Musicpleer | Largest Online mp3 Music Search Engine

Musicpleer is the largest online music search engine on the web. The service is quite popular in the United States and India for downloading Mp3 songs. Musicpleer also lets you download Youtube videos in mp3 mode. What is Music pleer? How to use Musicpleer? And other details about Musicpleer online music search engine.

Musicpleer is the largest online music search engine

Musicpleer or Music Pleer

Musicpleer is an online mp3 and music search engine quite popular for downloading music video and mp3 songs instantly. The search engine allows the user to download any music instantly by searching the music with the help of a built-in search engine.

Users can download the video and the Mp3 version of almost any music from MusicPleer.

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How does Musicpleer work?

Musicpleer does not store any music or video file on the Musicpleer server. It is claimed that the search engine uses an advanced algorithm to extract the music from different online media library including Youtube.

MusicPleer is the largest online portal to download almost all music and mp3 files for free.

The MusicPleer algorithm is fast enough to return tons of results in a fraction of a second to the related music keyword.

The built-in Musicpleer music search engine renders the result by fetching the data from several other online music search engines like Youtube, iTunes and others.

In addition, there is a Musicpleer converter that converts any video music into mp3 ready to download instantly.

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How do you download music from Musicpleer?

Downloading music from Musicpleer is quite simple. The music search engine is quite identical to any other search engine on the internet. Follow the steps below to download your favorite music from Musicpleer instantly.

Download music from Musicpleer

  1. Goto
  2. Type the name of the song or singer you want to download and hit search.
  3. Find the music and play to ensure the music quality and song.
  4. Click on the download button.
  5. Select the format of music you want to download(Video/Audio)
  6. Your music will start downloading.

In addition, you can also use the Musicpleer app on Android devices to download music directly from Musicpleer apps.

Also, Musicpleer has a Google Chrome extension you can use to download music without even opening the Musicpleer website.

Musicpleer App(for Android)

Download MusicPleer App
MusicPleer App For Android and iOS

Musicpleer is not considered a legal service and the service are against Google policies. This keeps them from hosting Musicpleer App on the official app store on Android and iOS as well.

But, you can download the Musicpleer App for Android to search and download the music on your mobile directly.

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There are several 3rd party app stores available online to download the Musicpleer app for Android. As per iOS, the app is not available.


Download MusicPleer v1.2 APK

MusicPleer Chrome Extension

MusicPleer Chrome Extension

Musicpleer has also a chrome extension you can use to search and download the music direly using the extension. Unfortunately, there is no extension available for Firefox and other browsers.

Old MusicPleer vs MusicPleer Cloud

Musicpleer was recently spotted changing the official Musicpleer domain name frequently. According to reports, the search engine was providing the music to download without proper copyrights and licensing. But still, this has to be proven yet.

The most popular music download website Musicpleer was shut down permanently for promoting pirated content.

Fortunately, the old MusicPleer now has a new name called MusicPleer cloud. Still, there are several other domain names to access old musicpleer websites. The old is now available with a new name and

Is Downloading Music From Musicpleer Legal?

Musicpleer, as we know is the largest online music search engine on the internet. The search engine is known for downloading English and Hindi mp3 and video songs.

But, is it legit? How does Musicpleer manage to serve a huge free library of music?

No, Musicpleer or any other source to download music or movies for free is not completely legal. However, if you are using copyrighted music, video or any other content for personal usage, it is not illegal.

As per Musicpleer’s free music download, the service is not completely legal.

But, the search engine has played smartly by avoiding the storage of music on the server. Rather it provides you with the result from other online music search engines that are free.

This smart move keeps Musicpleer from violating the standard copyright rules and DMCA restrictions.

Is Musicpleer safe?

As we discussed above Musicpleer, is allegedly an illegal website to download music and MP3 files for free. This keeps the website to earn revenue from ads legally.

Hence, the website uses pop-up ads to earn revenue from the website. And these pop-up ads are often adware.

No, Musicpleer is not a safe place to download music practically, as the pop-up ads displayed on the website often force you to install some extensions and apps on your device.

A click on the wrong button and you may end up installing some adware or spyware on your browser or mobile device.

What happened to Musicpleer?

Musicpleer no doubt is the best website to search and download music and mp3. But, besides these great features, the original MusicPleer website was taken down.

Musicpleer was allegedly providing the music and mp3 to download without proper licensing and copyright illegally. This leads to the shutdown of the website. However, the website is still available but with a new domain address.


Musicpleer is no doubt the largest search engine to download music instantly. It’s a free music search engine to download mp3 and video, music instantly. Musicpleer is considered to be an illegal site to provide copyrighted material without proper licensing. But, one can’t ignore the significance of this free mp3 download store. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.