Messages Keeps Stopping? Here is How you Fix Crashed Message App

How to stop the messaging app from crashing frequently on Android phones. The situation gets even worst when you are using a Samsung Android phone as the messaging app crash error is reportedly encountered more frequently on Samsung android phones. So, let’s know how to fix the messaging app crashing error on Samsung android?

Why does my messaging app keep stopping?

Every time I open my message app on my android it shows a pop-up saying “Unfortunately messaging app has stopped”. I have tried all the possible solutions to keep the messaging app from stopping but still, the messaging app will crash and close automatically.

A: There are several forums and threads on the internet full of the same question “How to stop messaging app from crashing?”. This is the common error with the messaging app on your Android you might have encountered.

Especially, the Samsung S series mobiles tend to have the messages app crash problem quite often. Luckily it is easy to fix the error and stop messaging app from crashing on Andriod smartphones.

But, before we jump to the solution, let’s understand the root cause of a crashing message app on Android.

What causes the messages app to crash on Android(Samsung S Series)? 

Well, there is not a single reason to blame for crashing the messages app. Some of the major reasons are as follows:

  1. Outdated firmware or bug in the recent firmware.
  2. The cache of the messaging app might be corrupted.
  3. Outdated Samsung Galaxy software version.
  4. Using another identical app to manage the message.
  5. Some other bugs or corrupt message app itself.

And the list goes on. But, you can find a series of troubleshoots here to resolve the messaging app crashing issue on Android and also stop the messaging app from crashing on Samsung android phone.

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Solutions to “My Messages App Keeps Crashing on Samsung Galaxy S8” Issue

Solution 1: Restart Samsung Mobile

This is the first and foremost fix advice you will get to fix the problem on each device including mobile and others. And this so works for unresponsive message app on Android.

Restarting the device allows the messaging app to soft reset the library files which are required to run the apps profusely.

Hence, before you attempt further solutions, it is advised to restart the mobile and see if the messaging app is working fine.

If you are still facing with Messages app, you can go further and apply other solutions.

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Solution 2: Update Messages app

Have you recently updated the messaging app on your Android? If not, I insist you go for an app update. An outdated app may cause some conflict with Android OS and may end up crashing.

Also, updating the messaging app to a recent version can fix other errors as well.

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Solution 3: Clear Messages app cache memory

Cache memory is used to store temporary settings and configuring of an app on your Android local storage.

If you find it hard to open the messaging app to using or the messaging app keeps crashing, it’s suggested to clean the cache memory of your Android phone.

To clear the cache memory of Messages app;

  1. Goto to app drawer on Android
  2. Open messaging app
  3. Tap on force close
  4. Now tap on clear cache and restart the phone.

Solution 4: Clear Messages app Storage data

Clearing storage data of messaging app reset the app to default setting as if it was a news app. A frequently crashing messaging app error can also be solved by clearing the storage data for the app.

But, before you proceed let me warn you that cleaning the storage data of the messaging app will delete all the conversations and messages as well.

So, it is suggested to backup your important SMS and conversations before you proceed.

To clear the cache memory of Messages app;

  1. Goto to app drawer on Android
  2. Open messaging app
  3. Tap on force close
  4. Now tap on clear data and restart the phone.

Open the messaging and see if it still crashes.

These were the solutions to fix a crashing messages app on Android. However, you can try using some alternative messaging app by downloading them from the Google play store.