What is SVC agent on my Android? Usages and Troubleshoots

What is SVC agent on my Android?

SVC. Generic mimics legitimate Windows services to avoid being spotted by the user on an affected system. This trojan was found affecting smartphones including android as well.

Know more about SVC agent. What is SVC agent app on android? How dangerous the app is? How the SVC agent trojan affects a android device and how to protect your device from such malware.

What is SVC agent
What is SVC agent?

What is an SVC agent?

SVC agent is a Trojan detected on Android devices that is installed by some other malware source like a suspicious website or link. The app acts as a system app on android and keeps running in the background.

The app is dangerous for the privacy of the users as it has all the access to the storage and camera. The SVC agent acts as a system app on your android and remains undetected by the user.

The origin of SVC agent trojan is not confirmed but it was first reported affecting the windows PC.

SVC can secretly record video information for the third party, greatly compromising Smartphone users’ privacy. We implement the spyware and conduct extensive experiments on real-world 3G Smartphones.

What does SVC agent do on Android?

The SVC agent or Stealthy Video Capturer is malware on android and affects the privacy of the users ignoring all the security measures. The malware is extremely dangerous and keeps sneaking the media and data stored on the device storage. However, there is no evidence of SVC agent sending the user data to a distant server.

Is SVC agent spyware?

Yes, SVC agent  is spyware and keeps sneaking all the activity of the user on android. The app remains undetected by the user and keeps running in the background on the device.

The app is also reported to record the screen and use a camera without even getting noticed.

How do I get rid of SVC agent?

The easiest method to get rid of SVC agent from android is to uninstall the app from the device.

  1. Open settings on android.
  2. Open apps or apps drawer.
  3. Tap on the eclipse menu(three vertical lines) from the upper right corner and select Show system apps.
  4. Tap on SVC agent to open.
    uninstall SVC agent android
  5. Tap on uninstall.

This will uninstall SVC agent from the device permanently. But, users have also reported that they are not able to remove the SVC agent app using the above method. In such, you can use recovery mode to reset the device and get rid of Trojan app.

What is agent on my phone?

Andriod smartphones software is consists of different apps, services, agents, bloatware and daemon services. These pieces of software work together to let Android OS run other services, functions and features on the device.

Agent apps on android make your android a bit smarter by accessing the censors to detect what you’re up to and tweaking your settings automatically.

Here are some examples of agent apps on android

What is Agent app on Android Used For?

The basic uses of agent apps on android is to work as an associate for other apps to provide the essential permission and accessibility to the app.

All the apps running in android require some short of access permission to the sensors like access the microphone, camera,  GPS or others. In such the agent app helps these apps to get access to the specific sensor on the device.

What is silent logging?

The SilentLogging as you can see on its name, it logs silently to the internet in complicity with the kernel management. The kernel is a code that is loaded inside a protected area in order to prevent the overwritten by other programs.

How to Know if your Android has Virus?

There are no certain rules or symptoms to look for if the android is infected with malware or virus. But still, you can look for some symptoms that may be signals of malware attack or infection on your android.

  • Sudden slow down of the device.
  • Apps take too long to open.
  • Fast battery draining.
  • Suspected apps you don’t remember installing.
  • Unexpected data usages.
  • Mobile restarts unexpectedly.

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Final Words:

SVC agent or Stealthy Video Capturer agent on Android is a Trojan that may get on your device either by malware or malicious link click. The agent acts as a system app on the device and keeps running in the background. The SVC agent is well known for bypassing android security and keeps sneaking for the device data and video. The only method to remove the agent app from the device is to factory reset the device.


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