How to Block Pop-up on Android Chrome, Firefox, Internet Browser

How to block pop up on Android. Pop up are more annoying on mobile as compared to desktop. They come every now and then and cover up your mobile screen. Learn here to block pop up on Android.

How to Block Pop up on Android?

Thankfully, nowadays all the Android browsers come with built-in popup blockers to keep the spams out of your screen.

But how to activate this pop-up blocker on Android. As different users on Android use different browsers for internet surfing.

So, here we have a complete list of all the major browsers and steps to block pop up on Android.

Block pop up on Android

How to Enable Pop-Up Blocker: Android


  1. Open Chrome app on Android device
  2. Tap More > Settings
  3. Tap Site settings,
  4. Then Pop-ups and redirects
  5. Turn Pop-ups and redirects off to disable pop-ups

Samsung Internet:

  1. open the Samsung Internet app on Android device
  2. Tap the Menu icon (three vertical lines)
  3. Select Settings
  4. Under Advanced, tap Sites and downloads
  5. Slide Block Pop-ups to on to enable pop-up blocking


If you are a Firefox user then here is a piece of sad news for you. Actually, Firefox-Android has not yet come with default pop-up blocker settings. So you can either handle the pop-up manually by swiping them out or switch to another browser.

Block Pop up on Android – FAQ

Where is the pop up blocker in Google Chrome?

Every browser on Android has built-in pop up blocker which can be toggled on/off under chrome settings.

How do I disable a pop up blocker?

Enabling the pop-up on Android stops the browser from displaying pop-up notifications on the browser. If you have activated the pop-up blocker accidentally you can always turn it off from settings.

Does Chrome have a pop up blocker?

Yes, Chrome browser has a built on pop up blocker.

Why do pop ups keep appearing on Chrome?

Pop up is often enabled by users by agreeing to website pop up notification.



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