9 Best YouTube Video Downloaders For Android To Download Youtube Video

Youtube Downloaders are the apps that allow you to download and save Youtube videos on Phones Gallery. Here is the List of a Few YouTube Video Downloaders. 

YouTube Video Downloaders For Android are some third-party apps that let you download youtube videos on Android and save it to the gallery. Although Youtube Terms and Policies don’t allow users to download the video outside the App. But still, you can find other apps to download Youtube videos on Android galley. These apps are not available on the Play store. You can find the Youtube downloader apps and download links in the article. Don’t forget to read the guide here to find the saved video on Youtube app on Android.

YouTube video downloader for Android

YouTube Video Downloader

Youtube official doesn’t let you download the video outside the app. However, you can still use the download button on the YouTube app to save the video and watch it later.

But, again this video needs to open the YouTube app to watch the video.

But, there are several apps available that allow you to save the Youtube video on Android outside the App. You can save Youtube videos on Android gallery to share and watch them later.

YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Android

Youtube has strict policies that deny the download of youtube videos outside the Youtube app. Still, downloading the youtube video to save it in the phone’s gallery is the most Googled term on the internet.

But, the question is How to Download Youtube Videos on Android to save them in the gallery? Well, answering the question, this will require some third-party apps to download Youtube videos on Android. However, there are other methods to download Youtube videos on Android without any third-party app.

9 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Android

Here is the list of top youtube video downloader app for Android. You can use these Youtube video downloader apps to download the Youtube video on Android in the galley and watch it later.

  1. YouTube Go
  2. TubeMate
  3. VidMate
  4. Snaptube
  5. InsTube
  6. YT3 Youtube Downloader
  7. YMusic
  8. Videoder
  9. NewPipe
By default, Android blocks the installation of apps that are not from the Google Play Store. So before you proceed any further, you need to enable app installation from other sources.

To allow it, go to Settings > Security. Tap on “Unknown sources.” A warning will pop up. Press OK.

Stream YouTube Videos Seamlessly Without Buffering

1.YouTube Go

YouTube Go is the most legal and easy Youtube video downloader app to download Youtube videos on Android. This is the official app designed and developed by Google itself. This assures you of the security and safety of the app.

You can easily download Youtube videos on Android and save it to the mobile gallery.

Unlike YouTube downloader, where you need to subscribe to Youtube Premium service in order to download the video. This YouTube Go video downloader gives the liberty to download the YT video instantly.

This is the big reason the app has made it to the top of the list as the best Youtube video downloader. The app is available to download in 125+ countries from the Play store itself.

If your country is not on the list you can still download the Youtube Go video downloader apk from other sources.

Unknown app
Unknown app
Developer: Unknown
Price: To be announced

2. TubeMate

TubeMate is a third-party video downloader app for Android to download videos from YouTube and other popular platforms like youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I addition TubeMate gives the option to choose the quality of the video before downloading Youtube videos or Facebook videos on Android. The in-app mp3 downloader can also be useful to download Youtube videos as mp3.

Youtube video downloader-tubemate

Overall TubeMate is a must-have video downloader for Android and everyone should have the app on Android mobile. Sadly, the official TubeMate is not available on the Google play store.

But still, you can download the TubeMate Youtube video downloader on Android from the official Tube mate website.

3. VidMate

VidMate is yet another Youtube video downloader app with lots of features and of course reliable. Vidmate is quite similar to TubeMate. Equipped with all the possible features you need to download the youtube video on Android.

VidMate has a built-in video search bar where you can search for the desired video from different platforms viz, Dailymotion videos, Facebook videos, Youtube videos, and other video streaming platforms.

Youtube video downloader-vidmate

The best part, the video downloader is available to download from the Play store itself. The video downloader allows you to search for the video on Youtube as per your desire.

You can find a separate category of different videos including movies, music, tv show, and many more.

This means you don’t need to open the Youtube app to search for the video to download. You can search Youtube from the built-in Youtube search bar on the app.

Search for the video, play the video and download the video by selecting the video quality as simple as it is. Besides, you can download YouTube videos from their online website: https://www.vidmeta.net.

4. Snaptube

Snaptube is one of the most useful app to download Youtube videos on Android. This Android app has all the potential to be called the best Youtube video downloader for Android.

This app is built to download videos from various video platforms including Youtube video, Facevideiso, Dailymotion video, Twitter videos, and other videos.

SnapTube allows the user to select the video quality before downloading the video.

Youtube video downloader-snaptube

The Android app is useful to download copyrighted videos from Youtube as well. This is one of the few video downloaders which support downloading copyrighted videos from Youtube.

5. InsTube

InsTube is yet another powerful YouTube Video Downloader for Android. It’s a universal video downloader for android to download the video from all major platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular platforms.

The app allows downloading Youtube HD videos as well.

The app is equipped with the option to select the quality and resolution of the video. The app is quite user-friendly and easy to understand GUI makes it one of the best Youtube video downloaders.

Youtube video downloader-InsTube

The fallout at the lower rank is the frequent pop-up ads and other annoying update reminders. Overall the app is quite useful to download video from popular social media platforms and Youtube as well.

Download videos on Android using InsTube

  • Launch the app and open the website(Youtube, Facebook, etc.)
  • Search for the video you want to download and tap the video to play
  • Once playing you can simply press the download button to download the video in the Android gallery.

6. YT3 Youtube Downloader

YT3 Youtube Downloader is purely dedicated to download Youtube videos in different qualities including full HD quality. A sole Youtube video downloader app for Android.

Free but yet powerful Youtube video downloader app for Android devices including tablets and mobiles.

Youtube video downloader-YT3 Youtube Downloader

Fast download, in-app lyrics, support will help you to find the lyrics of the video you are watching in the app.

Reverse music search-Search the song by humming

The in-app feature is also equipped with the HD-video download and mp3 download as well.

Download YouTube videos using YT3 Downloader

  • Open the App on Android device.
  • Open in-app Youtube and search for the video.
  • Tap on the download button and select the video/audio quality of the Youtube video as desired.
  • Proceed to download the video in Android galley.

7. YMusic

YMusic, as the name suggests itself the app is a dedicated Youtube video downloader for Android. Download the Youtube video in Android gallery and share it on other platforms on the internet. The best part is, You can play Youtube video in the background on Android with the app.

The tiny installation file size with lots of features, no need to sign in to a Youtube account to download the video. You can also surf through the Youtube trending video section on the app.

Youtube video downloader-YMusic

The YMusic Video Downloader app enables users to download full HD YouTube videos, however, restricts users to a single file type (MP4).

Meanwhile, users will also find Mp3 links to YouTube videos in mp3, and m4a format.

Download Youtube video on Android using YMusic

  • Open the YMusic app on Android.
  • Tap on in-app Youtube app to open it.
  • Search for the video and tap on the download button.
  • Select the video or Audio quality and start downloading.
  • Once downloading is finished you can find the downloaded YouTube video in the Android gallery.

8. Videoder

Yet Another free Youtube video downloader app for android that not only lets you download video from Youtube but it also supports more than 4000 video streaming platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Odysee etc.


Cherry on the cake Videoder is available to download from Play store itself.

All video and music downloader allows you to download music and videos in Ultra HD, 3gp to Mp4 quality videos. Video and music downloader supports all kind of short or long videos or music, it also supports downloading movies as well.

Videoder - Video Downloader
Videoder - Video Downloader

Media downloader supports all kinds of android devices, 8.0, enjoy HD videos and movies smoothly with Ultra extreme HD quality on the best media downloader online.

9. NewPipe

Last but not least the NewPipe video downloader is more than a YT video downloader on the podium. The app has lots of intuitive features I personally dare you to avoid.

NewPipe is a Youtube tool that can not only download Youtube videos but also gives you are liberty of binge-watching your favorite video without ads.

Yes, you read it right, NewPipe is a full fledge Youtube tool that comes with lots of Youtube features that you usually miss on the non-premium membership.


  • Dropping support for Android KitKat
  • Download videos directly through the long-press menu in lists
  • Share local playlists as list of video URLs
  • Add option to hide future videos (a.k.a premieres)

Youtube Video Downloader-FAQ

How to download videos From Youtube on Android?

You can simply tap on the Download button while playing the video on Youtube App on Android. You can navigate to Library>Downloads on the app to see the downloaded video.

Which app is easy to download YouTube videos?

There are several apps you can find on Playstore to download YouTube videos.

How to Download Youtube Videos on Legally?

Youtube policies don’t allow you to download or save videos outside the Youtube app.

can I download YouTube videos without premium?

Yes, you can download a video on Youtube without a premium subscription as well. However, Youtube restricts downloading videos in HD to non-premium Youtube users.

Final Words:

This was the list of best free YouTube Video Downloaders app for Android. Use these apps to download your favorite Youtube video in HD, 1080p or mp3. Some of the apps featured in the article are quite useful to download videos from Facebook and Twitter as well. Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section. Don’t forget to check our APP section for other useful apps for Android.