How to Identify Sim Card Carrier on my Phone?

Have you been questioned about your SIM card carrier name? It generally happens, User may forget the Sim Card provider’s name and look for how to identify sim card carrier. There are some scenarios when the user forgets the SIM card carrier name. So, in this today’s post, we will cover all these topics and give you the best solution Identify Sim Card Carrier.

Identify Sim Card Carrier Provider

What is a SIM card carrier?

Subscriber Identity Module is the abbreviation for SIM. This is a little card or chip that contains information for GSM phones. SIM cards are used to connect phones to cellular networks by all main wireless carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon), as well as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) as Mint Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile.

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When do users forget Sim Card Provider?

  1. When buying a new SIM.
  2. When a user has not used its SIM for a long time.
  3. Many users recharge their SIM with a yearly plan, users often forget the Sim Card carrier.
  4. If using Postpaid SIM.

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But for now, you don’t have to worry about it, Once you read this completely, you will be able to Identify Sim Card Carrier. So, let’s start our current post.

Why should you need to Know about your carrier?

Knowing the name of your career provider is quite helpful in many terms. This cannot only help you to switch your network career provider. But it also comes in handy when you need to troubleshoot the errors associated with your SIM card, like SIM card lock and other errors.

Method to Identify Sim Card Carrier

  1. Check Previous Bill
  2. Check SIM card pack
  3. Visit SIM info & Setting Option on Android Phones
  4. Using ICCID Number
  5. Use Carrier lookup tool
  6. Use SIM Toolkit App

1. Check Your Previous Bill to Identify Sim Card Carrier

If you are using a postpaid SIM card, the fastest and easiest approach to identify SIM card carrier name is to look at your previous paid invoices. You will most likely receive an envelope in the mail if you pay monthly fees or have an annual contract.

Alternatively, if you pay electronically (via online bank payment), you’ll receive a monthly bank statement detailing your costs. In that statement, you will be able to find your SIM carrier’s name.

2. Check SIM card pack

Sometimes, the carrier logo faded away from the SIM card or in some cases there is no fully printed logo on the micro or nano-SIM card. Which will lead to difficulty to discover the carrier. Then SIM card packet may help you.

We have also seen that many users threw SIM card packets, once they install SIM card on their mobile phone. This may lead to frustration when you can’t able to identify the carrier.

But if you have not lost or thrown your SIM card pack, then quickly find it out and know your Sim carrier name. Otherwise, follow to see the next method.

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3. Visit SIM info & Setting Option on Android Phones

If you are an Android phone user, Then it is very much easy to find or identify SIM card carriers. Just visit the phone Setting and then click on the Sim info. Scroll down below, You will be able to find the carrier name below.

4. Use ICCID Number To Know Carrier Name

You can also use an ICCID number to identify your SIM car carrier. To find the ICCID number, check out our SIM card backside. You will be able to see 18-22 digit numbers.

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4. Use your phone number to identify SIM card carrier

Your Phone number contains more information than you think. The phone number usually contains a country code and carrier code on it. For example, consider the number +011204567890. In the given number the first 2 digits represent a country code. 01 represents the united states and 91 India. The next 3 digit is responsible for carrier service. In the above case, it is 120 which belongs to sprint.

  • AT&T: 030, 150, 170, 253, 283, 410, 560, 680
  • Sprint: 120, 333, 877
  • T-Mobile: 026, 160, 210, 230, 240, 260, 270, 310, 490, 580
  • Verizon: 004, 005, 012, 433, 444, 480, 483, 486, 487, 489, 808

5. Use Carrier Lookup Tool

This is a less complicated and less time-consuming procedure. Carrier Lookup is a kind of service. If you enter a phone number on the Carrier lookup website (like IMEI info ICCID Checker, FYIcenter ICCID Decoder to identify a SIM card carrier), it displays the SIM carrier name and it’s cellular or landline number.

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The carrier lookup is the most effective method for determining the carrier from a phone number. But still, we don’t recommend entering your phone number on any other website due to a number of privacy issues. So, that’s why we discuss this carrier lookup tool last.

Only try to identify the sim card carrier with the above previous steps, beside Carrier Lookup Tool.

6. Use SIMToolKit App

SIM Toolkit App application toolkit of GSM system that enables your sim card to initiate action that is useful to perform various value-added services.

It can also help you to identify the SIM card carrier on the device. The app is free to install on Android phones. Sadly there is no such app available for iPhone users.

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How to Check iPhone carrier

In case of iPhone you can easily find the career provider your device is connected to even without a SIM card. Follow the steps below to find the career details on iPhone.

  1. Open Setting on iPhone.
  2. Tap on About section.
  3. Now Tap on the Network option to see the carrier provider name.

In case of No SIM Card Inserted In the About Menu scroll down a little until you find Carrier Row. The carrier will be displayed to which your iPhone is connected. If you find it blank tap on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I figure out which carrier my SIM card belongs to?

The company’s logo is usually printed on the SIM. If there is not a fully printed logo, the ICCID, an 18-22 digit number generally written on the SIM card, can be used to determine the mobile network. In that paper, look up the number.

Can I track a phone by the ICCID number?

As your cell phone’s IMEI number is used to identify your phone, ICCID is used to identify your SIM card worldwide. It’s essentially a one-of-a-kind serial number that identifies the SIM card to which a user has enrolled. The ICCID, like the IMEI number, may be used to trace your phone.

What is ICCID carrier code?

The Integrated Circuit Card ID, or ICCID, is an 18 to 22-digit code written on the back of your SIM card. It’s also printed on the plastic card that holds your SIM card. Each ICCID number is unique and acts as a SIM card identification.

Final Words:

There are several methods to identify the SIM card carrier, You can check your mobile bills, use sim card pack or check using the USSD codes. Also, there are several other online tool that can help you to find the carrier provider of number. Also, on an Android phone, you can install SIM ToolKit App that will display all the information on the SIM, like SIM number phone number etc.



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