Why I am getting “Message Blocking Is Active” pop-up? How to Fix it?

We often get the error message pop-up “Message Blocking is Active” while sending a message on Android. This can be caused due to an invalid contact number or poor reception. Chances are you have manually blocked the messaging sending on android phone.

Message Blocking Is Active
Message Blocking Is Active

Here we have discussed handful of solutions to fix the Message Blocking is Active error on Android. We shall also discuss the potential reason behind the error and troubleshoot them.

What is Message Blocking Is Active error?

Message Blocking Is Active is an error we encounter while trying to send the message on Andriod.

The error appears every time you try to send a text message or email to contact.

The error may appear when the user has accidentally blocked the message services or the recipient has blocked the number.

Many users have reported getting the Message blocking is active error messages while sending the messaging.

Things go weird when you need to send some urgent message to a number and instead of getting the delivery report you get the same error message saying “Message blocking is active”.

What results in Message Blocking Is Active error?

A message blocking error keeps you from performing all the task related to message services like:

  • A message-blocking error keeps the user from sending and receiving the MMS or SMS to any recipient or contacts.
  • Unable to send to receive instant messages.
  • Cannot retrieve the received MMS or send a new MMS.
  • Unable to create a group to send bulk SMS.
  • Unable to send a voicemail.
  • etc.

In most cases, a simple restart can resolve the issue but if you are still unable to send the message and getting the same message-blocking error then here is the entire explanation and solution for you.

Reasons for Message blocking is active Error.

The primary reason to get the Message blocking is active error message is either the android is not registered on network or has poor reception. However, there are several other reasons that keep your text messages from getting delivered.

Here we have listed a few reasons that can cause the Message blocking is active error.

Recipient number is blocked:  

The message blocking is active error may show up if the recipient has been blocked on the device. Comes the situation when we intentionally or accidentally block the number and simply forget about it. You can’t send the message to a number if the number is added to your message blocked list.

Service Outrage:

Check if the Android phone has network access and if there is no congestion in the network. A poor network reception may also display the “Message blocking is active” error while sending a message.

SIM Card Not Fully Active:

Are you getting error messages while trying to send messages from a newly purchased SIM card? Chances are the SIM card is not fully active. In such it is suggested to wait for a couple of hours and try sending the message again.

The recipient has blocked your number:

The message-sending process may also get fail and revert with a Message blocking is active error message if the recipient has blocked the sender’s number or group of numbers.

No premium text messaging service:

You should also confirm that the service you’re sending the message to supports a premium text messaging service.

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How To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active” Error On Android

In order to get the “Message Blocking Is Active” On Android, there are a series of solutions you can apply and see which method works for you perfectly.

Restart the device

The first and almost step you should take to fix any minor or major problem including Message Blocking Is Active error on Android smartphone is to restart the device. Restarting the device forces the network service to be re-registered and may fix the error.

Check Network Coverage

A poor or no network reception can also result in a message delivery failure and hence display the “Message Blocking is active” message. Make sure the phone has proper network access and you can perform other network-related tasks like making calls.

Check Message App Settings:

Review the settings of your messaging app to ensure that there are no filters or blocks set that may be blocking messages from being sent.

Unblock the number

Check the block list on the mobile. See if the number you are trying to send a message to is not in the block list. Also, make sure the recipient has not blocked the sender’s number.


To check the block list 

  1. Open dialer app on Androd phone
  2. Go to settings
  3. Now go to call blocking
  4. See if the number is added to the list.
  5. Remove the number and try sending the message.

Look for Valid Text Content

Some users have been able to resolve this by sending only plain texts in messages. There is a chance that this error was caused by all the other non-plain-texts added to the message.

Remove all attachments, emojis, pictures, or graphics in the message and retry.

Check Carrier Account settings:

Check your online account with your wireless carrier or contact their customer support to ensure that there are no blocks or restrictions set on your account that may be causing the issue.

Log in to your online account with your wireless carrier or contact their customer support to verify if there are any settings or restrictions that may be causing the issue.

You may need to update your account settings or remove any blocks on your number or content types.

Enable Premium Access

Android phone with T-mobies has a premium access option that is required to be enabled if you are using premium messages. Enabling Premium Access can resolve the  “Message Blocking is active” error on Tmobile Android phones.

  1. Go to Android settings.
  2. Navigate to App Management.
  3. Tap on messaging App.
  4. Click on More icon on the top.
  5. Now Click on special access and then Allow premium access to enable the option.


Short Message Blocking

If the above methods didn’t fix the message-sending error on your Android, chances are the carrier provider has blocked the text message services on the device.

This issue can be solved only with the help of customer care. All you need is to call them up and ask for the SMSC(Short Message Service Number.)

Once you have the SMSC number., follow the steps to update it;

  1. Open messaging app on Android
  2. Go to settings > Additional settings
  3. Here open Short Message Service Number
  4. Input the new number obtained from customer care
  5. Tap OK and exit the menu.
  6. Restart the device and see if the problem is resolved.


What is Free message: Message blocking is active?

free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active, is an error is usually caused if the Android has poor or no reception at all. The T-mobile Android mobile is well known for showing the error.

However, there are several other reasons that can cause your Android to show the “Message blocking is active” error instead of sending the message to the recipient number.

Message blocking is active-FAQs

What does “Message Blocking is Active” mean?

“Message Blocking is Active” is an error message that you may encounter when trying to send a text message from your mobile phone.

It typically indicates that your wireless carrier has blocked the message from being sent, either due to a setting on your account or due to restrictions imposed by the carrier.

Why am I receiving the error message “Message Blocking is Active” when trying to send a text message?

There could be several reasons why you are receiving the error message “Message Blocking is Active.”

It may be due to a setting on your account, such as a block on certain numbers or content types, or it could be a restriction imposed by your wireless carrier to prevent certain types of messages from being sent, such as premium SMS messages or messages to international numbers.

What causes “Message Blocking is Active” to occur on my phone?

“Message Blocking is Active” can occur on your phone if there are restrictions set by your wireless carrier or if there are settings on your account that block certain types of messages.

These restrictions may be imposed for various reasons, such as preventing spam, protecting against misuse, or complying with regulatory requirements.

Are there any specific settings or configurations I need to check to fix “Message Blocking is Active”?

Yes, there are specific settings or configurations you can check to potentially fix “Message Blocking is Active.”

Can my wireless carrier block me from sending text messages?

Yes, your wireless carrier can block you from sending text messages. They may impose restrictions on certain types of messages, such as premium SMS messages, messages to international numbers, or messages containing certain content, for various reasons, such as preventing spam, protecting against misuse, or complying with regulatory requirements.

Is “Message Blocking is Active” a temporary or permanent issue?

“Message Blocking is Active” can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the reason behind it. If it’s due to a temporary block imposed by your wireless carrier, it may be resolved once the block is lifted or the issue causing the block is resolved.

This was the entire detail about message blocking errors and how to fix the error. Which of these fixed the “message blocking is active” error for you? Don’t forget to check our TROUBLESHOOT section for other useful error fix guides for Android.