What is AppLinker on Android? – Explained

AppLinker is a pre-installed system app on Samsung Android device accountable to open the websites or URL directly from the app using Android system web view. The package name for AppLinker is com.sec.android.app.applinker. Know more about AppLinker. What is it? What is AppLinker used for? How to uninstall it? Is AppLinker Safe? Let’s find the answers.

What is Applinker-Android?
What is Applinker?

What is AppLinker?

AppLinker is a factory-installed system app installed on Samsung Android devices that helps users to open a website URL directly from app.

Samsung Android phones are full of bloatware, daemon services and System apps. Some of them are essential while others are just a bug. The system apps on Samsung devices can be identified as the prefix “sec” in the package name(eg: com.sec.epdg, com.sec.bcservice, com.sec.android.app.popupcalculator, etc.)

The app uses the default web view on the device, System web view, to open the link within the app without looking for a browser.

Android System WebView is a web browser engine built into the Google Chrome browser that allows Android apps to open a Website and display Web content directly from the app.

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What does AppLinker do?

The basic function of Applinker is to connect the in-app URL using the system webview on the same interface without leaving the app. For example, if you click on a URL link in an app like Telegram, the URL will be opened on Telegram itself rather than opening the browser on your device.

The application is installed under the package ID com.sec.android.app.applinker. This is a system app and you cannot locate it under the app drawer.

What Permission does AppLinker Have?

All the system apps on Samsung require some sort of permission to run the essential services on the device. While Applinker has the following access permission on your device.

  • Phone permission that allows the app to modify phone state, and read phone status and identity.
  • Storage permission allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage and modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

Is Applinker safe?

AppLinker is completely safe as it is a system app. The app is developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. itself for Samsung Andriod Phones.

The app is completely safe and does not contain any virus, malware or spyware. Also, there is no evidence of Applinker containing any malicious codes or Keylogger.

Also, the app doesn’t cause any high battery or resource consumptions like CPU, RAM or storage.

If you are facing high battery usage on the device then you may see the list of bloatware safe to uninstall. Uninstalling them doesn’t needs a root access and the cherry on the cake, removing these apps won’t affect the normal operation of your Samsung phone or tablet.

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Can I Uninstall Applinker?

No, it is not possible to uninstall Applinker from a Samsung device. As this is a built-in app essential to run the in-app URL services.

Also, uninstalling Applinker will keep your app from opening any URL within the app and you will require to select the browser you want to use to open a URL.

How to Uninstall Applinker?

uninstall the Applinker using an Android Debug Bridge(ADB) or System App Remover that requires rooting the device.

1. Using ADB

ADB allows you to bring up a Unix shell so you can issue commands directly on the Android device. You’ll need a Windows PC to use ADB.

  1. Go to Settings > System > About phone.
  2. Tap on the Build number 7 times to activate Developer Options.
  3. Go back to the main Settings menu and tap on Developer Options to open it.
  4. Enable USB debugging by tapping on it.
  5. Download ADB on your PC.
  6. Extract the ZIP file into a folder.
  7. After extracting the ZIP file, open that folder.
  8. Press and hold the shift button and right-click in a blank area.
  9. Click on “Open Powershell window here.
  10.  Enter the command
    adb devices.
  11. Connect your Android device to the PC using a USB data cable and set the USB mode as File Transfer.
  12. You will receive a USB debugging notification on your phone, tap on OK to allow debugging access.
  13. Re-enter the command
    adb devices.
  14. You should now see the Serial number of your device on the Powershell window.
  15. Run the command
    adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.sec.android.app.applinker
  16. Wait for a few seconds. You’ll notice the app has been uninstalled from your device.

2. Using System App Remover

This method requires you to root to your Android device. After gaining root access follow the steps below to uninstall this system app.

  1. Download and install the System App Remover application.
  2. Launch the application, search for Applinker and select this app by tapping on the checkbox next to it.
  3. Tap the “Uninstall” button to completely remove the app from your device.

What is Imslogger app on Android?

IMSLogger is a pre-installed system app on your Samsung that helps the SMS apps to sync the messages on the device. The app is also known as imslogger+ on modern Samsung phones.

What is Scpm client on my Android?

SCPM client or Smart Certified Project Manager is a kernel app package on Android. enforcing the device power administration policies. The client operates along with a Smart Manager on your Android to optimize the power usage of the device.


Final Words:

AppLinker is a pre-installed system app on Samsung Android devices accountable to open websites or URLs directly from the app using the Android system web view. The package name for AppLinker is com.sec.android.app.applinker. The app is completely safe and doesn’t contain any viruses or malware. Uninstalling AppLiker requires root access. navigate About section to know more about other system apps on Samsung.