What is OMACP on Android? Is it Malware? How to Disable OMACP?

OMACP is one of those viruses that affect your Android phone’s data and security badly. Also, this makes your Android easily vulnerable to a potential hacking attack.

This article explains everything about OMACP virus on your Android. How to know if your Android is affected by the OMACP virus, how to remove it. And what are the potential precautions you should take to save your Android phone and apps from being getting affected by OMACP virus?

Besides the immense popularity and user base, Android devices are more vulnerable to malware and adware than others. Unfortunately, there is not any certain rule or rule book to save your Android phone from such Malware and adware attacks.

But you can always take precautionary measures to save your phone from a hacking attack that includes malicious software infection.

What is OMACP on Android?

OMACP virus is quite similar to other Android viruses with their own properties and effects. OMACP acts quite similar to other Android viruses that affect your Android system by sneaking into the security and database on your Android.

Android phones like Samsung and Vivo are well known for getting affected by the OMACP virus.

A serious OMACP virus infection makes your Android system act abnormal by affecting the apps and storage. Messaging app, system apps are the basic target of this virus.

You can also receive a long-awaited message without any subject or text on it. Users have also reported a popup saying “Text Messaging-Unfortunately OMACP has stopped!”.

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What causes OMACP Attack on Android?

The main source of any virus attack including OMACP is a malicious link. We often receive some links or URL claiming to win a surprise prize or lottery, either on a text message or via WhatsApp forward. Sometimes these links redirect you to a malicious web address and install the virus on your Android phone directly.

The other good source of OMACP Malware is illegal movie download websites. These websites are full of pop-up ads claiming to install some specific app to free up your phone’s memory size or expand your RAM.

You may end up getting a virus on your Android by clicking on such malicious pop-up ads.

Hope you are now informed about the OMACP virus and its causes. Now it’s time to diagnose your Android phone to know if there is any potential OMACP virus existing on the device.

Is My Android Affected with OMACP?

So how to know if your Android is affected by OMACP? Sadly it is not easy to get notified about any virus attack including OMACP on your Android. In order to know if there is any virus on your Android phone, you need to diagnose and observe any anomaly in the functionality of your device.

Here are some symptoms you can check on your Android to confirm if it’s a virus attack or your device is affected with OMACP.

  • High Data Usages: you might need Spikes in your data consumption which are hard to explain. As almost any Malware or hacking attack on your device is related to internet data so if you see any abnormal spike in your data uses in spite of regular use, this might be a signal of a virus on your Android. However, there are several other bloatware that are highly data-intensive as well.
  • Fast battery-draining: any Malware or virus on Android are tend to run in the background continuously. This causes the battery on your Android to drain faster. So if you notice an unusual battery draining on your device with normal uses this might be also a signal of OMACP virus attack.
  • Unusual messages: OMACP virus is well-known for sending empty messages using your default messaging app. The message usually does not have any content on it or in some distant languages which are not readable. If you are continuously getting such messages on your Android. It is suggested to get your Android fixed and check for a potential OMACP virus attack.
  • Apps has Stopped pop-up: OMACP infected Android tends to kill the app in the middle of nowhere. You might see a frequent pop-up on random app saying the app has stopped followed by a close button. Getting the same popup message frequently may be a symptom of OMACP virus on your Android.

How to Remove OMACP Virus from Android Device?

Once confirmed that your phone is affected by the OMACP virus it’s time to act decisively and immediately to get rid of it as soon as possible. As the virus keeps spreading itself, any delay in action main cause severe damage.

Here are the few steps you can take to remove the OMACP virus from your Android completely.

Transfer The Data to Cloud:

In order to remove the OMACP virus from your Android device it is suggested to take the backup of your important data stored on your Android. As the Malware or virus removing process may destroy the data completely. Taking a local backup on your PC is not a wise idea as it will carry the malicious viruses along with the files.

While a cloud storage service is equipped with a built-in virus scanner that will scan any malicious virus present on your file and hence making sure the backed-up data is free of viruses and other malware.

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Find The infected app on the App Drawer:

Once you have backed up all your data it’s time to find the app which is infected by the virus. As OMACP well known for affecting message app. You can simply verify the virus infection by going to App manager and navigating to default messaging app.

Here go to the properties of the app and see if the messaging app is taking more space than intended. This is a clear symptom of OMACP.

Go to App Manager>messages>storage>clear data.

You will recognize that OMACP is eating an abnormal space. Click delete, and the virus would be gone from your phone.

Check For the Malicious Apps:

Navigate to setting and App Manager on your Android and see if there is any suspected app installed on your device which you don’t remember to install ever. Immediately remove that app and make sure to clear the cache data after you have removed all the potential viruses.

You can follow the guide here to clear the cache partition on your Android.

Once done restore all your backup data from cloud storage and carefully see the other symptoms to confirm if the virus is completely removed from the device.

How to Protect Android from OMACP Virus?

Since OMACP is not too well known or broadly discussed virus. Most of us are not aware of the seriousness of this infection. OMACP basically ends up eating the internal storage data and causing some anomaly in the normal functionality of your Android.

So it’s always a better idea to take some precautionary steps to protect your Android from OMACP virus.

You can follow the following guidelines which guarantee your Android safety;

Avoid Clicking on malicious links- This is the first precautionary step you should take to avoid getting your Android infected with any virus or Malware.  It is always a good idea to avoid clicking any link that looks unfamiliar. As these suspicious URLs are the primary source of OMACP virus.

Don’t install apps from untrusted sources- We often get lured by some mod apps or full version of a paid app and end up downloading them from some suspicious websites. In order to protect your Android from OMACP virus attacks, it is suggested to avoid downloading and installing apps on your Android from any untrusted sources. As these Mod apps may contain malware.

Enable Play Protect- Google Protect is a built-in security feature on the Android phone to provide protection from potentially harmful apps while installing. This also ensures the app you are installing is free from any virus including OMACP virus.

This ensures the app to be fully harmless and doesn’t contain any malicious codes and injections responsible for unauthorized data access on Android. Follow the steps here to enable Play protect.

Stay out of Anti-Virus- This may sound funny but there is nothing like Anti-Virus for Android. So in order to remove the OMACP virus, never try to install any antivirus software or app on your Android from any untrusted source.

Always Update the apps to latest version- make sure all the apps installed on your Android are having their latest version. As the latest version of the app ensures the safety and security of your data. You can use Google Play Store to enable automatic updates or you can also update apps manually on Android.

Avoid Free/Public Wifi- A public Wi-Fi are the breeding ground for such Malware and viruses. So in order to protect your Android from getting infected by virus, it is suggested to avoid login into open Wi-Fi hotspot. Staying clear of these areas will not only save your device from virus infection but will also ensure the protection of private data stored on your device. Also it’s a good practice to avoid any hacking attack on your Android.

Uninstall Malicious apps- always keep an eye on the apps installed on your Android. Immediately remove any suspicious app which you don’t remember to install or didn’t come with the phone itself. While installing the new app make sure to read the permissions given to the app.


How do I remove OMACP?

Simply go to Apps>messages>Clear data to remove OMACP from Android. As the virus is well known for affecting messaging app only.

How do I get rid of virus attack on android?

Avoid clicking on malicious links and don’t download the app from untrusted sources. As these are the primary source of any virus or malware attack on Android devices.

Is my android infeced with OMACP virus?

You can verify the presence of OMACP on android by checking the storage of messaging app on android. If the space taken by the app is unusual, then yes your android is infected by OMACP virus.

Final Words:

This was a complete guide about the OMACP virus and how to get rid of it from your Android. It is suggested to take immediate actions once the virus is detected. Any delay in action may allow the virus to spread rapidly. Messaging apps are broadly known for getting infected by the OMACP virus. Make sure to take the precautionary steps to protect your Android from a virus attack in the future. Also, don’t forget to check about section to know more about your Android device.



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