What is com.android.server.telecom and How is it used?

The Android telecom server is also known as com.android.server.telecom is responsible for managing calls on an Android device including SIM, VIOP, SIP, and others. But, what is com.android.server.telecom, and how does it function? Let’s know a bit about Android telecom management.

What is com.android.server.telecom?

com.android.telecom Server is used to initiate and manage the calls on Android mobile and device ranging from SIM-based calls including VoIP using SIP.


What is com.android.server.telecom used for?

com.android.server.telecom is used to make calls using VoIP and SIM-based audio and video calls. It helps users to manage calls with Android GUI-com.samsung.android.incallui. Once the call has been placed the com.android.server.telecom used the Android framework to initiate the calls with help of the SIM-card module to establish the connection. The in call settings are handled by another system app called com.Samsung.android.app.telephonyui.

Functions of com.android.server.telecom

Besides, there are several other functions supported by com.android.server.telecom. Here is the list of all the functions.

functions of com.android.server.telecom


com.android.server.telecom is accountable for handling the calls functions on Android. It handles all the incoming and outgoing call tasks GUI to display a notification in the form of a graphical user interface on the Android screen.

Call Details:

Another important function of com.android.server.telecom is to maintain call details on Android. It displays all the call-related logs like callers’ names and numbers by fetching the data from an Android database including the phonebook and internet database.

Call Recall:

This function holds all the RTT information for the call. RTT information is like the route of the call and the rerouting of the call. It handles all the network-related data for the call.


com.android.server.telecom is also responsible for handling all the in-call audio features like calling audio status. Check if the call is muted, and incoming and outgoing call voice is working properly. Ii also holds control over call recordings as well.


The CallRedirectionService function of com.android.server.telecom is responsible for call redirections like call diverts that work with RTT. The function keeps a record of all re-directions and call diversions.


All the call filter or call screening service is controlled by this function com.android.server.telecom. It comes into action before the call is fetched to the mobile screen. The basic purpose is to check if the incoming call is on the block list, if yes, the call is rejected automatically.

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This function is accountable for pretty much as the name suggests itself. It holds all the information related to conference calls.

The number of people connected to the conference, the name or numbers, maintaining the call log, maintaining the audio etc. The service is also responsible for maintaining a conference call via a conference call app as well.

How to conference calls on Android?


This function comes to the surface to ensure the connection established of calls. It ensures the calls to be connected and later fetch in call-related information like log etc.


This function ensures the connection status of the video call over VoIP or VoLTE network on the Android device.


As the name suggests itself, the basic function DisconnectCause module is to check and fetch the details after the call is disconnected. This includes the network error, or after-call logs, etc. Basically, it holds all the details about a disconnected call status to check whether a call is disconnected due to poor network, network establishment error or network state error etc.


The function plays a vital role before and after the call is connected. It holds all the information before a call is placed and after the call is disconnected on Android. Fetching the calls on-screen, maintaining logs etc. In short, this is the major function of com.android.server.telecom on Android.


This function is accountable for all the information related to the call account. All the information about a calling account like VoIP detail, SIP account Detail, type of network used to make calls etc are maintained by PhoneAccount function of com.android.server.telecom. This included the SIM card details, network mode used, including third-party apps as well.


All the symbols and notifications you see on your Android screen while making, or receiving a call are controlled by this function. It ensures to notify the user about all the in-call actions like call hold, call mute, conference calls etc.


This function is responsible for all video call-related details. The account is used to make the video call, fetch the call log for video calls, maintain video calls profile etc. It also ensures the status of calls to notify the user if the video call is possible on the dialed number.


All the in-video call functions are controlled by VideoProfile.CameraCapabilities. Basically, it has to maintain a record of the camera settings, camera quality, and other camera details about a video call on ANdroid. It also ensures the working status of the camera during a video call and fetches a detail later.

Can I uninstall com.android.server.telecom ?

You can’t uninstall com.android.server.telecom as it’s one of the essential system service app on your android. Removing the app will keep you from making a phone and VoIP calls.


What is the difference between Android InCallUI and Android server telecom?

The Android InCallUI is a Graphics user interface that functions with the app package android.incallui to help users to perform call-related tasks. While Android server telecom is a framework that places the calls using SIM card module via VoIP or standard VoLTE network.

What is the InCallUI app?

As the name suggests itself, the InCallUI app on Android helps users to perform call-related tasks by providing GUI. read more here: android.incallui. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.


com.android.server.telecom is a core function of Android device that controls all the functions related to calls including video calls, audio calls, calls quality, connection, network information, call account, and many more. This works with the Android telecom server to ensure all the in-call and after-call logs and service.