How to install Windows on Android phone And Tablets

Do they want to run the Windows operating system on an Android device? Ever imagined if you can run a desktop on your mobile device? Actually there are some Windows emulators for Android to install Windows operating system on Android.

But before you proceed let me warn you installing a window desktop operating system on your Android mobile or Tablet will void your warranty. So if you are still interested you can proceed further.

How to install Windows on Android phone And Tablets

Can I Install Windows on Android?

Installing Windows on Android device is basically using and Windows emulator for Android copying the ISO Windows Image automobile and install the operating system.

You can actually install windows operating system on Android just like you install on your PC. All you need is is a Windows emulator android mobile or Tablet you want to install Windows on.

How to Install Windows on Android Mobile and Tablet?

Installation of the Windows operating system on Android mobile and tablet are identical. You can install any version of the Windows operating system ranging from 7,8,8.1 and 10.

Installing the external OS on your Android device will void your warranty as the tools used to install Windows OS on android devices are not certified by Google itself.

There are several applications available for free to get Windows installed on Android. But, before you begin you need some tools to download from the internet.

  1. Change My Software Application- (Download)

Installing Windows on Android-Thing you Will Need

  1. USB Cable
  2. High-Speed Internet Connection
  3. Android Mobile/Android Tablet
  4. Laptop/PC running on Windows
  5. File Transfer Tool

Installing Windows on Android-Prepare Devices

Once you have downloaded all the essentials from the internet it’s time to proceed to the next step of installation of the Windows operating system on an Android tablet or Android phone.

  1. Install the change my software application on Windows.
  2. Connect the Android device to PC using USB cable.
  3. Go to the setting and enable developer mode on Android.
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Installing Windows on Android-Starting Installation

Know your prepare your Android to install Windows operating system it’s time to install the change my software application on PC. After installing the application on PC, connect Android to PC and follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the Windows PC to the internet
  2. Make sure the window pc you are using is connected to high-speed internet.
  3. Connect Android device to Windows PC via USB cable.
  4. Make sure to enable the developer option on Android.
  5. Open the version of Windows on change my software tool you want to install on Android.
  6. This will start downloading the required driver from Windows PC to Android.
  7. Once the process is done, click on “install” to start the installation of Windows on Android.
  8. Make sure to keep your Android connected to your PC until the process finished.
  9. Once windows installed on your device. Either it will boot automatically to Windows OS or to the boot screen where you can select to boot with Windows or Android operating system.

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Rolling Back To Android from Windows

If you are done with using Windows operating system on your Android device and want to revert back to Android all you need is to connect your Android back to PC and reverse the process.

Reverting back to Android

  1. Reconnect Android tablet/phone to Windows PC.
  2. Launch the “change my software” tool on PC and select the “restore to original condition” option in the main menu.
  3. Wait for the process.
  4. This will remove Windows from Android tablet/mobile and install Android OS on the device.

Installing Windows on Android: Final Words

Installing Windows on Android devices is however a great idea. But still, installing a custom OS on the android device will void your warranty. You can revert back to the Android operating system from Windows on Android anytime. But, this will remove all your existing data from Android device so it is advised to create a complete backup of your Android mobile or Tablet before attempting to install Windows on Android.