Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC | Run iOS Apps on Windows

ios emulator for windows pc to run iOS applications and play Apple games on Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10. We have collected a list of best free ios Emulators you can use to run iOS apps on Windows PC. Play Apple ios games and apps directly on Windows PC. These free emulators are compatible to run almost all Apple apps on the PC. While there are several Android emulators out there but still few of the ios emulator is known to the majority of people. Find and download free ios Emulator for Windows PC.

ios emulator for windows pc
ios emulator for windows pc

iOS Emulator

If you own an Apple mobile but want to run ios App on Windows PC. Then this article may help you with it. You can run any app meant for Apple mobiles on your Windows PC. Yes! we are going to discuss a handful of free ios Emulator for Windows to run ios apps and games on Windows 7,8,8.1,10 and furthermore.

But before we shoot to the list, let’s know a bit more about ios emulators.

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What is an iOS emulator?

To understand an ios emulator we need to know the emulator first. An emulator is a third-party software installed on your computer to provide a platform for installing the apps that are actually designed to run on mobile devices.

Similarly, an ios emulator allows you to install and run an ios app on your PC. You can enjoy playing your favorite ios games on your PC and enjoy the apps meant for your iPhone.

Free iOS Emulator for Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10

Here are the Best iOS emulators for PC to run iPhone Apps and Games on Windows.

S.NOiOS EmulatorSupport OSOverall ScorePrice
1iPadianWindows, Mac OS, Linux4/5Free
2Air iPhoneWindows2/5Free/Paid
3iPhone SimulatorWindows4/5Free
4RippleWeb extension(Browser-Based)4/5Free
7iPad SimulatorWindows, Mac OS, Linux(as Chrome Extension)4/5Free

1. iPadian

iPadian is one of the best ios emulators for Windows to run ios apps and games on Windows PC. The best part is the emulator is capable to run ios apps on Windows and Android devices as well.

You can play ios games using the ios emulator on Android and Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10. Overall this free ios emulator is all in one emulator.

ipadian ios emulator for windows pc

In addition, iPadian ios emulator gives you the liberty of using all the Apple features on your Windows PC and Android devices. YOu can use Siri, TvOS, iMessages and plenty of ios feature on Windows PC.

Easy to install and user-friendly GUI makes this ios emulator shoot to the top of the list.

iPadian is a free ios emulator suitable for playing ios games and run ios apps on windows, Linux and Mac OS as well.

The major drawback of this free ios emulator is that you cannot access the official Apple store on iPadian. But still, it’s worth giving it a try. Download ipadian for Windows from the link below.

  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Score: 4/5
  • Price: Free

Download iPadian emulator for windows

2. Air iPhone

Air iPhone is more than an ios emulator. It’s a virtual iPhone installed on windows. The free ios emulator for windows can create a virtual iPhone environment on windows pc.

Air iPhone can create an ios interface on windows. But, in order to work it, you need to install a free Air framework.

Air iPhone is an Adobe AIR application that reproduces the iPhone’s GUI. The emulator is not fully functional and quite popular among the developer community.

Air iPhone ios emulator for windows pc

If you are an ios emulator enthusiast and don’t have any developer skills, it’s better to avoid this ios emulator. Still, you can install Air iPhoneioes emulator on Windows pc to fell an Apple phone interface on windows.

  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Score: 2/5
  • Price: Free/Paid

Download Air iPhone Emulator

3. iPhone Simulator

As the name suggests itself, this is a simulator than an ios emulator. iPhone Simulator is the best ios emulator for Windows PC.

This tiny emulator is capable to play iPhone games and apps on Windows PC. Nice graphics and the smooth interface is probably the best ios emulator for windows.

iPhone ios emulator

The best part of this ios emulator is, this is completely free and you can download free ios emulator for windows PC and enjoy iPhone games and apps right on your Windows PC.

So, if you are an iPhone app and games lover and want to play iPhone games on Windows, this is the best ios emulator for Windows PC.

  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Score: 4/5
  • Price: Free

Download iPhone Simulator for Windows

4. Ripple

Ripple is probably the best ios emulator for pc. This is more than an emulator for Windows that can run almost all the Apple apps and games on Windows.

Ripple ios emulator

Download free ios emulator for Windows PC as a chrome extension and experience a complication-free setup process. The emulator is actually a browser-based Windows ios emulator to run ios apps on Windows.

The emulator is moreover meant for Apple app developers for testing and debugging the iPhone apps for errors. This iOS emulator for your computer doesn’t need to be restarted if you choose a new device, which makes the experience pretty convenient.

  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Platform: Web extension(Browser-Based)
  • Score: 4/5
  • Price: Free

Download Ripple ios emulator

Ripple Emulator for Chrome

5. iMame

iMame is a good ios Emulator for pc for gaming. The emulator is capable to run almost all iPhone apps and games on Windows PC. The emulator is available to download for free and supports all the major Windows versions.

iMame ios emulator

Download iMame ios emulator for Windows pc and play iOS 9/iOS 10 games directly on PC. In addition, you can also access the iStore to download iOS app on the Windows iOS emulator. This is a free tool you should try.

  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Score: 3/5
  • Price: Free

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Probably the best ios emulator for Windows PC. is all in one emulator to play Apple games and test the ios app on Windows. Enriched graphics, easy to install and user-friendly GUI makes it the best free ios emulator for Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 as well.

  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Score: 4/5
  • Price: Free

Download for Windows

7. iPad Simulator

This ios emulator is the best cloud iOS Emulator for Windows PC. This is a full-functioned ios emulator but still, you don’t need to install heavy software on your PC. Rather this ios emulator is compatible to run on Chrome browser on Windows PC.

Download the iPad Simulator for Google chrome and access all the iPhone and iPad apps right away on Google chrome browser on Windows.

iPad Simulator ios emulator

The best part of the emulator is that you don’t need a real iPad to run it on Windows. All the apps are seeded from the cloud directly. This enables us to experience the real iPad on Windows without a real iPad.

This iPad simulator allows the user to send a message using iMessage and Siri enables on the long press. You can even drag & drop the iOS app from your Windows computer to this iPad simulator, and it will be saved permanently in the Cloud storage.

  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Platform: Google Chrome
  • Score: 4/5
  • Price: Free

Download iPad emulator

iOS Games and App on PC: Advantage of Using iOS Emulator

Emulator, the name most Android users are aware of. You might have heard of Bluestacks Android Emulator.

But most of us don’t know that there are emulators to play iOS games and run iOS apps on Windows PC as well.

Emulator software can be considered a virtual OS. These Emulators can create a separate environment upon the native OS like Windows.

Most of the emulators are capable to run almost all types of apps as compared to simulator software.

A decent iOS Emulator is capable of running almost all iOS apps and games on Windows PC. This makes iOS Emulator a must-have tool for iOS app developers and testers.

Best Free ios Emulator for Windows PC: Final Words:

An ios Emulator can help to play ios and Apple games on windows PC. In addition, these emulators are quite helpful to test the ios app and games before the actual launch of the app. Download the free emulator for Windows PC and play, run or test the iOS app on Windows.


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