How do I permanently delete files from storage?

In order to delete the data permanently from Android or other devices, you need to follow some strategy as the deleted data are still stored in the clusters and can be easily recovered using a data recovery software or tool.If you are using a Samsung Android phone, possibly you will notice a recycle bin integrated while browsing your files using the Gallery or My Files app.

Read here about the strategy to remove Android data permanently.

Q: How do you permanently erase data so that it Cannot be recovered?

Once you delete the data in Android or any other device, the files or data are simply hidden under the clusters of the internal storage devices. These data can easily be read by Android data recovery tools.

In order to delete the data permanently, you need to overwrite the hidden data. All you need is to re-use the free spaces that you have just created by deleting the data.

You can either record some random video that is long enough to overwrite the empty space created by old deleted files/data on Android internal storage.

Q: How do I delete all data from my Samsung Galaxy s4?

All the information stored on your Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other Android phone is called data. So, if you are concerned to delete all the images, videos, and documents stored on Samsung Galaxy, you can simply use the galley to perform the task.

However, A deep deletion of data includes Gmail, Text messages, contacts, and many more. You can follow the guide here to delete all data from my Samsung Galaxy s4.

Q: How to Delete Data From Android Recycle Bin

All the major mobile devices including Samsung running on Android 9 and above have introduced a new fail-safe feature called Recycle bin. This recycle bin facilitates users to recover deleted data from the Android gallery and file Explorer.

This means the deleted files are moved to the trash or recycle bin on Android and can be restored or deleted later. In order to delete the file permanently, you are required to empty the recycle bin as well.


 Q: Can you Delete Text Messages Permanently?

Deletion of text messages on Android is an almost irreversible process. Once you have deleted the text messages from your Android, it is nearly impossible to recover them. However, there are some tools that can help you to recover deleted text messages. But still, it is nearly impossible.


  • All the deleted data are never deleted permanently
  • Deleted data can be recovered using recovery software
  • To delete the files permanently from the device it is required to replace the empty space.



Deleting data permanently from Android phones makes it impossible to recover. This is a must-have task everyone should practice. Especially in the modern era when your Smartphone can reveal almost all the secrets about you. Clarting the cache or performing the hard reset is, not the solution. In order to make you deleted data irreversibly, you need to delete the data smartly and wisely.