9 Best Caller ID apps For Android to Detect Unknown Caller

Using Caller ID apps on android are good practices to use in order to detect unknown callers on Android. A caller ID app on Android not only allows you to manage the calls but also lets you identify the spam caller and stay safe before answering the incoming call. Here we have listed some best free caller ID apps for Android you can download from the Google play store directly. Also, Don’t forget to check the list of best Dialer apps for Android to replace the Stock Dialer.

list of Best Caller ID Apps for Android
Best Caller ID Apps for Android

We always receive calls from unknown numbers, some of them are marketing promotion calls while others are just spam or scam calls. In such, a caller ID app can help you to identify the unknown caller and save your time and sometimes mental harassment as well.

A caller ID app displays all information about the unknown number flashing on your Andriod. So, you can decide to pick the call or let it go. Here we have listed some of the best caller ID apps for Android that are not only free but also have a huge database of phone numbers that helps you to identify the unknown caller before you answer them.

9 Best Caller ID Apps for Android

There are several apps available on the Play store you can use to identify the unknown caller. In such, it was quite hard to decide the apps that can fit on the list. Still, here we have picked the top 9 Caller ID apps for Android. All the apps featured here are free to use and can be downloaded from the Play store.

  1. Mobile Number Locator
  2. CallApp- Caller ID, Call Blocker
  3. Caller ID – Phone, Call Blocker
  4. Hiya – Caller ID & Block
  5. Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker
  6. True Mobile Caller ID
  7. Caller Identification App (CIA)
  8. Showcaller
  9. Truecaller

1. Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator, as the name, suggests the sole purpose of the app is to help users to identify the unknown caller on Android. The app is quite simple to use and configure.

The onscreen UI displays all the information about the incoming or outgoing calls like location, identity, Name, organization, email address etc.

This caller ID app is available to download from Play store and is free to use. You can also search mobile numbers in offline mode as well. Search Mobile Contacts of unknown callers with this useful tool.

Mobile Number Locator helps you to search any phone number from any country in the world. Shows City area, state country & network operator of a phone call will be displayed and GPS location will be shown on maps.


Download Mobile Number Locator from Playstore

Mobile Number Locator
Mobile Number Locator
Developer: SriApps
Price: Free

2. CallApp- Caller ID, Call Blocker

CallApp is another decent caller ID app in the list. The app has all the essential features like other called ID apps. But, what makes this app to stand in the position sit the call recording feature.

The app not only allows you to identify the caller but also a built-in call recording feature that lets you record the incoming and outgoing calls silently.

However, recording a call without consent is a punishable offense. But still, you cannot ignore it.

CallApp true caller ID is a top Communications Apps for its free block caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Call Recorder!
Recording calls, call blocker, robocalls & nuisance calls, blacklist numbers, identify phone calls with true caller ID, contacts, address book, phone number search, block numbers, blocker caller, automatic call recorder, dialer & always know “who called me” with Call App’s caller id app!

Caller ID apps Android callapp


  • Who called me?– Block caller ID app that identifies unknown caller ID & unknown numbers. Block Caller ID & Spam Call blocker in our true call blocking app! Don’t forget the call blocker to block calls & unknown numbers! Know the true caller ID & when the block caller ID is on the spam call blocker list! Know who calling me while blocking calls & spam block SMS!
  • T9 Dialer & Contacts app– CallApp is a dialer app with a T9 dialer that helps call your contacts phone numbers from your address book & reverse phone number lookup! Manage your calls & contact list dialer in the Call logs using our free caller ID, spam call blocker & true call recording app!
  • Blacklist numbers– add spam calls, block numbers & contacts from your address book/ phone book to our free blacklist app within our Caller ID & Call Blocker, Recording calls & dialer app! Blacklist a phone number & never see unknown callers. Use the phone number lookup to see “who called me” & blacklist the number.

Download CallApp from Playstore

3. Caller ID – Phone, Call Blocker

Another best contender of traditional Caller ID apps for Android. With Caller ID app on Android, you will be able to search for all the unknown numbers using the in-app dialer. The app also supports standard T9 keypad support that allows you to dial and navigate the number easily.

The app is not only a caller ID app but it has all the potentials to replace the default dialer app on Android.



  • Caller ID name and photo of all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Call blocker blocks calls from spammers and unwanted callers.
    Perform reverse phone lookups.
  • Phone Dialer with smart call log and Caller ID search.
  • Beautiful Favorites screen – quickly dial your favorite contacts.
  • Merge duplicate contacts – no more duplicate contacts.
  • Quickly call and search contacts from the dialer.
  • Call Recorder – now you can record any phone call.
  • Call, identify & block callers with a worldwide Caller ID coverage of over 2 billion phone numbers.
  • Top markets include the US, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Japan, India, Holland, Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, Australia, Israel, Egypt and More

Download Caller ID from Playstore

4. Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya (formerly Whitepages Caller ID) Call Block Security identifies the calls you want to take and blocks the numbers and texts you want to avoid. Hiya is free (no ads!), and is incredibly easy to use.

Block nuisance calls, blacklist unwanted phone numbers and SMS text messages, reverse phone search incoming call information and receive nuisance call alerts.

Hiya is powered by a database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers and millions of happy Hiya users who depend on the app daily.



  • Caller ID: Take calls from people you want to talk to and from friends not in your phone book.
  • Call Block / Nuisance Call Blocker: Blacklist unwanted callers, and block nuisance or fraudulent calls by sending them straight to voicemail. Control your privacy with an automatic call blocker that lets you blacklist nuisance numbers.
  • Security: Automatic alerts warn you if an incoming call is unwanted. Easily report nuisance numbers to help warn others.
  • Unknown Callers: Identify unknown callers in real-time.
  • SMS Caller ID: Identify unknown SMS text messages, even if they are not from someone in your contacts.
  • Reverse phone lookup: Perform a reverse phone search on an unknown number to find out if it is nuisance, fraudulent, or a legitimate caller.

Download Hiya from Playstore

Hiya: Spam Blocker & Caller ID
Hiya: Spam Blocker & Caller ID
Developer: Hiya
Price: Free

5. Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker

Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker helps you to Search & Track Mobile Number Location,STD code and ISD code without an internet connection. You can also block calls from unwanted mobile phone numbers & Caller(spam, unknown, telemarketing..etc)


  •  Caller ID will identify any unknown caller.
  •  Locate mobile phone number location, operator details, area & state.
  • Shows Caller Location Information during incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker app is completely offline.
  • Caller ID – Helps you identify who’s calling before answering.
  • Find STD Code, ISD Code.
  • Best app for GPS Route Finder – GPS Tracker, Maps & Navigation.
  • Free Mobile Caller Number Locator app for your android mobile phone.
  • Shows Caller Information during incoming call / outgoing calls.
  • Best to Track Mobile Number True Location, Identify Calls & Block.

Download Caller ID from Playstore

6. True Mobile Caller ID

People always confuse the True Mobile Caller ID with True caller(Another free caller ID app). But these two apps are quite different yet with the same basic features.

One of the best caller ID app for Android that works offline as well, unlike Truecaller where you need an active data connection in order to identify the unknown caller, the app displays pop-up information about the caller even the Android is not connected to wifi or another internet network.



  • Search for Caller Details using Phone Numbers.
  • Identify Caller ID.
  • Block Unwanted calls using Call Blocker or Spam Blocker.
  • Track your mobile location on Google Map.
  • Track day-to-day Mobile Location History using its GPS on
  • Google Maps.
  • Works 100% offline.

Download True Mobile Caller ID from Playstore

7. Caller Identification App (CIA)

Don’t get confused by the term CIA, this Android caller ID app has nothing to do with them. However, the app is one of the best apps on Android to identify an unknown caller.

In addition, the active GPS system helps you to track down the scammer and cheater by providing the live location of the caller as well.

CIA will help you identify unknown numbers on incoming calls. CIA also helps you block unwanted calls and warns you about spam/scam calls based on numbers reported by millions of users worldwide.



  • Real-time Caller ID: Always know who’s calling
    Slide, tap, swipe Slide the Caller ID up or down the screen, tap to minimize or swipe to dismiss during calls.
  • Smart call actions: Mute or block calls, reject calls with predefined text messages, or set a callback reminder.
  • Call blocker: Block calls from telemarketers and other scam/spam callers on Android.
  • Spam warning: Get warnings for more than 1 million spam numbers worldwide.
  • Search numbers: Identify name, address or business information of who’s behind a strange telephone number.
  • Alternative businesses: If you call a company and the phone number is busy, CIA will suggest similar alternatives.
  • Contact shortcuts: Multiple ways to handle contacts on after-call screens. Integration with multiple data sources e.g. Yelp!, facebook, Tripadvisor, Google Places, White Pages and Yellow Pages across the world to provide faster, more precise results.

Download Caller Identification from Playstore

8. Showcaller

Finally, we are at the end of the list of 9 best caller ID apps for Android, and trust me choosing the winner among the two best contenders is always risky and tough.

But still, I shall try to explain each of the caller ID apps and let you decide the winner.

Showcaller caller ID app is more than a dialer app. This app has all the potential to be the winner. With a huge user base and 1 million-plus active downloads, the app has definitely proved itself to stay on the list.

Showcaller specializes in identifying true caller id name and region, unknown (fake caller id) incoming calls and avoiding spam, scam, telemarketing and robocalls. A powerful caller ID app, call blocker, quick number book, contacts, phone dialer and call recorder. More than 50 Million people trust!

Showcaller-Caller-id app-android


  • Caller ID – Showcaller shows you caller id name and region. Once a result is found, you can add it directly to your phone book, contacts and number book. Browsing number tags and user reviews can help you get more number details.
  • Call Blocker – Block number from known spammers or unwanted callers. Showcaller also provides spam reports during incoming calls from unknown and private numbers that could be used to block calls. Say goodbye to telemarketing, scam, fraud, sales, ads, harassment and more!
  • Smart Dialer – Fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts, replace your stock system default-free calling app, and bring your dialing experience to the next level! Make a phone call more smoothly and intelligently.
  • Phone Number Lookup – All phone number searches within Smart Search are stored. Perform a phone number lookup on an incoming call and copy a number anywhere to find out who it belongs to (true caller id name and region). The most powerful phone number lookup in Showcaller.
  • Quick Contacts – Easily have access to your recent or frequent contacts, call or text them, this makes your communication fast and simple. You can also add or modify your number book easily as you like.
  • Offline Database (Lightning identification) – Fast caller ID and offline accessibility. Identify and show true caller ID without network. Caller ID working even offline!
  • Call Recorder – Powerful auto call recorder for you. Install Showcaller to get the best true call recording app at the same time! Record any incoming & outgoing calls with clear HD quality call recording. Enable/Disable the call recorder to your needs.
  • Easy to Use – Quick to download, easy to set up, it needs very little space to run, extremely fast and reliable to Caller ID.

Download Showcaller from Playstore

9. Truecaller-Caller ID

Last but not least, the Truecaller Caller ID app is one of the oldest and first-ever callers ID app for Android. The app has come across different updates and upgrades.

The app has advanced features like spam blocking, caller information, SMS blocking, call recording, and many more.



  • See who is calling even before they call
  • Use Voice calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free
  • Call Recording – Record important phone calls and save them to your phone (not supported on Android Pie and above)
  • Backup call history, contacts, messages and settings to Google Drive

Download Truecaller from Playstore

Truecaller: Block Spam Calls
Truecaller: Block Spam Calls
Developer: Truecaller
Price: Free

This was the list of the top best Caller ID apps for Android to identify the unknown caller and spammers. You might want to check the list of top dialer apps for Android. And also don’t forget to check the list of auto call schedulers for Android that you can use to place a call automatically to any given number at a given time and period.

Disclaimer: Fixyuorandrid.com doesn’t endorse any app listed here. All the caller ID apps required some permission like access phonebook, read call logs, location access microphone and storage access. So, it is suggested to install and use the apps with your own consent.

Is there a free caller ID app for Android?

Most caller ID apps are free to use with ads and some limited features like call recording, Video ID and other premium features. Moreover, you can use any of the Caller ID apps for free for basic needs like detecting unknown callers and spam.

Is there a caller ID app that actually works?

The accuracy of caller ID app depends on the databases they have and this is directly connected to the number of use the applications has. 

For example, in the USA the Verizon call filter and T-mobile scam shield is quite effective caller ID app that actually works perfectly. 

While in Indian regions Truecaller has a huge database and user base that makes it the best caller ID app in the region.

How to detect a Spam caller number with no caller ID?

One of the effective methods to detect a caller is using the Caller ID app. You can also use the Reverse Number Lookup service to find the caller identity with no caller ID.


Android Caller ID Apps-FAQ

What is the best app for caller ID?

Truecaller is one of the best and oldest caller ID app for Android and hence has a huge database. However, All the caller-ID apps listed here are best for identifying the unknown caller. Still, if can use them as per your preferences.

How can I get a free caller ID?

All the caller ID apps listed here are free to download from play store. But, for adition feature you need to buy a subscription plan.

Final Words:

A Caller ID app can help you to identify the unknown caller or restricted phone call numbers on your Android. The caller ID app displayed the information by searching the databases collected from the users using the app. Later this data is fetched to the screen whenever you search for the number or make a call. It’s always a good idea to keep a caller ID app installed on your Android as it can help you to identify the scammer and save you from potential harassment. Also, don’t forget to check our APP section for other useful apps for Android.



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