Download PS Vita Emulator for Android

PS Vita Emulator for Android: Play PS Games on Android

PS Vita Emulator for Android allows you to play the play station games on Android phones and tablets. Now, enjoy Play Station games on Android and experience the enriched games UI and advanced controller support.

PS Vita Emulator For Android

We all love to play games on Android. The rich UI and advanced graphics make the aging experience exciting for the users. But, the games on android have their own limitations. With PS Vita Emulator for Android, you can enjoy playing games on android meant for play station only.

The Vita emulator not only lets you play the PlayStation games on android but you can also use the controller on android to play these games.

What is PS Vita Emulator for Android?

All the android users are pretty familiar with the term Emulator. An emulator is an OS or software system that lets you emulate or replicate other OS on the device.

These Emulators allow you to run different games, software, apps meant for another OS on a completely different device. For example, you can use an iOS emulator to play iOS games on android.

Similarly, the PS Vita emulator allows you to play the play station games on Android.

The emulator not only lets you install the PS games on android but it also lets you use the controller to play the games as it was an actual play station.

Download PS Vita Emulator for Android.

PS Vita emulator is free to download and install. The emulator supports all the major android phones running on android 4.0 and later. All you need is to download the emulator on your android and install the APK files. You can follow the guide here if you encounter the parse error while installing APK emulator.

PS Vita Emulator for Android:

Apk Name: PS Vita Emulator for Android
Size: 16.9 MB
Publisher: PS Vita Developers
Version: Latest patch
Type: Emulator
Android Required: 4.0 or Upper
Storage Space: 4 GB
Updated date: April 10, 2019

Download PS Vita Emutalor APK(12.5Mb)

How to install PS Vita Emulator

PS vita is an advanced emulator for android to play PlayStation games on android. The emulator lets you customize the button and game controls by replacing the old-fashioned dedicated play controls. Unfortunately, Vita Emulator is no longer available to download from the Play store. You can download the Vita APK from the link above and install it.

Follow the steps below to install Vita Emulator on your android using APK.

  • Download the Vita Emulator APK From the link above.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction

Once successfully installed, you might need to grant essential permissions to run the emulator.

Note: Make sure to disable play protect and check the allow unknown source under developer options to install APK successfully.

Vita Emulator- Post-installation

Once you have installed the Vita Emulator on the device, it’s time to setup the emulator and launch the game and configure the keys and controls. Follow the steps explained below

  1. Launch the Vita launcher and allow all necessary permission.
  2. Once launched, click on the functions and enable all the buttons like Shooting, Reload, etc.
  3. Navigate back and switch on the PS Vita Emulator for all games.
  4. Test the Vita bar if it appears on the highest by launching any game.
  5. Now, set up buttons as per choice and place them perfectly to match the default game buttons.
  6. Save the settings and you are ready to play games on android with PS controller.

Why Use PS Vita Emulator?

PS vita emulator is quite different from all other emulators for android. The free emulator allows you to enjoy thousands of PS games on Android with customizable controls and action. This makes it easy to use and gives you a completely different gaming experience. Here are some features of Vita Emulator.

Free Games:

Vita Emulator for Android allows you to enjoy hundreds of free games. The cherry on the cake, you can lay the play station games on Android which are currently not available for android.

Customizable Controls:

With customizable controls, you can use Vita Emulator for android to assign the button to perform custom action and place the button on the screen as per your requirements. This is a must-have feature for all emulators. But, most of them don’t have a fully customizable button feature.

Free To Use:

Unlike Other emulators, PS Vita Emulator is completely free to use and doesn’t contain any hidden ads or charges.

Is There a Legitimate PS Vita emulator?

As emulators are not official in any capacity and usually depend on volunteer contributors to develop and maintain. That is quite a commitment from those volunteer developers. Despite that, there are emulators for most games systems available these days.

There are even multiple emulators available to you for some of the more popular gaming consoles out there.

Final Words:

PS Vita Emulator allows you to play the games on android in PS Vita mode. Also, users can add & customize the control button as per requirements. The emulator is no longer available to download from play store but you can use any third-party source to download and install it on your Android. Also, don’t forget to check out the Tools section for more tools for android.

Vita emulator is an open-source experimental emulator to enjoy PS games on android. As of early 2018 Vita3k does not support commercial games, but can already run homebrews in the vpk format, such as VitaQuake. Early releases run homebrew games at 15fps, which is quite promising.