What is com.sec.android.daemonapp? Unified Daemon app vs Services

Unified daemon app or com.sec.android.daemonapp is a background app package on Samsung Android and to help other apps to uses resources on Android phone like internet data, widget etc. People often compare daemon app with services. Learn all about com.sec.android.daemonapp and how is it different from services.

What is com.sec.android.daemonapp?

What is com.sec.android.daemonapp?

So, you are now pretty much aware of the term daemonapp. But the question still remains the same ‘What is com.sec.android.daemonapp?’.

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com.sec.android.daemonapp is an app package or app on Samsung Android devices that help your Android to propagate the data for widgets like, weather app, stopwatch, Camera, stock updates etc.

The app package keeps running in the background of  Samsung Android mobiles and helps these apps to use the resources to keep running.


What is an UnifiedDaemon App on Android?

The Unified Daemon application is a support provider app package on Samsung Android for several Android apps on your mobile.

Apps like Weather, News, Yahoo Finance are the name of a few apps that uses the UnifiedDaemon App to use the resource on Android.

Other examples of a daemon app on Android are OsuLogin, com.samsung.unifiedtp or gsiff_daemon etc.

Can I Stop Unified Daemon App?

Unified Daemon App on Android has nothing to do with user data and privacy. The package stays in the background and uses cellular data when called by related apps.


Stopping Unified DaemonApp on Android may cause some errors while running certain apps on your mobile.

It’s recommended to reduce the refresh rate of the apps like weather widgets, news, etc to reduce the execution and usage of mobile resources by Unified Daemon App

Uninstalling the Daemon App on Samsung devices is not possible without root.

However, you can always disable the data usage and restrict it to ‘wifi only’ mode in order to save your expansive cellular data.

Meanwhile, if you are still not convinced and want to get rid of the Unified Daemon App, you can always disable it by following the steps below;

How to Disable Unified Daemon App?

Disabling the Unified Daemon App will stop all the apps and services on Android associated with it. Follow the steps to disable the Unified Daemon App on Samsung.


To Disable Unified Daemon App

  1. Open settings on Android
  2. Go to Application Manager
  3. Scroll down the list and find ‘Unified Daemon App’
  4. Tap to open the app settings.
  5. Here tap on the ‘Disable’ button to disable the Unified Daemon App permanently.


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Is com sec android daemonapp harmful?

com sec android daemonapp is completely safe and doesn’t contain any malware or spyware. But, if you are on a paid data plan then chances are the app may cost you more as it is data-intensive system app.

What is Daemonapp?

“daemon” is a process that runs in the background without owning a GUI. Services are usually daemons, and daemons are typically considered services.

However, the exact difference between services and daemons is blurred.

In general, they can be considered the same entity. However, some people use “daemon” to refer to a piece of software and “service” to refer to the actions and APIs offered by a daemon.

A typical example of a daemonapp is KLMS agent which helps KNOX security to keep running in the background.

What is Services?

Unlike daemonapp which keeps running in the background and helps other apps to use other resources like camera, mobile data, wifi, and screen widgets, services on Android phone is a program or app package that responds to the calls of other apps or programs over some inter-process transmissions.

The com.wssyncmldm and com.samsung.android.incallui are the perfect example of app services on Samsung Android.


Difference between Service and Daemon

The term service on Android refers to software operating in the background on the device’s operating system.

Unified Daemon does not exploit Graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and it responds to signals from other programs on issues involving inter-process transmission tools. It can be said to be what the server renders.

Daemon is a background app that runs without communicating with other programs and, as such, is known as a non-interactive program.

There is an interrelation between services and Daemon since sometimes these terms are used interchangeably and are of the same entity.

Here is the comparative data to understand the basic difference between Service and Daemon.

As the name suggests itself services on android are accountable when called by the app to perform some inter-process transmission task, mainly overhead an interface. Deamon app is a non-interactive program on android most likely to run in background without interrupting the normal functions of device

Can I uninstall the com sec android daemonapp?

No, You cannot uninstall com sec android daemonapp from android as there is no suttle way or option to do so. It can only be removed or uninstalled by rooting the device.

How To Fix com.sec.android.daemonapp Has Stopped Working?

This error is quite common on Android devices often causes by corrupt cache data or force package malfunction. It can be not very pleasant with constant messages on the screen. Fortunately, we bring various methods to fix com.sec.android.daemonapp has stopped working.

  1. Open settings on Android
  2. Go to Application Manager
  3. Scroll down the list and find ‘Unified Daemon App’
  4. Tap to open the app settings.
  5. Here tap on ‘Force Stop’ and then ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Clear data’ options.
  6. Restart the device.


What is SEC Android Daemonapp?

sec. android. daemonapp is a package of Unified Daemon, a system application by Samsung designed to supply the support system for Weather, Stock, and News app. Unified Daemon shows data usage from Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and accuweather.com

What are Android daemons?

A “daemon” is a process that runs in the background without owning a GUI. Services are usually daemons, and daemons are typically considered services.

What is COM SEC Android camera used for?

The sec is an acronym for Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. It’s a program module (“app”) that manages camera settings. Don’t delete it or disable it, or your camera will stop working.


com.sec.android.daemonapp is a supporting app package for some apps like weather, widgets, and clocks on Samsung Android mobiles. The package acts as a supporting agent to help the apps to update the real-time data by using mobile or wifi data.

Removing or disabling com.sec.android.daemonapp can cause some error while running such apps on Android but, still it is possible to disable com.sec.android.daemonapp easily without any root access. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.



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