How to Disable KNOX on Samsung Devices

Samsung Knox security agent was introduced to Samsung Galaxy device as a security feature to protect user data from unauthorized usages and access. Soon, Samsung Knox was marked as a spy app, and people start looking for a method to disable Knox on Samsung Galaxy devices. If you are one of them. Then here is the method to disable and remove Knox from Galaxy mobiles.

Samsung KNOX

Samsung Knox handles the security and privacy of user data from unauthorized access by blocking some adware, trojan, keylogger, and other spy agents. We have a complete guide book to Samsung KNOX and KLMS agent on Galaxy you can navigate here for better understanding read here: What is KLMS-KNOX agent on Galaxy.

Disable KNOX on Samsung Galaxy

4 Methods to disable Knox From Samsung Galaxy

Not all people are happy with Samsung KNOX. Some find it useful as it can help you to protect your valuable data, emails, media from hackers. While others find it useless.

No, matter what you think about KNOX and how secure is KNOX, if you are reading this, that means you are here to find a way to get rid of KNOX and remove it from your Samsung.

Steps to Uninstall/Disable KNOX from Samsung 

Uninstalling KNOX from Samsung is a bit tricky as there is not any app you can find in the app drawer labeled as “KNOX” to remove easily. But, the good part is there are several other methods to disable KNOX in Samsung devices.

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This article explains the 4 easiest methods to disable KNOX on Galaxy mobile. Follow the steps below. But, before we begin it is suggested to take a complete backup of your important data stored on your mobile.

1. Disable KNOX on Samsung Galaxy (Without root)

To remove KNOX from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 5, Note 4 and Note 3 this method works perfectly. It doesn’t require any root access and can be applied to any stock Samsung Android.

To disable KNOX on older Samsung Galaxy

  1. Open the ‘Knox‘ app and tap on ‘Settings‘.
  2. Select the ‘Knox Settings‘ tab.
  3. Tap on ‘Uninstall Knox.’
  4. Agree to the pop-up asking for backup KNOX data on your mobiles by tapping “Backup Now”.
  5. Now you have uninstalled the KNOX from your Samsung phone.
  6. Restart the device.

To disable KNOX on Newer Samsung Galaxy

  • Got to Settings > Apps.
  • Tap on the menu button at the top right corner and select ‘Show system apps‘.
  • Now, search for ‘Knox’ in the search bar and all the apps related to Knox will be listed.
  • Disable them one by one.
  • Reboot your device.

2. Disable Knox on Rooted Samsung Galaxy

A rooted Samsung device comes as an advantage when getting rid of KNOX. All it requires is a third-party app called “Titanium Backup”.


Using this app you can not only remove a Samsung KNOX itself. But, it can help you to remove bloatware from Android as well.

The app is free to use and you can install Titanium Backup from the play store.

Titanium Backup (root needed)
Titanium Backup (root needed)

Follow the steps to remove KNOX with TitaniumBackup

  • Install and lauch the app.
  • Tap the search button and write ‘Knox’ and
    you’ll get the list of all the files with the name.
  • Using the Titanium backup app freeze the following:
com.sec.enterprise.knox.attestation, com.sec.knox.eventsmanager, KLMS Agent, Knox Notification Manager, and Knox Store.
  • Select all the files and Remove them.
  • Reboot your device After making the desired changes.

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3. Disable Knox Using Android Terminal Emulator(Root)



Terminal Emulator for Android
Terminal Emulator for Android
  1. Install the ‘Android Terminal Emulator‘ from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the application, the permission for SuperSU access if prompted.
  3. Enter the commands below, in the terminal editor to permanently uninstall the KNOX app running in the background:
su pm disable com.sec.knox.seandroid

Use the app to prevent other apps from running in the background.

4. Uninstall Knox using Knox Remover Zip(Root)

KNOX remover is an XDA open source app you can use to remove KOOX fromGamaxy devices. Download the Knox Remover from XDA official site and follow the steps below:

  • Download and flash the KNOX file
  • provided by XDA Developers using TWRP Recovery.
  • Delete all files labeled as Knox.
  • Restart your Samsung device.

Note: Before you, proceed it is hight recommended to backup all your important data from Galaxy device either transfering data to Another Android or copy your data to PC.

Disable Samsung KNOX-FAQ

How do I uninstall Knox?

You can use any four methods to uninstall KNOX from your Samsung devices including Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 5, Note 4 and Note 3.

Can KNOX be hacked?

It is not confirmed by the official but still, if you rely on online sources and discussion on several forums where users have reported hacking incidents of Samsung KNOX then yes, Knox can be hacked.

Final Words

KNOX is a security measure introduced by Samsung to monitor mobile security. This ensures data security from unauthorized use and access. But, there are several reasons users ought to remove KNOX from Galaxy phone. It, is yet to be explained, why you need KNOX and why you need to remove it completely from Samsung.


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