What is KLMS agent on Samsung Phones: All about Knox Security

KLMS agent or KNOX is a security system introduced to Samsung Android phones is an advanced security layer to protect the user’s privacy and data. If you are confused about KLMS agent or KNOX security system, here is the complete Knox guide book you can read to understand all about KLMS.

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Secured by KNOX Security Samsung
All the ELM, Knox and KLMS apps can be frozen if your company doesn’t require you to use them (which means most companies – since they don’t have any idea what Knox is, wouldn’t pay to use it if they did [and they have to pay monthly] and only Samsung phones are capable of it).

What is KLMS Agent on Samsung Mobiles?

KLMS agent is a part of the Samsung security system implemented for Android phones to ensure the data and privacy protection of the user.

The main role of KLMS agent is to restrict unauthorized access to user data on Samsung Android phones.

It ensures the protection of your file system, protection, privacy, and productivity for all the work-related files on your mobile.

  • Name: KLMS Agent
  • Package: com.samsung.klmsagent
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Is KLMS Agent An App?

You might be wondering that how can you get the KLMS agent on your Android. Is it available on the Play store?


Well, the KLMS agent is something like bloatware that is integrated with the default OS. This means you don’t need a KLMS app to install on your Android to get KNOX security.

If you are using the latest Samsung Android phone, then possibly there is KLMS agent installed on your Android.

Dig to your Android app drawer and find the app.

How safe is Bloatware on Android?

Role of KLMS Agent (KNOX)

KLMS agent is integrated with Samsung security system that handles the security and privacy of user data from unauthorized access by blocking some adware, trojan, keylogger, and other spy agents.


This ensures the data and system access is allowed to authorized users only.

It is useful to access all files and systems securely including media files, login credentials, email accounts, private work files, workspace, screencast etc.

In a nutshell, KNOX on Samsung is part of a security ecosystem that is responsible for the safety and security of user data.

And KLMS agent works as a framework by providing essential support to run the KNOX.

This can help you to protect your data from unauthorized apps and in case of a lost or stolen phone.

The data secured using KLMS agent on Android can only be access by authorization measures like password, fingerprint, or pattern.

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KLMS Agent Features(Samsung KNOX)

As you know that the KLMS agent is a framework that supports Samsung KNOX’s combination of modules to handle data security and privacy on Samsung Android.

Here is the list of some privacy features supported by KLMS agent.

Software Integrity

There are several other apps and agents including bloatware and system apps are installed along with Android OS on your smartphone.

Sadly, these pre-installed apps are always been on the radar of imposters and hackers.

These apps are hard to remove and remain unnoticed, and this is all a hacker needs to access your data on Android phone.

In such security agents like KNOX, ensures the security of your Android devices by locking down such attempts and detect any temper to these essential apps.

Controlled Privilege

Some security apps on Android like screen recorder, antiviruses and others need some extra permissions on Android as compared to normal apps.

The security agent plays an important role here by ensuring limited permission to such an app. All the access allowed to such apps is monitored by KNOX agent.

Data Storage Protection

Data protection is the USP of KLMS agents. The module ensures all the important data stored on ANodir storage like contacts, emails, media files and others.

However, if you are using external storage on Android, you are still vulnerable to data breaches and your privacy might get compromised.

As KNOX is liable to protect data stored on internal storage only.

Network Protection

Data received and send over wireless networks including cellular, Bluetooth, Wifi and others are also monitored by the KNOX(KLMS agent) to protect them from a data breach by encrypting them while sending.

As the data sent over networks is easily accessible by hackers. KNOX encrypts the sent data over networks to prevent potential network bridge or spoofing.

Also, Samsung has a dedicated Samsung KNOX VPN to provide an extra layer of security while accessing a website on a device. 

Theft Protection

Including data privacy protection, KNOX also provides you with data safety from data theft in case of lost/stolen devices.

The data encrypted using KNOX agent can only be accessed by a valid pattern or pin lock.

This makes your data the most secure as it cannot be accessed even in case of forced access via USB and other access.

Find my Device

Find my Device is a feature available with KNOX that can be super helpful for you to find and locate your stolen Samsung Android.

All you need is a registered account with Samsung which is free.

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Is KLMS Agent App a Spyware?

KLMS Agent is developed by Samsung to provide data security and safety to the Samsung device. The app is completely safe and doesn’t contain any spyware, malware, virus or hidden keylogger.

All Samsung phones have a built-in security feature called KLMS that worked in association with KNOX security.

The sole purpose of the security app is to provide an extra security feature to the data stored on the device.

KLMS agent is often in your Samsung phone when you buy it from the store; however, several developers have developed this software in the Google Play store and downloaded by the user.

On the Google Play store, the app Knox has over 650K downloads and has an average rating of three stars and above. The application has a KME console integration to enhance its additional features.

The version as of 22nd of December 2020 is 21.2( and is subject to change when the new update becomes available.

Disable KLMS Agent on Android

Uninstalling KLMS Agent on Samsung Android is not possible without rooting. In fact, I wonder why would you want to uninstall or disable KLMS agent on your Samsung phone?

Still, you can disable/uninstall KLMS agent from your Android completely. Follow the steps here to disable KNOX from Samsung device. Uninstalling it from Galaxy will also disable KLMS agent from Galaxy mobile.

Is it safe to remove KLMS Agent App?

KLMS Agent plays a vital role in the protection of data and network security on Samsung devices. This also, help you to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your device.

Removing KLMS Agent from Android is neither safe nor suggested. Many people who consider uninstalling KNOX from their devices confuse it with a virus, which it is not.

Removing or uninstalling KNOX from your devices exposes your phone, work, and personal data to risks and attacks from individuals with malicious intent and viruses.


Why is There KLMS Agent on my Samsung?

KLMS agent is the pre-installed default device security feature on Samsung android phone that help the user to protect the data from unauthorized access. All the Samsung phones have the KLMS agent installed on the device.

Does KLMS need an agent?

No, KLMS doesn’t need an agent as it is an agent itself for KNOX security module on Samsung Android devices.

What are the uses of Knox?

It offers unique security to an elite Samsung phone. It also helps you to separate your personal from business data for easy access when needed. Some people also use it as a secure folder or as a Samsung pass. These folders are accessed in the biometric section in the phone’s Settings.

Do I need Knox on your phone?

Yes, KLMS provides an extra security layer for businesses and professionals to protect the data on the device from unauthorized access. KNOX is advantageous in that it will offer needed protection to those data.

What is the difference between KLMS and KNOX?

KNOX is a security module introduced by Samsung to all Samsung Andriod devices. While KLMS is an agent that helps KNOX to run the services on the device.

What are other agents on Android?

Like KLMS, Android phones have several other agents. BBC Agent, SVC Agent, ELM Agent, and SKMS Agent are a few examples that serve the other specific purposes on the Android.

Final Words:

KLMS Agent plays a vital role to run a security module called KNOX on Samsung Android phones. This ensures the data and privacy protection stored on mobile. That includes email, contacts, media, outgoing connection and network as well. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android