Android cache partition using recovery tool,

  1. Switch off your Android
  2. Press and hold Volume up key and Power key together until you see the Android logo.
  3. Release the power button and wait for the Recovery screen.
  4. Here navigate to ‘Wipe Cache partition‘ using volume key.
  5. Press the power key to select clean Cache partition.
  6. Reboot the Android.
Clear Android Cache Partition using Recovery mode
Clear Android Cache Partition using Recovery mode

All the temporary data on Cache partition of the Android device will be wiped and the Android system is ready to store new data to the cache.

Advantages of Cleaning Android Cache Partition

The main advantage of cleaning Android cache data is speed performance. A clear cache partition can improve your app stability. This allows the app to use the cache to store temporary files on the cache storage which decreases the dependency of your App to RAM.

You will find a significant difference in battery performance and the overall performance of your Android device. If you are facing any update fail error on Android mobile, cleaning the cache can solve the issue permanently. Wiping the Android cache partition can also help you to resolve IMS error on Samsung mobile.

Clear cache partition Samsung: Final Words

Clearing cache partition on Android phones helps you to restore the old performance of your Android phone and apps as well. Cache partition stores temporary data, cookies and temporary files useful to run the apps smoothly.

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