What is Epdg Test App on Samsung Android? EpdgTestApp Explained.

Epdg Test App is a pre-installed app on Android that plays a vital role in the service delivery of non-SGPP access networks. Know all about Epdg Test App. What is com.sec.epdg app package on Android. Is it safe?

What is Epdg Test App on Android?

What is Epdg Test App on Android?

Epdg Test App or Evolved Packet Data Gateway is an Android service app package on Android that helps to deliver the network service of a trusted or untrusted non-3GPP access.

In easy words, EpdgTestApp is a core network architecture about the 3GPP’s LTE wireless communication standards that interferes with non-trusted 3GPP IP systems like test the network before establishing a wifi call.

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What Permissions does Epdg Test App Have?


Epdg Test App and other services on Android require some basic permission like phone, storage and other essential permissions to run smoothly.

However, you are not required to grant any permission to run the Epdg Test App service on Android as they are pre-installed with all necessary permissions.

Android phone manufacturer like Samsung is well popular for installing the Epdg Test service App on their smartphones.

Is Epdg Test App Safe?

Yes, Epdg Test App is completely safe as it doesn’t have any access to your phone storage or data stored on your device.

However, users have complained about Epdg Test App eating resources like RAM and draining the battery on their mobile.

Epdg Test App is related to LTE network on Android phone and it has nothing to do with your data and messages stored on your Phone’s storage.

What is com.sec.epgd app?

com.sec.epgd is the app package for epgd service. All the system apps on Android have their own nomenclature with the prefix “com”. Read more about com.sec.epgd.

What is Com App Package on Android?

Com App Package is some pre-installed apps on Android that are related to run some sort of service on smartphones. Samsung Android phones are goos known for installing such systems apps on their mobile phones.

These apps are often known as bloatware, com.wssyncmldm, com.samsung.android.app.spage, and com.android.settings are the best example of Com App Package installed on Android.

How to Fix “com.sec.epdg Has Stopped” Error?


Users have reported the frequent pop-up ‘com.sec.epdg Has Stopped’ on their Android. Corrupt cache, force closing the app or low storage may cause the error.

To fix the com.sec.epdg error you can try clearing the cache of the app by going to settings>app drawer>com.sec.epdg and selecting clear cache data. If the problem persists, you may clear app data as well.

Can I uninstall Epdg Test App?

It, is not possible to uninstall com.sec.epdg on Android. As it is one of the essential core app packages for Android to work smoothly.

Still, if you are concerned about the data, storage, battery draining and resource, you can see here the list of other bloatware apps you can uninstall without interfering with the normal operation of your Android.

Wrapping Up:

com.sec.epdg or Epdg Test App is a system app on Android that helps to deliver the network service of a trusted or untrusted non-3GPP access. Evolved Packet Data Gateway is completely safe and trustworthy with formal permissions. You cannot install the Epdg Test App app from Android by any means. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.


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