How To Delete Groupme Chat on Android- Complete Guide

Groupme is a group messaging app for Android and other popular platforms to send group messages, creating groups and stay connected with friends. The app is free to use on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and the web.

This article explains the easy steps to delete Groupme Chats easily.

How to Delete GroupMe Chats

Deleting a GroupMe chat on the app is quite easy. You can use the steps below to delete the chat permanently.

  1. Open GroupMe app.
  2. Tap on a group or individual chat you want to delete.
  3. Select chat’s avatar on the top right corner.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Click on Clear Chat History.
  6. Then select Clear.

This will delete the chat from Groupme permanently. Remember the process is irreversible and the deleted chat will be gone forever. However, this will delete the chat from your device only and the receiver will still have the chat messages on the GroupMe app.

To delete or end a group in GroupMe chats, you have to be an admin of that group otherwise you’ll not be able to delete group chats.

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As you know the delete message on GroupMe Chats is gone forever and can’t be recover. So, if you are deleting the message on GroupMe for sake of privacy then it’s a better idea to hide the chat instead of deleting it.

How to hide GroupMe chats?

  1. Tap on a group or individual chat you need to hide.
  2. Select chat’s avatar on the top right corner.
  3. Tap the Hide icon.

Hiding a chat on GroupMe is quite similar to the Whatsapp archive feature. The chat or Group is archived on the app and won’t show up until unarchived manually or receive a message in the group or individual chat.

To un-hide the GroupMe chat all you need is to go to the Home menu and click on “Archive”. Here you will find all the hidden chats.

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GroupMe Chat-FAQ

How do I delete a group in GroupMe?

A group member who holds the Admin can only delete the chat on GroupMe. A member cannot end or delete the chat. To end the group chat go to chats > settings > End group. This will completely delete the group and all the messages in the group.

How do I delete chats from GroupMe?

To delete an individual chat on GroupMe select that particular chat you want to delete and go to Settings > Clear Chat History > Clear. Remember, once the chat is deleted you will not be able to recover it. Also, this will delete the chat from your device and the messages on the chat member will still be available.

Can I restore my deleted GroupMe account?

You can recover the account within 48 hours from the time of deletion. The chats will be permanently gone afterward. To recover the deleted account simply login back to your GroupMe account and the account will be restored along with chat and groups.

Final Words:

GroupMe is a group messaging app for all major platforms. The app is used to create a group chat or send group messages. You can simply create a GroupMe account by simply using your mobile number. This article explains the easy method to delete the GroupMe chats on your device. For more how-to guides do visit the HOW TO section.



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