What is RoseEUkor Bloatware? Is it Safe to Remove RoseEukor

Roseeukor is bloatware that tends to run in the background on all Android mobile phones. Initially, the app was not listed as a standard app drawer and system apps. This raised an issue among users regarding data privacy and was suspected as adware. But, what id roseeukor? Is it safe? How to remove RoseEUkor from Android? Let’s find the answers.

RoseEUKor bloatware Samsung

What is RosEUukor?

RoseEUkor is bloatware required to run some essential features on your Samsung Android phones including fonts and widgets.

Samsung is well known for installing Blotwares on their devices. (Here is the list of all bloatware on Samsung Android phone). These bloatware are an extra support application package required to run some features on Samsung phones including Bixby Home and others.

RosEUukor is another bloatware often mistaken as adware that is required for fonts and gadgets styling on Samsung Android mobiles. The bloatware acts as a catalyst to customize the fonts and styling on Android.

Unlike ChocoEUkor(another bloatware), it is not possible to remove the RoseEUkor without rooting the Android.

Is RoseEUkor Safe?


Most of the bloatware on Samsung mobile or other Android devices are usually safe as a term of data security and privacy. Bloatware is an application package that is required to run dedicated apps smoothly.

This means, RoseEUkor is safe and can be ignored without bothering about user privacy on Android. However, this can eat your Android CPU and drain your battery.

How to Remove RoseEUkor?

Usually, it’s not possible to get rid of bloatware completely without root. However, if you are still seeking a method to remove it from Android you can simply follow the steps below;

  • Open app drawer on Android.
  • Tap on the Bloatware you want to remove.
  • Here tap on “disable” to remove bloatware.
  • Repeat the steps for each individual bloatware to disable/remove them.

If you are lucky enough, you might find the RoseEukor listed in the app list under App drawer. But, you can always follow the steps here to remove RoseEukor from Android using Windows PC and software.


Bloatware like RoseEukor, ChcoEukor or CoolEukor are pre-installed apps to run widgets, fonts, and stying on Android. RoseEukor is harmless bloatware that can be uninstalled easily. But, if you are using custom styling fonts on Android. It is suggested to let it reside as removing RoseEukor can reset your font settings to default.


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