What is com.sec.bcservice on Android? Detail & Troubleshoots

com.sec.bcservice is another system app on Android phones accountable to look for the process related to calls. The abbreviation in the term com.sec.bcservice goes as follows. The term “Com” stands for the compilation, an Android terminology. The “Sec” stands for Samsung electronic products and the “bcservice” Base call service.

So, What is com.sec.bcservice on Android? What does it mean? Is it harmful? And how to uninstall it? Let’s find out the answer.

What is com.sec.bcservice?

As we read earlier the com is the name of compiler name of the app on Android. The sec subfix means that it’s an app package name installed on the Samsung Android phones.

com.sec.bcservice is a system app installed on the Samsung Android phones mostly related to calling services. The app packages size around 42.40 Mb and have phone permissions on the phone.

Android is a simple operating system. But, in order to keep it simple and user-friendly, the Android system needs to run several other system apps on your device to give a nice GUI experience.

Some of these apps are related to font and styling also know as bloatware while others are necessary system apps.

These system apps play a vital role to help the android systems to run different operations and features smoothly.

The system app packaged installed on the Samsung Android phone can be identified with the prefix “com.sec”.

Here is the example of another “com.sec” package you may find installed on the Samsung Andriod devices by default.

There are several other system apps you can find running on the Android phone with different names and significances.

How to check if the com.sec.bcservice is running in the background?

Like other system apps on android, the com.sec.bcservice tends to run in the background. to verify this you can simply navgate settings->apps->show system app. You can see com.sec.bcservice here along with other system applications running on the phone.

What is com.sec.bcservice used for?

The primary usage of the com.sec.bcservice is version two of the device and performs important roles in the functioning of the phone especially the calling process on Samsung Android phones.

The app usually keeps running in the background and loads immediately right after the device boots. The app keeps running in the background silently and doesn’t show any notifications. But, users have reported getting the “com.sec.bcservice has stopped” error on the Samsung phones.

How to Fix “com.sec.bcservice has stopped” Error?

To fix the problem you can simply follow the steps below;

  1. Open settings on Samsung android phone.
  2. Open Apps or Apps manager.
  3. Tap on the hamburger menu(three horizontal line on the top right corner).
  4. Select show system apps.
  5. Find com.sec.bcservice from the list and tap to open.
  6. Tap on force stop button and restart the device.
    force stop com.sec.bcservice

If the method still seems not to work and you are still getting the error then you may conder downloading the latest version of  com.sec.bcservice.apk and install it.

Is com.sec.bcservice Harmful?

Like other system apps on android phone com.sec.bcservice keeps running in the background and helps android OS to run the specific function or feature.

com.sec.bcservice is not harmful at all and it’s ok to let it run in the background. However, it may use a little bit of battery power on your device like any other system apps.

You may find some short of rumors around the internet about several system apps about data breaches or Keylogging. But, there is no significant proof available.

How to disable com sec bcservice?

It is not possible to disable the com.sec.bcservice on Samsung android phones. It is not possible to disable it as it’s essential for Android OS and stopping the service can harm your device or result in malfunction.

However, you can clear the cache if you don’t want your data to be saved.
You can even try disabling it with the help of root but you need to follow the whole procedure carefully.

clear cache com.sec.bcservice

You can simply follow the steps above to access the com.sec.bcservice and tap on clear cache button.

Why All App have “com.sec” prefix?

Have you ever wondered, why the apps on Android phones are always named like “com.sec.wssyncmldm” and “com.sec.bcservice“?

The terminology on the “com.sec” is actually a prefix for an android app package name.

The term  ‘com’ signifies the apps complier while the ‘sec’ stands for Samsung electronic products.

Wrapping up:

This was a simple guide to com.sec.bcservice on Samsung Android phone. it’s a system app on your android phone that keeps running in the background with only phone permission. The system app helps Android OS to run essential services to keep the operations smooth. Disabling or removing the com.sec.bcservice from your device is not possible as it may end up killing your device. Also, it is safe to let it run in the background.



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