What Is a Text Mail Subscriber? Everything you should know

Text Mail Subscriber is a user who has subscribed to receive the mail or mails in text mode only. A text mail contains the only character instead of graphics, images, video, or HTML code. Know all about text mail subscriber and how it plays a vital role in text mail subscriber scam.


What is Text Mail Subscriber?

A user who is subscribed to receive text-only mail is called a Text Mail subscriber. A text mail subscriber is also referred to as a person who is using the Internet to place calls and not from landlines or mobile.

A text mail call is originated through Internet protocol AKA internet call services. Companies use such services to place calls to subscribers for product promotions and sometimes spamming.

When I try to call back the user, I get a voice message saying “the text mail subscriber is not available”.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber Voicemail?

Text mail subscriber voicemail is a service that lets the subscribers receive the mail in a simple text format instead of any standard  Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME), format consisting of HTML links, images, graphics, or video.

The messages are however sent to the email address only but the mail contains only plain text and no other rich content.

Text email or text message is the demonstration of making and sending electronic messages.

How Do Text Mail Services Work?

Text mail subscriber services are generally placed by using apps that allocate you a mobile number to make outgoing calls.

All the calls placed using this app are initiated using your Internet IP address and no callback is possible.

Google Voice is one of the best examples of standard text mail subscribers that allocates you a number to place outgoing calls.

These text mail subscriber calls are quite popular nowadays as most of the marking agencies use such services to make calls to their customers without bothering a callback.

But, some people have been abusing the service, and the term Text Mail Subscriber scam has been in the limelight.

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What is Text Mail Subscriber scam?

You might have received or missed a call from some anonymous number convincing you of some free stuff or winning a lottery. Such calls are a scam and you better stay safe from them.

People use text mail subscriber numbers to call you to forge to trap you in a scam. As it is hard to track back such calls. The scammer is using it profusely to con people.

How to track a text mail subscriber?

Tracking a text mail subscriber is not easy. But, still, you can go for a Google search to see if the number you just received the call from is listed as a scam.

There are several other methods you can use but sadly there is not a subtle method to track back the text mail subscriber call or message. So, how to identify a text mail subscriber scam number?

  • Use search engines like Google and search for the number to see if the number is mentioned across the internet.
  • Text back on the number and ask them to reveal their identity.
  • In case of a text mail subscriber message, use Google reverse images to search for the screenshot of the message.
  • Use reverse phone number lookup tools and apps to know the location or identify the number.
  • Use caller-ID app that displays the identity of the number you are getting the call or message from.

If you are already a victim of a scam text mail subscriber call, you may seek the court for legal actions and they will help you to crack down the puzzle for you.

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What is the Text Mail Subscriber Number?

A text mail subscriber number from you can send messages to your desired list. You specifically request your services provider to get this type of number.

What is Text Mail Subscriber Message?

Similar to text mail subscriber calls, text mail subscriber messages are sent to your mobile number that contains rich texts. Such messages are easy to identify as most of them are marked as the brand name instead of a standard 10 digits mobile number.

But wait before you fall for a lucrative offer you just received from a number, let me tell you Text mail subscriber messages can also be a scam. Thankfully it is quite easy to identify them as compared to fake Text mail subscriber calls.

Text Mail Subscriber scam

Signs to Know if a text message is a scam

It is true that all the Text mail subscriber message you received is not a scam but still, it is advised to look for some signs before you fall for the content and offers on the message.

Here are few measures you can take to identify if the message is sent by a genuine person/company or a scammer.

  • Look for the sender’s name of the message. A branded message is usually sent by brand name and you can identify them by just looking at the initials.
  • Read the message text carefully to see if the text in the message a lucrative and hard to believe. Scam messages often try to sell you some well-branded product at a very low price.
  • If the text message claims to you about your bank identity or credit card numbers. It’s a scam.
  • A text message containing links to claim a free prize or register for a free service is always a scam until it’s from a trusted source.

Text Mail Subscriber-FAQ

How to block text mail subscribers?

You can find a ‘unsubscribe‘ link just below the mail you have received. In the case of text mail subscriber messages, it is not possible to get rid of them. You can simply block the sender on your number.

How to get a text mail subscribers number?

Text mail subscribers are usually paid. But, you can use some free apps available on the Play store to get one. However, these free numbers will allow you some limited time or number.

How to figure out who the text mail subscriber texting me is?

The best method to track a text main subscriber text is to search google for the number and see if the number is listed as spam. You can also use some Caller ID app to search for the number.

How to trace a fake text message number?

It is not possible to trace fake text mail message number. But, company’s technical support and request that they send you a report of receiving messages of your “number” from the fake user’s name who’s doing that?


Wrapping Up:

Text Mail Subscriber is a useful tool for marketers and companies. But, as a user, it’s better to keep such calls and messages on the radar. And without bothering about tracking back or get scam, it is suggested to unsubscribe to Text Mail Subscriber calls and emails. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.


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