Winamp Android-An overview | How to Download Winamp for Android

Winamp Android is not available on PlayStore. This is unacceptable and crazy for most of the Winamp fans. Why Nullsoft Winamp player is not available on Playstore and how to download Winamp player for android? Find out the official download link for Winamp android apk to download and enjoy music as on PC. What is the best Winamp alternative player for Android?

Winamp android
Winamp Android

Remember the legendary “Winamp? It really whips the llama’s ass!” sound? Yes, this is the greeting line of the Winamp mp3 player. Since the release of Winamp player in the year ‎April 21, 1997.

Nullsoft Winamp is still one of the favourite media players for most of the music lovers. Low RAM usages, Run in background, Minimal installation, almost all media file support, and free plugins are some of the features of Winamp player making it popular among Windows and Mac users.

The best part of Winamp Android is you can enjoy the preloaded Shoutcast Radio for free. Most of the media player for Android is missing this feature. Some other features are discussed at the end of this article.

Winamp For Android

Nullsoft released Winamp for Windows and Mac initially but later Winamp was released for mobile devices. Sadly, due to some unknown reasons, Winamp for Android was removed from Google Playstore. But, the Android Winamp is still available to download for Android.

There are several other websites claiming to provide the official Winamp APK for Android. But, Beware!! most of these websites are fake and full of spam. Clicking on such websites may lead your device to get compromised for potential malware attacks. This article briefs all the features and Winamp Android apk download link.


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Winamp Android not on Playstore

As we all know, Winamp Android is not available to download from the official Google Playstore. The original Winamp has been removed from Playstore due to some reasons. Most of the websites and forums claiming to provide Android Winamp download links are expired or redirects to the Winamp Playstore link which is not available anymore.

winamp android apk
Winamp Android no longer available on Playstore

Winamp Playstore Expired Link

Now, the question is, How to download Winamp for Android and Where can you find the original Winamp APK from Android?

But, before you google for it and open any random website to download Winamp APK, it’s advised to check the official website for announcements and development. Don’t get lure from the name like Winamp original APK or Winamp for Android full version etc. Websites claiming to provide the Winamp APK may be providing some alternate Winamp app or chances are you may end up installing some spam or misleading Application on your Android.

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Winamp -An Overview

Check the Official website for Winamp Android download link and notification.
  • Persistent Player Controls

Intuitive interface that offers consistent access to player controls, the Winamp home screen & the play queue — a temporary tracklisting that you can easily manage, sort or save as a playlist.

  • Shoutcast Radio

Extend your listening experience beyond your own library. Discover over 45,000 internet radio stations. Search or browse by featured stations, top stations, all genres or recently played.

  • Widget Player & Shortcuts

Add playlists or one of the widget players to the Android home screen. Enable playback control from the lock-screen.

  • Now Playing

Displays song info, swipe-able album art & more. Tap to reveal additional features like artist bios, news, & photos. Integrates with other installed apps on your device (e.g. Pandora, YouTube and

Winamp Official Website

Download Winamp Android

Download Winamp Android
Winamp Android Download

However, this is not the official Winamp Android media player but this is the last stable version of the official Winamp. You can easily download Winamp on your Android device to Install and enjoy the music and radio on your Android device.

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Use the links below to Download official Winamp apk and installation instruction:

Winamp Android- How to download and Install.

Winamp Android-Final Words:

Winamp Android was removed from Google play store but there are several websites claiming to provide the official Winamp apk file for Android. It is advised to always download the Winamp apk from trusted sources. All the links featured in the article are tested and from trusted sources. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.