What is com.samsung.inputeventapp? Usages and Removal

com.samsung.inputeventapp is the package name for an input event service on Samsung Android phones. The service is accountable to take care of input events on the device that includes handling input events from the touch screen.

What is com.samsung.inputeventapp
What is com.samsung.inputeventapp?

The input event service(com.samsung.inputeventapp) on Samsung phones is to get a hold of input events from the touch screen.

Inputs and outputs are elementary units of every device. Know more about com.samsung.inputeventapp on your Samsung phones.

What is it? What is it used for? How to fix common issues associated with com.samsung.inputeventapp on Android? Let’s dig out the answers.

What is com.samsung.inputeventapp?

com.samsung.inputeventapp is the pre-installed service app on Android phones. This is the package name for the Input service on Android. The app is developed by Samsung itself and can be found on Android running on Android 9 and later.

What is com.samsung.inputeventapp Used For?

com.samsung.inputeventapp takes care of inputs on the device using the touch mechanism. This means, the Input Event Service specifically applies touch to detect input events from the device’s touchscreen.

Other input events include motion or fingerprint for touch sensors or face recognition for cameras.

Examples Of Input Events For The Com.Samsung.Inputeventapp

The Com.Samsung.Inputeventapp is accountable to handle several touch events on the device screen that includes the following;


This mini-program responds to a simple on-screen touch or when the user presses the enter key.


This is the mini-program executed upon long-pressing the screen.


the onkey mini-program becomes useful when the user presses any button on smartphone with buttons and keys.


This mini-program is activated when the user’s fingers focus away from the screen.


To activate this mini-program, it only takes you to touch the screen in any manner.

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Is com.samsung.inputeventapp Safe?

The answer to this question is no. However, the app’s code provides room for data corruption, especially through unauthorized inputs.

There are several system apps and daemons installed on an Android device. These work together to help the user to use a specific function or feature on the device.

Although, some system apps like OMACP and MDM app are well-known for being so-called ‘unsafe’ apps. As these apps are installed by corporates or carrier companies to track the device location, data and many more. But still, they are subjective.

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Is com.samsung.inputeventapp a virus?

No, the com.samsung.inputeventapp is not a virus also it is one of the essential system apps on Samsung android phones developed by Samsung itself.

Also, there is no evidence of the app being infected by malware, spyware or a keylogger.

How To Fix Com.samsung.inputeventapp Has Stopped Working?

Getting  the “Com.samsung.inputeventapp has stopped” error is quite common on your device. This can be caused by a corrupt cache, corrupt apk files, outdated OS and others.

Follow the method to fix Com.samsung.inputeventapp has stopped error.

Clear the Cache:

A corrupt cache on Android can lead to an app error on the device. In such the easiest method to fix Com.samsung.inputeventapp error is to clear the app cache.

How to remove system apps from Android?

There are several methods you can use to uninstall system apps from Android. ADB debugging tool, System app remover and Debloater are the most used methods to uninstall system apps from android.

What is Blotware on Android?

Bloatware is a piece of app pre-installed on Android phones also known as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), bloatware is often preinstalled by vendors, manufacturers, or carriers as a form of marketing to put services directly in front of consumers.

what is com.samsung.unifiedtp?

Com.samsung.unifiedtp is a daemon app preinstalled on Samsung Android phones that is accoutblete for the Tethering provision task.

What is Carmodestub?

CarmodeStub is An Android stub app developed by Samsung to connect the mirrorlink enabled devices to MirrorLink cars and automobiles dashboard like Android auto.

The basic functionality of CarmodeStub is to disable phone calls and messages while driving the car. This gives the driver a distraction-free driving experience to avoid a collision and road accidents.

What is Daemon App on Android?

Unified Daemons on Android devices or smartphones are background-running programs or applications that lack a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The system frequently recognizes a daemon in an Android app by its process name, com.sec.android.daemonapp.

Can I Remove System Apps Safely?

There are several system apps that are safe to remove while removing some system apps may damage the option on the device and make it use less. Here is the list of Samsung system apps that are safe to remove.

Final Words:

The com.samsung.inputeventapp is a preinstalled system program on Samsung Android devices that processes input events from the device’s touchscreen and generates output events in text or sound.

It uses mini-programs like onclick(), onlongclick(), onkey(), onfocuschanges(), and ontouch() to encode input events.

The app is only 0.33 MB in size and has 63 files. Although the app is not a virus, it can allow unauthorized input events from the touchscreen and contribute to data corruption.

Troubleshooting options for fixing com.samsung.inputeventapp issues include factory resetting the device, deleting some apps, resetting Calendar settings, and clearing cache and data for the Calendar app.