How do I know which SIM received my message?

How do I find out which SIM is receiving the message in an Android dual SIM phone?

We often keep receiving text messages on our Android devices. Some of them are carrier messages while others are text mail subscriber messages. If you are using the Google dialer apps as your default dialer or messaging app, chances are you might not be able to figure out which sim has received that SMS.

In such here is the easy guide to identifying the SIM card you have received the message on.

Identify Which SIM is Receiving the Incoming Call or Message

Nowadays Android smartphones have a different system UI and IncallUI that handles the incoming calls and messages on the device. However, there are several dialer apps and messaging apps on your android you can use on the device. All these apps have their own UI to display incoming calls and messaging.

Android users using dual SIM cards on their phone have reported that they are not able to identify the SIM on which they are receiving the calls or messages on. Well, in such, here is a precise guide you can follow to identify the SIM number you have received a message or call on.

Which SIM is Receiving the Message?

Using Elipsis Menu on Stock messaging app

On the stock android messaging app, it is quite easy to identify the SIM receiving the message. you simply open the message and toggle the ellipsis menu at the top right corner and select details.

Tap and Hold to know the details of the SMS

You can tap and hold on to the received message and select message details from the list. Here you will see all the information regarding the received message i.e. SIM number the message is received on( SIM1 or to SIM2), SMS center number, the received date and other details.

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Google Messages

  1. Open the Messages app on Android.
  2. Choose the message you want to check the SIM card number for.
  3. Tap and hold the message until it bolds.
  4. At the top right, tap on the ellipsis menu [More] and tap on View details.
    Which SIM Received Message google message 1
  5. From there, you will be able to see the details of the message, such as which SIM the message was received on, the time and date, and more.
    Which SIM Received Message google message
  6. When replying to a message or making a call, you can choose the SIM you want to use if you have not set the default SIM on your phone.

Which SIM is Getting incoming calls?

To identify the SIM number you are getting the incoming call on you can simply open the call log on dialer app and tap on the contest you want to know the SIM number the call was received.

Usually, in case of incoming calls, you can simply identify the SIM number by looking at the bottom of the in-call UI screen.



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