Ways To Receive Wifi Signal From Long Distance

Being tech enthusiasts, we often suffer from the wifi signal issue. So, how to receive Wifi signal from long distances? Is it even possible? What are the methods you can use to boost the wifi signal on your household router and extend the range of wifi signals? Let’s find the answers.

Receive Wifi Signal From Long Distance

Struggling for a strong wifi signal is not new for us. A weak or no wifi signal is really a pain in the head. In such, here are some useful methods you can use to boost the wifi signals of your wifi router and receive the wifi signal from a long distance.

Receiving WiFi Signal Away From Long Distance

All the wifi routers and devices have a limit with the emission and receiving of the wifi signal. The range pretty much depends on both the wifi router and the connected device. But actually, the wifi range can be increased using several hacks and tricks to get you some extra range of wifi signal.

The method includes the use of a reflector, use of Wifi-extender, using low frequency and many others. Let’s explore all the possible methods to increase the range of wifi and methods to receive wifi signals from long distances on your device.

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Use Reflector panel to boot Wifi Range

This is probably the best and free method to get your wifi signal from a long distance. Well, not actually from very far- far distance. But, using a reflector panel can definitely increase wifi signal up to 3-5 meters of the range. Also, unlike other methods, this free method is worth a try to see if your device can receive wifi signal from the corner of your house where it was not available prior.

  • Cost: free
  • Increase wifi range: 3-10 meters


The process requires a used soda can and a pair of scissors.


Take an empty can of soda and tear it down carefully using pair of scissors or any sharp tool you prefer. Fold the can in a semi-circle shape(as shown in the image) and put it behind the wifi antenna. Now, it’s time to check the signal strength of the wifi.

You can also put this reflector behind the wall where your wifi router is located. You can use any wifi signal tester app on your android, or iOS to check the strength of the wifi signal.


Generally, wifi routers are located at the corner of the house or mounted at the wall. A wifi router is defined to emit the signal in a circular pattern. In such using a reflector can help the unused signal to reflect in the way where it can be used. Alternatively, you can also use aluminum foil instead of soda can to get the same results.

Use WiFi Extender To Receive Signal From A Long Distance

Using a Wifi extender to receive the wifi signal from a long distance is also a good idea. You can use this wifi extender to connect with the existing wifi router using the wireless and wired(LAN cable) method to extend the wifi range up to 4 km depending on the device you are using.

If you’re looking for an easy method for this issue, you have to follow this way and need to buy a wifi extender, you can pick any extender from your favorite brand.

The TP-link N300 and  TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 Wireless Range Extender are one of the cheapest solutions available to extend the wifi signal.

These wifi range extenders can be used to extend the wifi range and bosts the range up to 500 meters to 1 kilometer and you can receive Wifi signals from 1 km or more again depending on the expander you select.

Setting up WiFi Extender To Receive Signal From A Long-Distance?

Using a Wifi extender with an existing wifi router is quite easy and can be configured within two minutes. All you need is the admin login details to log in to wifi router to configure the extender.

Installing an extender and configuring it with your router might be going to simply because you’ll only need to follow some basic steps to complete the process. Don’t worry, we will make it quite understandable for you.

Use low-frequency Channel

The working and range mechanism of Wifi router depends on the channel and frequency you are using to connect the device. A high frequency can shorten the range of wifi but increase the speed. While with a low frequency the range might be longer but the speed is decreased. 

So, if you are using your device to watch videos, write emails, and do other low-speed-dependent tasks. Then using the low frequency of 2.4 GHz can help you to receive signals from a long distance as compared to high-frequency bands like 5 GHz.

A low channel can give you a maximum speed of 4o/Mbps of internet speed while 5 Ghz channel provides the maximum speed depending on the plan you are subscribed to.

Pick Up wifi From 5 Miles Away

Although it sounds impossible to receive the wifi signal from long distances like 5 miles and so. But with the help of proper tools and setup it is possible to extend the wifi ranger much further.

A super wifi antenna is one of the advanced tools you can purchase online and use to pick wifi even in overcrowded locations. These tools are pretty expansive and often used by public wifi providers or professionals.

The super wifi antenna also comes with some useful mounting options to simplify your work. You should expect suction cups, a hook, a cable tie, a hanging lanyard, and loop material.

Final Words:

This was a quick guide to boost your existing wifi router range and receive Wifi signals from long distances. Using a shiny reflector, use of a wifi extender or super wifi antenna can boost your wifi signal to receive from a long distance like 1 km to 5 miles.