What is com.samsung.android.fmm in Google Activity Log on Samsung?

com.samsung.android.fmm is the core app for Samsung Find My Mobile feature that helps you to locate your Samsung android phone in case you have lost it. Know more about com.samsung.android.fmm. What is it? What is it used for? Is com.samsung.android.fmm safe? Can we uninstall it safely? And may more; A detailed guide about including com.samsung.android.fmm in Google activity.

Samsung phones don’t have a good reputation for bloatware and factory-installed app. In such any suspicious activity in Google activity or an unidentified app name in the drawer triggers the user to suspect it. So, here is another packages name com.samsung.android.fmm you might have noticed in Google activity Logs.

What is com.samsung.android.fmm?

com.samsung.android.fmm is the package name for the core service on Samsung android phones used to locate the device in case of the device is lost or stolen.

The Find My Mobile or FMM is a core service on Samsung android phones that locates the device by using the online Samsung account.

what is com.samsung.android.fmm

You might find Samsung android fmm under All Apps or Recent Apps in the Google Activity logs. With the code, you can locate your Samsung phone remotely and wipe or lock it.

The Find My Mobile feature becomes especially important when you lose your mobile device or are forced by circumstances to control it remotely.

The Find My Mobile feature underscored by the com.samsung.android.fmm helps you locate your device remotely.

What is com.samsung.android.fmm Used For?

com.samsung.android.fmm feature highlight the Find My Mobile feature on Sasmugn smartphones to find the device remotely. The tool comes in handy when you have missed or misplaced your phone and cannot locate it.

The com.samsung.android.fmm makes it possible to track your Samsung device even it’s powered off.

Find My Mobile tires to locate the misplaced or stolen phone by showing the exact location of the device.

Also, you can control the device remotely and perform various actions like ringing the phone even if it is in silent mode, wide the data on the device and lock the device as well.

What can I do to use the Find My Phone functionalities?

use the com.samsung.android.fmm

com.samsung.android.fmm and the native app, Find My Mobile is quite useful for the user as described above. But, in order to take the advantage of the feature, users need to activate it by simply following some steps.

To Use Find My Phone

  • You must have a Samsung Galaxy Account, which is free and anybody can register on the website here: account.samsung.com
  • You must enable the remote control feature. That allows com Samsung android fmm to track down the device even if it is neither connected to Wi-Fi nor has its cellular data on.

How to turn the remote control feature on to enable app to function?

In order to use Find My Mobile you need to enable certain settings on the device. Follow the steps below;

  1. Open Settings on Samsung Android phone.
  2. Tap on Privacy options.
  3. Select Biometric Security from the drop-down menu.
  4. Open Security and Lock Screen.
  5. Find and Open Find My Device.
  6. Turn on Find My Device by toggling the button on.
  7. Offline Finding, Send Last Location, and Remote Unlock are all enabled.

Here is the video guide to enable Find My Mobile on Samsung;

Is com samsung android fmm app a virus?

No, com.samsung.android.fmm is not a virus. It’s the core component for the featured app Find My Mobile on Samsung android phones.

Sadly, some apps such as com.android.backupconfirm, particularly third-party ones, give leeway to the viruses and spyware programs that compromise data integrity or constitute such malware on their own.

List Of Samsung Bloatwares Safe to Remove

com samsung android fmm Fast Battery Draining?

Any app running in the background and using resources like RAM, processor, GPS, or mobile data tends to use the battery power on the device to some extent.

It is true that the Find My Mobile feature on the device may use the battery source as well. But, there might be some other reasons that may cause a fast battery drain on the phone.

Why Samsung Galaxy Battery Draining So Fast?

You can also navigate to Settings>Battery>Battery Usages on the device to check the amount of battery used my an individual service or app on the device.

Still, if you suspect, you can always disable com.samsung.android.fmm.

How to disable the com.samsung.android.fmm app?

Disabling the com samsung android fmm app is as simple as following the activation process, only that you toggle off the Find My Device option. Follow the steps below to disable com.samsung.android.fmm;

  1. Open Settings on Samsung Android phone.
  2. Tap on Privacy options.
  3. Select Biometric Security from the drop-down menu.
  4. Open Security and Lock Screen.
  5. Find and Open Find My Device.
  6. Turn off Find My Device by toggling the button off.

Other Services on Samsung Android

Besides Find My Mobile on Samsung, there are other significant apps and services on the device with different prospective and usages. Some of them are as follows;

Final Words:

com.samsung.android.fmm is the core application for the native feature app Find My Mobile on Samsung Android phones. The feature is used to locate the device in case it’s misplaced or stolen. The code not only helps you to track the mobile even if it’s switched off, but it also allows you to perform remote actions on the device like turning off, wipe data, lock the device, ringing the device and others. 

Sadly, the service associated with com.samsung.android.fmm is not pre-activated on the device and the user needs to activate it manually by navigating to settings. Also, in order to use the remote control feature you need to have your Samsung account signed in on the phone.