How to Hide Apps on Android Without Rooting (4 ways)

There are lots of applications you can enjoy on your android device. One of them is the hide app option where you can be able to hide some selected apps on your device. The good thing is hiding the apps is very simple. You can decide to unhide them or view the hidden app anytime you want.

Although it’s possible to hide apps by rooting, there are certain disadvantages attached to hiding apps with this method. Using this approach may meddle with your device’s firmware or even compromise the warranty of your device.

So, most times this is not the most viable option. Also, there are other methods to hide apps on Android without third-party app as well.

But there are good ways you can actually hide apps that does not require rooting. These methods are quite simple and do not require any expertise or foreknowledge to apply.

You just need to download and install the application and follow some simple steps. This article will teach you when to hide apps in the most effective way.

How to hide apps on android without rooting

You can do this through Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and PrivateMe. Find out the steps below.

Hide apps Using Go Launcher (Step by Step guide)

There are more than 200 million users of Go Launcher in the world due to its impressive stylish filters and android redefine the experience. Using this method, it’s quite simple to hide any app. Here is the right method to do it which will not require rooting using Go Launcher.

  1. Visit Google’s Play Store to download Go launcher and install the app.
  2. After installation, go to settings and select Apps at the options menu.
  3. Afterward, you can make Go Launcher the default app-hiding platform by clicking “Launcher” in the options menu.
  4. The interface of your android will change a bit after successfully making Go Launcher the default Launcher.
  5. Go to the “More” options sections and find Hide App.
  6. Now you can see apps, select all the apps you want to hide by ticking multiple apps and pressing “OK”.

That’s it! The selected apps will become invisible immediately. Go launcher is one of the easiest app-hiding platforms to use on your android. It’s simple and can be done by almost anyone.

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Hide Apps Using Nova Launcher (Step by Step guide)

Nova Launcher is yet another option. Apart from the hiding app, the Nova Launcher can actually customize the look and feel of icons in your android.

Follow these steps to successfully hide app in your android using Nova Launcher.

Download the updated version of the app (Nova Launcher) from Google PlayStore. The next thing is to make the Nova Launcher the default app-hiding platform on your android device.

The home screen will ask you whether you want to make the app your default app-hiding platform.

  1. Select Nova Launcher as default through settings.
  2. After enabling app launcher, the next thing is to start hiding selected apps.
  3. Press and hold the home screen button to show a popup window.
  4. Then click the “wrench” icon (tools) to show you different options.
  5. From the options, click “drawer”.
  6. Another set of options will open up after clicking on the drawer.
  7. This is where you have to select the “hide apps” option.
  8. All apps installed in android will show up.
  9. Then select all the apps you intend to hide and click “OK”.

Download Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Developer: Nova Launcher
Price: Free

Note: You can unhide the apps by following the same hiding process. But this time, you will make them visible again by deselecting the apps.

Hide Apps Using Apex Launcher

Some users prefer using Apex Launcher because they feel it is easier and less sophistication than other options. So many users are of the opinion that Apex is well suited to hide apps on android without rooting. It has the simplest process.

You can learn how to hide apps on android without rooting below.

  1. Just like every other app, download and install the Apex Launcher from Google’s Play Store.
  2. Go to setting and make the Apex Launcher Default launcher.
  3. Go to the drawer setting of the launcher and select the “hidden apps” option.
  4. Select all the apps you wish to hide and tap save.

Download Apex Launcher 

Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Developer: Android Does Team
Price: Free

N.B. Some people usually have issues when accessing the apps they have hidden. But it’s not a problem, it’s simple. Just go over to the Google search map and search for the particular app you are looking for. Once the app is shown, tap unhide to reveal the hidden app. The invisible app will reveal itself. It’s that simple.

Hide apps using PrivateMe app (Step by Step guide)

Below are the steps to hide apps in your android phone using PrivateMe

  1. Download the App from Google Play Store and install it.
  2. After installing on your device, open the application in your android phone or device
  3. You will see a (+) icon at the top side of the page.
  4. Just tap to reveal the apps to reveal the window where you have to select the app you intend to hide will show up.
  5. Select as many as you want or tap the all button to select all the apps.
  6. After selecting them, tap hide to hide all the apps in your android.

Viewing the hidden app is also simple. Just go to the PrivateMe application to view any hidden app you want to see.

Download PrivateMe app

Hide Apps on Android to hide your dirty secrets and keep people from sneaking into your personal activity.


The above are the best methods of hiding apps on your android device without compromising anything in your android. They are proven methods and have been used by thousands of android owners to hide certain apps they don’t want visible. However, you can decide to unhide them or view the hidden apps anytime you wish. It’s always a good thing to know. Don’t forget to check our APP section for other useful apps for Android.



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