What is Samsung MirrorLink? How to Use it?

What is the Samsung Mirrorlink and how to use it? Also, we shall discuss the usage of Samsung Mirrorlink. How to turn it on, on your device and connect the device using Samsung mirrorlink and do your cars have a Mirrorlink? This article explains a detailed guide about the Samsung Mirror link.


MirrorLink- An Overview

MirrorLink is a technology on Android phones that helps users to screen any MirrorLink-enabled Android phone screen to MirrorLink enabled vehicle. This enables the user to use the car infotainment system to control their phone.

But, in order to use MirrorLink to screen your Android screen to a car docking system, your phone must have a Mirror Linking feature.

Also, the car system has to be the Mirror linking enabled system as well.

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What is Samsung MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is a technology that enables your smartphone to connect to a MirrorLink-enabled vehicle.

This allows you to control your phone’s music, calls, messages, notifications, etc directly from your vehicle’s docking screen or infotainment system.

Most of the Samsung Galaxy series smartphones have the MirrorLink feature that helps you to connect your Samsung phone to your car’s infotainment system.

Samsung MirrorLink works with CarmodeStub App which gives you more control over other features as compared to other MirrorLink devices.

MirrorLink-enabled Samsung phones are connected to the vehicle using a USB cable. In order to use the Samsung MirrorLink, it is essential to have a MirrorLink-enabled vehicle infotainment system.

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Turn on Samsung MirrorLink.

  1. Connect Samsung device to vehicle’s USB port using a USB Cable
  2. Touch on Apps on the device’s home screen.
  3. Now tap on settings.
  4. Tap on MirrorLink to enable it.
  5. Mark the Connect to vehicle via USB checkbox.


Samsung MirrorLink is used better with CarModeStub App. However, there are other alternatives to Samsung MirroLink you can use.

What can MirrorLink do?

MarriorLink gives you the liberty to drive your car hands-free. No, it’s not that the MarriorLink will provide you with an autopilot feature on your car. But, it can be useful in another way around to keep your hands on the stirring well and experience distraction-free driving.

MarriorLink allows you to control your smartphone with your voice which includes reading an incoming message, replying to the message, answering the call using your voice, and using compatible apps like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Using MarriorLink you can also control the music playback on apps like Spotify and all.

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It also helps you to use the maps for navigation directly on Google maps.

Some manufacturers have taken the MarriorLink technology one step ahead where it can record your driving habits and patterns to assist you in improving your driving.

MarriorLink also provides you with dozens of statistics like driving speed, fuel economy, tire pressure and other information directly on your dashboard.

MirrorLink itself and a number of other developers offer similar apps. VW Group has also boosted its version of MirrorLink with a feature that reads messages and notifications aloud.

From the user’s perspective, it couldn’t be simpler. First, make sure you have downloaded MirrorLink-compatible apps to your phone – we’ve highlighted some below, but for a fuller list visit the MirrorLink apps list on the official website.

Which cars are compatible?

MirrorLink comes with all cars after 2012 and all the major manufacturers have the MirrorLink as a stock feature on the vehicle.

Certain models of Honda, Kia, Suzuki, Toyota, and the Mercedes A-Class also get MirrorLink. It is worth noting that MirrorLink did not come onto the market until 2012.

It is now gradually losing favor as the cost of AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay reduces to a point that manufacturers can include one or both of them as standard equipment.

So, if you have used MirrorLink in the past and want to stick with it in your new car, you will be able to find one that has it, even if it is not necessarily the manufacturer’s preferred option. All that being said, at the time of writing, you are probably more likely to find MirrorLink in a used car than a new one.

How do I get MirrorLink on my Samsung?

MirrorLink is a feature that helps you to connect your Samsung phone to car infotainment system. All the latest Samsung Android phones are equipped with MirrorLink.

Sadly, MirorLink is a combination of hardware and software. So, in order to use MirrorLink on your Samsung phone, it must have a MirrorLink feature enabled. You can check the list of MirrorLink-enabled Samsung Phones.

If your device is not on the list, sadly you cannot use the MirrorLink feature on your Samsung phone. Still, you can use Android Auto to connect your mobile to the car infotainment system.

Does MirrorLink Use Mobile Data?

Yes, all the car infotainment systems including MirrorLink and Android auto use data to fetch the details on the screen. However, the amount of data consumed by MirrorLink depends on the usage pattern of the user.

MirrorLink needs an active internet connection to fetch details like map navigation and if you like to consume music on Spotify you might need to have a cheap or free mobile data plan.

On the contrary, all the basic tasks like making calls or answering them, and sending a text message don’t consume the mobile data on your smartphone.

Does MirrorLink work with Samsung?

Yes, MirrorLink works perfectly with all the latest Samsung Galaxy Series(A, M and S series). In order to use Samsung MirrorLink, you must have a MirrorLink enabled vehicle.

Samsung MirrorLink Alternatives

Besides Samsung MirrorLink, there are several other apps you can use to connect your Samsung phone to connect it with your vehicle docking system AKA infotainment system.

These apps work quite similarly to Samsung MirrorLink and allow you to control your phone’s home screen, music, calls, notifications and navigation directly from your vehicle infotainment system. Here is the name of some Alternatives.

  1. Android Auto
  2. InCar

These were the name of a few Samsung MirrorLink alternatives. Don’t forget to visit Best MirrorLink Alternative Apps to see the full list.(will be published soon)

Final Words:

Samsung MirrorLink enables you to connect your Samsung Android phone to MirroLink enabled vehicle to control your phone home screen directly from the vehicle’s dashboard display. It makes it easy to control your Samsung phone with a big screen while driving. All the latest Samsung Android phones have a MirrorLink feature that can easily be connected to a vehicle infotainment system using a USB cable. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.


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