Best Video Player to Watch .Mov Videos on Android

Play .mov on Android using these video player available to download on Google play store for free. As most of the standard players on Android devices are assigned to play the most popular video format like .mp4, .mkv, .avi, etc. But, you can’t use these video players to watch the .mov files on Android. MOV files are widely popular for iOS devices including MAC and iPhones. Sadly, Android doesn’t support quick time videos by default. But, With a video player compatible with .MOV(quick time) videos, you can watch .mov on Android too.

What is MOV Video file Format

A MOV file is a common multimedia container file format developed by Apple and compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms. It may contain multiple tracks that store different types of media data and is often used for saving movies and other video files. . MOV files commonly use the MPEG-4 codec for compression.

MOV video Files

These MOV video files are supported by QuickTime video player, a default video player of Apple devices. In order to watch .MOV video on Android you need a MOV supported video player to play .MOV on Android.

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How to Watch MOV on Android?

Android devices are equipped with some default applications. A video player is also provided with compatibility to play most of the video formats including, MP4, AVI, MKV, MPEG, and others.

But, these default apps are not compatible with .MOV files. As .MOV files are highly popular and rendered by Apple products, Android avoid to embed to .MOV support to the video player which is strange.

But, you can still use some video player app to play .MOV on android. Download the app from Google play store and watch .MOV on Android mobile and tablets.


The question is, which .MOV player for Android is best? I personally suggest using an all-in-one player on your Android which can play all the video formats including .MOV, rather than installing a separate video player for .MOV on Android.

So, here we have listed some best .MOV players for Android users can use to play .MOV videos on Android.

Best  .MOV Video Player For Android


Here is the list of best free .MOV video players for Android. All the apps featured here are completely free and can easily be downloaded from the Offical Play Store.

  1. VLC for Android
  2. MX Player
  3. Wondershare Player

With the rapid development of the entertainment industry, the application is developed to support more powerful functions.

These apps are compatible to play .MOV on android and let you enjoy all the major video files on Android without worrying about the format of the video files.

We have listed the top 3 MOV player for Android with the convenience of playing MOV on Android and let you watch the .mov video format.

Find out the top 3 MOV video player for Android.

All the .mov players for android mentioned here are free to use and can support all the Android mobiles including Samsung, Samsung Galaxy, Mi, Redmi, etc. Also compatible with all versions of Android.

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1. VLC for Android

VLC media player is one of the best video players on PC. Easy interface and user-friendly video control UI make VLC the most downloaded video player.

With a huge range of supported video formats, VLC media player has ruled the world of video media player.

VLC player play mov on android

VLC for Android is another approach by the developer in order to run the Android market as well. VLC player for Android is one of the best video players you can use to play .MOV on Android. This supports all other video formats as well.

So, it’s a better idea to use VLC as your default video player to watch .MOV on Android with other video format files.

But, recently there was a bug detected on the VLC media player on the PC version. I suggest you wait until they fix the bug. However, there is no evidence of bug on the Android version of VLC media player.

Download: VLC for Android

Supports .MOV: Yes

License type: Free

2. MX Player

MX Player is another popular video player abb used on Android mobile. But, do you know that you can play .mov on Android using MX player Android App.

MX player not only supports .MOV video files but can also play almost all the video formats you can ever name. If you are fond of MOV video files, MX player is a must-have MOV video player on Android.

MX player play mov on android

Easy to use interface and friendly UI provides you with complete control while playing a video. In addition, this player also supports GUI to download Whatsapp Status without any third-party app.

Download: MX Player

Supports .MOV: Yes

License type: Free

3 Wondershare Player

Wondersahre Player for Android is another free video player you can use to play .MOV on Android. Wondershare is a popular brand established for cratering video editing software for PC including Windows and MAC.

Now Windershare has introduced a video player for Android devices that can play almost all video formats including FLV, MKV, AVI, ROMB, MP4, MOV and many more.


You can watch MOV on android using this free video player. In addition, you can directly stream your video from YouTube, Vevo, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc.

Download: Wondershare Player

Supports .MOV: Yes

License type: Free

Winamp Player for Android


Can I play .mov on Android?

Yes, with a supported .MOV video player it is possible to watch the .MOV video on android. VLC player, MX player are some best MOV video player for Android.

How do I convert MOV to mp4 on Android?

You can use any video converter app to convert MOV video to MP4 on Android.

Why video is not playing in Mobile?

Corrupt video files or unsupported video player can cause the error. Check if the video format is supported by the player


.MOV files are not supported on major video players on Android. In order to play MOV files on Android, the user needs to install a third-party video player. There are several other mov video players for Android you can use to watch .mov on Android. However, you can also convert the .mov files to another video format which I don’t recommend. Use these free apps to watch .MOV videos on Android and stay cool.