Is It Possible To Get Ios As Custom Rom For Android

Let’s face it! Making your Android as feature-rich as iOS is one “hard-to-resist” deal. But the debates on several forums regarding whether there is a custom IOS ROM or not can put you into confusion, especially if you want to get a custom IOS ROM.

So, if you ever find yourself wondering if is it possible to get ios as custom rom for android or not, the short answer is “yes.” And to know in detail how you can get hold of such ROM, stick with us till the end of this post.

Getting a custom IOS ROM requires attention to detail and some must-to-follow prerequisites. Otherwise, you can face technical issues in between the process. And for your better understanding, we will break down the prerequisites along with the installation process.

Is There Really a Custom iOS ROM for Android?

You might wonder that iOS is a closed-source system, so how it can be possible to get a custom iOS ROM for your Android. But to your wonder, with the latest technology, it is possible to make custom ROMs that feel like iOS. You may name it a clone version of the iOS.

Android developers have come up with some Android ROMs that can give you the features and performance of the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPods, etc. Once you run the custom ROM, your user interface will look familiar to that of the iPhone’s screen.

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And if you download apps in such ROM, the apps’ home page or interface will also be similar to the apps installed on actual iOS devices.

Not only the developers have launched the custom rom for ios on Android, but they also have developed some tools or software that help you to install and run such ROMs on your smartphone. TWRP software, SHRP, PBRP, or the CWM are such tools.

You just need to understand how to use the tools to properly set up a custom ROM. And for that, head to our next sections.

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Is It Possible to Get IOS As Custom ROM for Android? And What Are the Prerequisites?

Installing an IOS custom ROM for your Android is not only a bit complicated but a time-consuming process as well. You need to be careful enough to follow all the steps to it. And maintaining the below-listed prerequisites is also a must to make it a success and not to lose any data:

  1. First of all, keep a backup of your important files or documents. You can transfer them to another phone or a computer.
  2. In order to keep a backup of your photos, go to the Google Photos app, and click on the Profile icon at the upper-right corner of the screen. Then tick off the Backup and sync option from the Photos Settings section.
  3. For your music, you can install the Youtube Music app. After opening the app select the profile icon from the top and press the Upload Music button. Then select the songs you do not want to lose, and press the Open option to back them up to the Youtube music app.
  4. You need to use the Google Drive app for other important documents backup, click on the plus (+) icon from the app. Then select the upload button and click on the files you want to store.
  5. Make sure you have a stable internet connection on your Android device and computer. And keep at least 70% of the charge in them so that the battery does not run out in between the process. And such a half-completed installation can kill your device.
  6. You need to download a custom rom for ios ZIP file on your Android, from a reliable site.
  7. Google Apps or the GApps as many custom ROM do not come packed with the Google Play services apps.
  8. It is better if you install the ROM and GApss on your computer as well.
  9. Then you need to install TWRP on your phone, before that, you must root your phone and unlock the boatload of your smartphone. Remember that the unlocking process is different for different phone models. So, you must go through the online unlocking guide meant for your phone only.
  10. After downloading, open the TWRP and click on the TWRP flash followed by the Allow option.
  11. Then from the TWRP home page, select your device name and download the TWRP Image file meant for your phone model.
  12. From the “Select A File to Flash” section, choose the image file you have downloaded and flash it with the Flash to Recovery option.
  13. Now you need to activate the USB Debugging on your phone, for that, open the “About Device” option from the Settings and find the Build Number option. In a row, tap that option seven times and a popup will confirm that you are in the Developer mode.
  14. Head back to the main Settings menu to click on the Developer options, then enable the USB Debugging slider.

After following all these requirements, you are all set to follow the process to get a custom IOS ROM on your Android. Be meticulous enough while following the steps to prevent your phone from going into Brick mode.

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How to Get or Install IOS as Custom ROM on Your Android?

With the custom IOS ROM on your Android, you will get to explore added features, advanced customization, theming, and many more. So, without any delay, let us walk you through the custom ROM for the IOS installation process:

  1. Once you have the custom ROM zip file downloaded on your phone, proceed to download the GApps. You must browse the file from a secured site such as APKMirror or APKPure to prevent any malware attack. You will need GApps because you might not get the Google apps like the Drive, Play Store on your device with the custom ROM.
  2. You need to make sure you have copied the downloaded custom ROM ZIP file and the GApps file to your SD card, then you have to boot into TWRP. And for the booting, you need to follow some button combinations on your phone.
  3. So, switch your phone off and long-press the physical Volume Up and the Power keys simultaneously. Once you can hear a vibration with the boot logo or your device’s name on the screen you need to release the keys.
  4. After a while, you will see the TWRP Custom Recovery screen, from there you need to keep a nandroid backup. This backup will be your savior to restore the data of the default state of your device in case the custom ROM installation fails.
  5. For the nandroid backup, from the TWRP home page, click on or slide to the Backup section, it will show you the partitions you can backup. Then tick off the Boot, System Image, Data, Modem, and last but not the least, EFS boxes or options.
  6. After selecting the partitions, find the Swipe to Backup option at the bottom of the screen Swipe the option and in a while, the backup process will be done.
  7. Then head back to the main menu of the TWRP and click on the Wipe option. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a Swipe to Factory Reset option. You need to swipe that option to the right for a factory reset.
  8. Now click on the Format Data option, and it should be right above the Swipe to Factory Reset option.
  9. After that, enter or type “yes” and tick off or click on the tick mark. And in a while, it will start the data formatting process. You will have to reboot your phone so that the TWRP can identify the new format and work properly.
  10. Note that, because of the Factory Reset or the Data Format process, the copied files, in other words, the saved ROM zip file and the GApss file are removed from the internal memory or the SD card. So, you must copy them back to the SD card or phone’s storage before proceeding further.
  11. You can use TWRP to copy those files, so, click on the Mount section from the home page and make sure the Cache, Data, and Firmware options are turned on under the Partitions to “Mount section.”
  12. Then click on the Enable MTP button from the bottom of the display.
  13. With a USB port connect your PC and your phone and the PC should identify the phone as a removable storage device, then send or transfer the downloaded ROM and GApps.
  14. After transferring, go to the home page of the TWRP software and click on the Install Zip section.
  15. From there select the folder or location you have saved the ROM zip file and the GApps files to.
  16. First, click on the GApps file and select the Swipe to Install button, wait until it is done.
  17. Then go to the TWRP previous menu and select the iOS ROM from the Android Zip file, at the bottom, you will see an Installation slider, slide or swipe it. In about ten to fifteen minutes the iOS ROM will be installed on your Android.
  18. After the custom ROM installation, from the TWRP, click on the Wipe Cache or Dalvik option, then do not forget to slide or swipe the slider you see. It will erase the cache and Dalvik cache from your phone.
  19. To use the iOS ROM you need to reboot the system from the TWRP screen.
  20. Do not panic if your phone does not boot up in a while. It will take some time as it is the first-ever time you are booting an iOS ROM on your phone.
  21. Do remember that, in some cases, the installation process might not boot up, then you need to install the custom ROM from TWRP again.
  22. And from the recovery mode flash the GApss, it shall fix the issue.
  23. Once your phone reboots or boots up, you need to go through the setup to fully install and run it on your Android.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TWRP Necessary to Install Custom IOS ROM On Your Phone?

You can install the IOS ROM without TWRP or any recovery software. But to flash the ROM file and carry out other tweaks with ease, you definitely need the TWRP. Also, other recovery programs such as CWM are not compatible enough with the latest smartphones. So, the TWRP is presently reliable and efficient for your Android.

How to Get Back To the Stock Android from the IOS Custom ROM?

There are several ways to remove the IOS Custom ROM from your Android. And one of the go-to ways is to factory reset. Once you reset the phone, it will restore all the data or settings to the default or Stock Android.

Is It Possible to Flash A File Without the TWRP?

Yes, it is possible to flash a custom ROM file without the TWRP. You can download any manual file flasher app, such as Franco Kernel Manager from the Google play store. And after opening the app and its Flash option, you need to select a file to flash it. Some Android OS does not yet support the TWRP. In that case, a manual flasher is a savior.

Does Getting A Custom ROM Void the Warranty?

Yes; no matter which Android device you use, you will not get warranty services for a custom ROM. So, before heading to the store, restore your OS to factory settings. Only then you are allowed to expect to get the services.


Final Words:

As long as you know how to install an iOS custom ROM on Android, there is no need to pay bucks for an iPhone to explore its high-end features. With the custom ROM, you get to turn your Android OS almost like an iOS.

But as the process is a bit tricky, beginners, even expert Android users panic over whether is it possible to get ios as a custom rom for Android without affecting your phone or not.

However, if you follow our guide thoroughly, we believe that you will not face any issues. And make sure not to take any extra steps without understanding.