How to Remove or Disable Samsung Pay Completely on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Pay is a default app by Samsung which comes with the bundle. Samsung Pay is less popular UPI app introduced by the Samsung itself. But, most of the users find it useless and often want to remove or disable Samsung Pay app from Samsung phones and disable the Samsung Pay notification as well. This article explains a step to steps guide to disable the Samsung Pay app and notification on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Pay is a swipe payment app payment gateway by Samsung to pay from phone or make the payment, for Samsung Galaxy users. But, most of the users are not quite friendly with Samsung pay and they need to get rid of the Samsung pay app.

The frequent showing notifications on the home screen, lock screen and notification bar make it quite annoying for most of the users.

As most of us don’t use Samsung pay most frequently and might need to remove or disable Samsung pay from mobile completely. Here is how to disable it to showing pop up randomly every now and then.

Disable Samsung Pay App and Notification 

Disabling Samsung pay will not remove the app from your Samsung Galaxy phones. But it will help you to get rid of notifications. I personally suggest not to disable or remove the app completely as it can be helpful when you have lost your wallet and you need to make payment.

However, if you still cannot resist the urge to remove/disable the Samsung pay on your Mobile, you may follow the steps further.

How do I disable Samsung pay on Samsung Galaxy?

If you still want to deactivate the Samsung pay app on your mobile then follow the steps below:

Step1:Disable Samsung Pay Notification- Home screen, Lock Screen, Top Bar
  1. Open Samsung pay app on Mobile
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines(≡) at to-left corner
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Now open “Use favorite cards”
  5. Toggle the switch off for Lock Screen, Screen off and Home screen.
Step 2:Disable Samsung Pay Notification- Home screen, Lock Screen, Top Bar

This will turn off all the notifications from the Samsung pay app. You can still use the app as per for convenience with any notification or distractions.

But, if you find the app useless and want to uninstall the app completely from your Samsung device, you may read further.

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How to uninstall Samsung pay App

Samsung pay is a useful swipe payment app used to pay from the phone at different shopping counters. Disabling the app notification will stop it from appearing every now and then.

But still, users who don’t use Samsung pay tend to get rid of the app completely in order to save bit storage on their Samsung mobiles. If you are in the same boat and need to uninstall the Samsung pay app completely of your Samsung mobiles. Follow the steps below

How to uninstall Samsung pay
How to uninstall Samsung pay

Steps to uninstall Samsung Pay

  • Tap and Hold the Samsung pay app icon to open the menu.
  • Here Tap on uninstall
  • Tap OK to confirm the uninstalling the app.

This will uninstall the app on the Samsung Galaxy Android phone.

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Samsung Pay App FAQ.

How do I turn off Samsung pay shortcut?

You can easily turn the Samsung pay shortcut off by going to app drawers>Samsung pay>Notifications>Toggle off.

Samsung pay is a wonderful swipe payment app introduced by Samsung on Galaxy phones. The swipe payment app enables you to make the payment on different online and offline shopping counters. But still, people find it useless and seeking to disable or uninstall the Samsung pay app from their Galaxy phones.



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