Proven Method to Send Long Videos From iphone to Android

Send long videos from iPhone to Android is quite frustrating and time taking task. A typical iPhone to Android data transfer needs a basic to advance level of computer knowledge and of course lots of wires and all. This article explains proven ways to share large files from iPhone and Android.

Send Large Video Files from iphone to android
Send Large Video Files from iphone to android

Share Large video and image files from iPhone to Android

Today’s era is all about large file size. The images and we capture the videos we shoot using modern mobile phones including Android and iPhones have a huge file size. Most of the videos shot on these mobiles are in 4K format which means a larger file size.

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But, this is not the problem, the real problem is the limited large file transfer options. Most of the data transfer tools don’t support sending large files across mobiles,

Well, there are other several forums and post you can find where people are asking about a method to transfer iPhone photos to Android or transfer a large video file from iPhone to Android.

Stick to the article and we shall discuss some easy way to share large files from iPhone to Android and vice-versa.

How to Share Large video and image files from iPhone to Android

The copyright and patent restrictions make it hard to share and transfer files, images, and video from iPhone to any other mobiles.

The best way to transfer the data from iPhone is to get data off iPhone into a Mac PC and again transfer it to another mobile, but, here we have collected few methods to transfer and share iPhone long video, images, and data to Android mobile and PC.

However, you can still use Social media like Whatsapp and Facebook to send files and transfer to Android.

But, the limited size of files and videos allowed to be upload on these social media platforms keeps you from sharing and transferring iPhone data across other mobiles.

Secondly, the shared contents are compressed to low resolution makes the video quilty poor.

The methods explained here can be used to share large video and images in high quality and original format.

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Methods to Send Large Files from iPhone to Android Using Cloud Services.

There are several methods to transfer high-resolution, large video files from iPhone to Android and PC. You can either manually copy all the data from the iPhone and transfer it to Android.

Send Large Files from iPhone to Android Using Cloud Services.

But this method to send long videos from iPhone to Android is quite complicated and you can’t perform this task on the go. Means, you need a Mac PC or Laptop, Wires to connect the devices and of course lots of time and experience.

How to Transfer Videos From Android to PC

But, if you are familiar with cloud and private cloud service, the data, images and video transfer from iPhone to Android becomes easy.

But, the question is which are the best and free cloud services to transfer files, images, and videos from iPhone.

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1. Send Large Video files from iPhone using AirDrop Cloud

Airdrop is the most popular and used App to transfer large files from iPhone to Android and PC. AirDrop allows you to send large files and videos without any size limit. In addition, it is also useful for sending large files in a bunch.

Means, you can send unlimited numbers of files without any size limit at once.

Send Large Video files from iPhone using AirDrop Cloud

Airdrop uses your iPhone’s Wifi-Direct feature to send the file to another AirDrop enabled mobile. In other words, AirDrop is the iOS version of Android Beam or Samsung Galaxy S Beam.

Sadly, AirDrop service is available across iPhones only. You can use AirDrop to transfer images, videos, documents, and contacts to another iPhone.

However, there are other third-party file transfer apps you can use to transfer iPhone videos to Android.

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2. Use “Send Anywhere” App to Send Large Files and Videos from iPhone

Talking about third-party data transfer app suggests the name Send Anywhere.

Send Anywhere is an app-based file and video transfer tool you can use to Send Long Videos from iPhone to Android.

Send Anywhere is available to download for all major platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, Amazon Kindle and, Chrome.

This gives you the liberty to transfer larger files including video and images from iPhone to Android, Windows macOS, and other platforms.

Use Send Anywhere App to Send Large Files and Videos from iPhone

This is also quite useful when you are sending the same file to multiple recipients. All the recipients will get a link to the file you have shared, they can download it on their respective device.

Download:  Android| iPhone

3. Send Large Files From iPhone using Keep safe Private Cloud

KeepSafe private cloud is well known and established in mobile data backup-restore app and services.

KeepSafe vault and private cloud service allow you to share large video files from iPhone to Android and other platforms.


In addition, you can use Keepsafe private cloud to share, transfer or copy the entire data to a new mobile device including Android and iOS. Keepsafe is useful to transfer or send data from iPhone, Android, Oxygen, Windows and Mac OS.

No matter how large your video or data is you can send long videos and images using KeepSafe private cloud services to Android and iPhones as well.

Download:  Android| iPhone

4. Send Long video files and data using Google Drive

However, Gdrive is a popular cloud service for Android devices. But, did you know that you can use Google Cloud to backup, restore and transfer iPhone data to Android and other platforms? Google Drive provides a free cloud space of 15GB.

This means you can send a long file up to 15 GB from iPhone to Android. All you need is to download the default GDrive app available on the Apple store.

Follow the steps below to prepare GDrive to send large videos and other files from iPhone to Android.

  1. Download the Google Drive app on your iPhone.
  2. Setup the Drive using the Gmail account by logging in using your Gmail login credentials.
  3. Don’t Worry you can create a Gmail Account for free.
  4. Now locate the file on your iPhone gallery and hold to see the share option.
  5. Now select Google Drive and wait for the files or video to upload.
  6. Once uploaded you can create a sharable link to the video and files you want to share.
  7. Copy the Sharable link and send it to other devices.
  8. Open the link on other devices and download the file.


Using Google Drive to send long videos from iPhone to Android or any other device is quite an easy method you can follow. In addition, this method is useful when you want to send a long video without losing the original quality and resolution of the video or image.

Other Methods to Send Large Files from iPhone to Android

You can use the above-explained services and app to share and send large video files from iPhone to Android and any other platforms.

However, there are other methods to send large files from iPhone to Android which are not included here. below are some methods;

  • Use Gmail and other mail services to send long files from iPhone to Android.
  • Upload the long video from iPhone to YouTube and other social Media app and download it later on Android.



Sending long videos from iPhone to Android and other platforms without losing quality and resolution is the most demanded and required feature now a day. Today we use our iPhone and Android to record 4K and high-resolution videos. in such, it would be a charm if we could share these large videos from iPhone to Android and vice-versa. Use the methods explained here to send images and videos in high resolution without losing the original quality.